Mar. 2nd, 2011 11:54 pm
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There have been too many times during this last month when I've opened this here 'post an entry' thing and found I have nothing to say and too many things to say at the same time. So, finally, I'm giving it a go.

1. I went to the Fitzroy Tavern to hang with [livejournal.com profile] bossmew and lots of other lovely people. I visited the British Library before that though, and did my ankle in on a step on the way out. Sprained. FFS. But I put my cold pint on it in the pub and carried on running about town and it was okay; or so I thought until I got home the next morning and realised it was swollen up like a balloon. Oops.

2. I have been unable to do a lot of ballet since then, which blows. I went back yesterday though and did three hours of dancing and I had another class for 90 minutes tonight and it's been fine. Still feels weak, but getting stronger.

3. I don't know, really. Brainfail.

4. I quit the whole uni thing. I just...

5. ...I have so much shit to say but I don't like being negative when I've had a lovely day (Steve and I ate cheese scones and cake in Lyndhurst; it was sunny) and I'm full of couscous and yoghurt raisins and lying in my comfy bed and watching Being Human. I might go into more detail about the rest of everything a bit later on. Or I might just read fanfic and go Windows shopping and not do anything constructive at all - whatever.

6. I just want to get drunk and spend money at the moment.
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Can't stop listening to Due! I love myself! I love how the chorus I sung an octave higher is all there in the background; it sounds so lush. YAY. I love it so much. It's so dancey and delicious.

I might hit up the British Library tomorrow 'cause I want to check this out. It's relevant to my interests. Then I might go and meet some crazy BAMFs for a pint or twelve, and get messy. This may be unwise, but who cares.

I would like some SUMMER, please. Dog paws + mud + kitchen floor = GRRR.
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Muse gigs. Great stuff. I can't... oh my dog. Just amazing. I'll probably write it up fully when I ceebs.

Actually we all know that's never going to happen, so in a nutshell: Muse rocked my world again, twice; brilliant Twatlighty cheese (I Belong to You!) on the first night and I cried all over my face because they played Ruled by Secrecy, Bliss, MK Ultra and Citizen Erased on the second night. FOR TEH PWOPA FANS. I love my nooby Musers to death and wish I could squidge them all every day. A shout-out, then, to Brother's cider, hugs and high-fives, lack of sleep, Sherlock's (kaput) house, and The Awesome Rocket (the latter also deserves an apology - we will warn you next time!) An apology also to the TfL staff member who RL INFRACTED me for encouraging a Knights of Cydonia stampede on the platform at St Pancras. IT WASN'T ME! Damn you, cider.

So yeah, Muse gigs no. 14 and 15, I think. Haha. Everything else? Sucks. Actually no it's brilliant, I'm just too busy cleaning houses, and really I just want to drink tea and read rubbish fanfiction. So much work. The council, when I informed them that they were now paying me too much housing benefit, told me I will continue to receive money from them.

'But I don't need it?'
'But you're perfectly entitled, because we work it out from the accounts you gave us. And it's not due to be reviewed until the end of the year.'
'Okaaay... So long as you don't suddenly expect it all back.'
'No we never go back. We never... go back, not with self-employed people.'
'In that case, fuckin' A; if you'll please excuse me while I use swearwords of joy.'

Ahhh. Loadsa money, Fallout on Saturday, I have a new iron, stupid uni course nearly over, album mixing is coming along, life is good.
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I might get some lentils. They're s'posed to be good for you aren't they? I need to eat a healthier diet. Well, I eat GOOD food but I don't not eat BAD food. Like packets of sweeties. Mentos. Yum. And I always eat loads of things. Like, loads of cereal. I need to stop staying up so late too. I was up till 5am this morning reading The Beach. It was good though. I read it in a day. I need to get the film now, even though it's obviously well different from the book. I watched a trailer today. Maybe I should go to local full-time university instead of the OU? I'm just writing down every thought. Why not eh? [livejournal.com profile] miezhka gave me five things to talk about. LET'S TALK ABOUT ME! :)

Muse Board
I have met so many brilliant people because of that place. And like, I tell it everything. Gone on and off the band over the years, but never gone off the board. Well, I have, but usually only for about a week or so and I'm back posting about the place again. It's not really an addiction, but it's definitely a habit. It's like I'm living with the people. M used to laugh at me and say I was always 'plugged in', and I'd lol because I AM top poster (and it's A LOT of posts) but it's not really like that. I don't cry if I can't get on the internet. If you were in a room with your housemate, watching telly or something, you'd make the occasional comment, you know. I use it like that. Like a notepad too, sometimes. Of course I have a job to do there, and that takes a bit of time, especially since the album came out. I talk to the board more than I talk to my journal. More than I talk to my friends face to face. It's just such a great variety of people, and subjects and that. Things get a bit personal sometimes, maybe a bit TMI, but I think nobody would really care. Unless they were really bored and stalkerish and maybe a bit weird in the head. If you were so inclined, you could search through all my posts and pretty much get my diary for the past... probably four or five years (depending on what threads have been purged or whateverz.) Um, and I like the skins! Muse White (Absolution) is my favourite. My favourite forum is Banter, obviously. I never use the Loveboat.

I dunno much about singing really. I had a few proper lessons at school but it was like a fun lunchtime club. Proper singing teacher, with about six of us. You had to audition for lessons, which was weird. I guess they wanted people who had some skillz to be going on with. I sang a song from Pirates of Penzance which we had done at school the previous year. I was in year 10 and the girl who had the main part had a really nice operatic voice, and I remember thinking I could probably do that. So I just did, like. Dunno where it came from. I got told off for hiding it (I didn't even know I could do it haha) and then I was picked to have the lessons. The singing teacher Anne kept telling me to go to her house for proper one-on-one lessons because she reckoned I had skills and could do exams. I didn't ever do that though, boo. Mrs Chamberlain the drama teacher always liked me too, she kept on about my singing for the next two years, was always thinking I was amazing at stuff but too shy. She was right though, I was always letting myself down with the shyness. Got a D in my AS level drama 'cause I didn't 'pull out ALL the stops' as she would say. When we rehearsed for the next play, Fiddler on the Roof, I sang Sunrise Sunset in front of the group and everyone shut up and they were all amazed, I was like, "What? I'm always singing, what's the deal?" but apparently it was particularly awesome that time. Even people who normally took the piss were giving me some big-ass respeck, so I started believing in my ability, as it were, and joined my old band, and still do singin' all the time. Not shy anymore. Everyone says it's weird how I can go on stage and sing and dance in front of people but can't have a normal conversation without being self-conscious. Singing is awesome though. I love music. No-one looks at your wonky eyes when you're making noise.

I love driving. The best thing I ever did, learning how to do it. I totally hated the actual lessons though. So horrible and long and boring and frustrating. So many things to remember at once, and I sucked. Took me two years of weekly lessons to get it. They were only ever one hour long - it was the instructor's policy. I wanted to get better quicker but he was one of those 'slowly but surely' types. Argh. I was so lame. It didn't make sense really 'cause in every other part of life I'm an excellent multi-tasker. I just couldn't get the hang of the complexities of driving. When I did it it was like autopilot of course, and still is. I passed on my fourth test, hardly getting any minors but always one big stupid mistake because I was so nervous. I did the same with my cycling proficiency as well. Four times. Such a numpty. But when I passed it was the best day ever. I had to go to work (boo) so I whipped my L plates off and hooned it up the bypass to the office, blasting Muse really loudly and everyone at work came outside and cheered. I still love driving, but only if I'm actually moving. It's ALL traffic around here and it actually makes me cry in the face. I can't wait to get my new car next week.

My bro's birthday is on the 8th so we always had the most fun fireworky birthday parties. Ellie was born on the same day five years ago. Dhana was born on the 7th last year. Haha. And it's Nan & Grandad's birthdays. So November starts with birthdays. I'm not a great winter fan, but November is nice. If it isn't wet (no November Rain plz!) The dry smell of bonfire smoke in the chill, frost, fireworks. Coming home to a warm house, dinner, collie cuddles, Floyd toasting his beard by the fire... lovely. And of course this November is going to be extra special. The height of gig season, and what a great year for gigs. :)

Aw. I treat myself far too often. In fact I only ever please myself. Haha. I think things like, "Right, that was a longer walk than normal, I'm going to have a bar of chocolate." My sweet tooth is my downfall. And I'm prone to craving stodgy carbs. Nightmare. I'm always excusing my bad habits, justifying them to myself. I do it every day though. Every five minutes. Excuses excuses. I buy CDs and things, and think, "Oh well, I don't go out drinking that often so it's alright." It got quite bad in the past. When I was with K9 and always unhappy. This is why I had an extra 3st around my booty and never had any money. Haha. My doggies like treats too. Well, they like 'munchies' and 'dinner' and 'apple'. Floyd gets excited every time you say, "D'you want..." Anything. If you say any of those things they leg it to the kitchen and sit perfectly still waiting for me to get the jar, and then they bark, lie down and sit all at the same time, just doing all their usual cues before I get a chance to say anything.
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Nothing else of interest to report - carboot again, not enough money, too much junk left over, need to take it to the charity shop, I have LOST £200+ that I saved for my car, srsly where is it?, had a lovely dinner, ballet is awesome, I've put stupid weight on again but the birthday biscuits have ALL GONE and my daddy is 50!
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I got a place reserved on the course I want to do, with a bunch of forms to apply for finance. This was last Thursday afternoon, and I had to get the forms back to the office by Monday. Sounds easy enough, but I had to try to find somebody to confirm that my passport copy was a true copy, and this person has to be a person of status (doctor, lawyer, civil servant...) I couldn't think of anybody who could do it for me with a day's notice! It was especially annoying because that very morning I'd been in a room full of teachers. I went to clean the school on the Friday morning with the hope that the teachers would still be about, but they were all off enjoying the last day of the holidays. I told the caretaker about my predicament, and he said that his wife who works at the post office is classed as a civil servant so she could do it. So! I happily skipped along to see her, got it signed and sent off in the post immediately! Sorted. But nooo... I got a letter this Thursday, saying that they couldn't accept my forms because they don't accept certifications from post office clerks. I thought she might've at least signed it 'civil servant'... the n00b. Facepalm. The deadline has now passed, so I have to wait till February to start the course. Oh well, not long.

[livejournal.com profile] rhymeswithbooze is currently staying here and is being bearded by Floyd (faildog) and lovebombed by Didz on an hourly basis. Yay! We've done far too much (knackered) and spent far too much money on beer and food this weekend, but it's been pretty amazesome. Tonight we're staying in, chilling out, reading books, laughing at Muse, ripping CDs and eating EPIC CHOCOLATE CAKE. We saw AFP last night! She is stunning, so talented and omg brilliant. She signed my CD for me. The venue was fantastic too; I want to go there again! Damn gigs and damn London, eating all my money. We spent the day there again pretty much, had a lovely meal at La Tasca and hung out with [livejournal.com profile] maxnot and [livejournal.com profile] cottoncandy85 and [livejournal.com profile] missuschris and [livejournal.com profile] smurf_pop. Lol, people from the INTERNET. O HAI.
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Great to see everybody! Also, I'm 28. Lolwot. And it's back to school today. BOO.
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I had Birthday 1 yesterday. Dinner at Mum & Paul's. Big Westbrookfest. Bendy straws. A metal map of Loldon. A puppy for Alonso. Giant box of biscuits. Unexpected! haircut. It's Birthday 2 today, my actual day of birth. I walked dogs and got wet and skived some work and made a very small dent in the biscuits. My daddy and Katy came over and we had dinner and I was given some lovely money and a Wii game and muchos Maltesers. Anna gave me some lovely tickets to see Them Wildhearts and That Frank Turner.

Oh and on Tuesday I heard the Muse album. I AM SAY NUZZING.
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No idea how to say how much the gig rocked. How about some CAPS?


That should do it.

I tend to tell Twitter and Facebook everything before I tell this journal these days. That's kinda sad I think? It certainly doesn't say much for my attention sp
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I managed to get myself a ticket for the 13th this morning. Hoping for a ticket for the 12th tomorrow, with a bit of luck... but I don't really mind if I get it or not. Priority is getting 3 for Tam, Dan and Alex on the 13th. So I'll be back in the race at 9am tomorrow! But for now...

I haven't cried too much up until now; too numb I guess. I dived straight into trying to organise a memorial for her around the time of the gigs, I jumped into the Gigs and Tours forum and helped people out with their ticket problems, I got on with my days, but my mind kept drifting back to her and her family. I suppose it still hadn't really hit me, and it has now. It's so, so weird. Someone I've never touched, spoken to or even seen in person, even at a distance. Yet I miss her so much. Anna and I would sit in here and I'd be on the Board and I'd start laughing, and Anna would say, "Lynzi? What has she said this time?" The news reached Anna in her office, and she e-mailed me straight away.

"No more silly Lynzi?"

Heehee. She was silly; she'd make you laugh intentionally, and she'd make you laugh when she didn't mean to. She always made me think. She had the potential to start political flamewars by saying something as cute as, "I think everyone should get the same wage so people don't get jealous." And you'd think she would know all about fair deals. You know when your parents always said, "You should THINK YOURSELF LUCKY!" when you see a disabled person? She would say she was lucky. I remember when her condition was diagnosed as a proper syndrome (DiGeorge), and you could tell she was relieved and felt lucky to know what it actually was, finally. Lucky that she might even have the option of a transplant, even though the thought of that really scared her. I remember when she had a bout of invasive procedures to have stents put in. She sometimes got angry about all the hospital visits. She'd be angry when her day went wrong, about the arguments she sometimes had with her dad and her annoyance at always being restricted to the house, but at the end of one of her posts she'd always say something like, "Oh well at least I have this/that/something to look forward to."

The small things mattered so much to her, whether it was a Thornton's hot chocolate, a trip to Asda with her mum to buy a DVD box set she wanted, a picspam in her Loveboat, a new batch of (stolen!) mp3s, a new LJ layout, a nice MSN conversation with her latest boycrush, making videos of her puppy... Her LJ was full of tales of her days, the small details nobody else even considered, and I couldn't read them without smiling. I used to tell her that her days sounded a lot like mine. We all do those things, except we try and hype ours up by adding a shovel-load of emo and bollocks. She did normal things. I didn't feel sorry for her, I felt happy that she always made the best of everything and enjoyed herself. She'd sometimes say she didn't have much of a life, that she wished she could just be normal and hang out with her friends like everyone else, but she was and she did, whether in person or on the internet. Every message on screen from her was full of life.

Whenever I felt shit about myself, whinging that I was no good because of my 'afflictions'... it was all nothing when you knew what she had to deal with on a daily basis. I'd be all, "Ugh, everyone hates me 'cause they didn't invite me to the pub." Then I'd open my friends page and see her talking about how fit Caleb off of Kings of Leon is, and (as a sidenote) how embarrassing it was sometimes, being disabled. I'd always joke with her about it, and say something like, "Oh I'd probably wouldn't mind having a wheelchair, in fact I'd love it when I'm feeling lazy." She'd always see the humour in everything. Her sister today said she always used to chuckle and blush, reading the Board. That's exactly how I imagined her. LOLing! She always wanted to have fun, you could tell. The Banter was strong with this one.

More about Lynzi (with a few brilliant pictures)!

It took me an hour to write this 'cause I'm struggling to see my screen through tears. Miss her face.
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7:30 - We got up after a heavy night in town (Science of Eight Limbs gig, much booze). Hangover FAIL.

8:30 - Loaded up car, left for V Festival. Got as far as Basingstoke (Amazenstoke), car FAIL. Water tank boiling over, overheating FAIL, the whole shebang is FAIL. We stuck some more water in and struggled on anyway.

9:30 - I sat on a motorway embankment, with thistles imbedding themselves into my bum cheeks. FAIL.

10:00 - AA man arrived, faffed about with the lid of the water tank, saying it's the lid that's causing the FAIL - seal broken. Rubber glove temporarily fixed it. He followed us to Amazenstoke (that nickname is ironic btw) and we went to Halfords. Halfords FAIL at having water thingy lids in stock. We then noticed that the pump/pipe/whatever was actually leaking all over the damn road. It wasn't doing that on the motorway!

11:30 - We were towed all the way home. M's mum prepared us a picnic. We borrowed her car and set off again.

13:00 - We eventually hit the M25. Traffic FAIL all over the show.

14:00 - Accidental-detour-to-Dover FAIL.

15:00 - Finally arrived at V Festival, having stopped at every single entrance and asked every single steward we saw where we had to go. They all FAILED at directions.

15:30 - Guestlist FAIL and no answer from the Muse powers-that-be. This did have its advantages 'cause we bumped into Michelle & Caff and shared some lulz!

16:00 - We eventually got our wristbands and went on through. People FAIL. The place was full of utter numpties.

Evening - Watched Stereophonics (****) and Muse (*****), both of whom were brilliant... but the crowd was made of FAIL. Rude, rude, RUDE people, argy-bargy types, and silly mouthy bitchy girls in Ugg boots and shorts who knew every word to every song on every advert between bands, yet didn't know the major hits of the bands they were watching, i.e. Plug In Baby. FAIL.

Sometime during Muse's set - Invincible. FAIL.

Night - We set up camp in the car and listened to some Stevie Wonder/the rain on the roof. Lovely. We slept in the car, which seemed like a great, cosy idea... yet in practise? FAIL. I got cramp, and the right 'ump.

Sunday morning - We bought some chips and coke for breakfast. £10 for thirteen chips each. FAIL. We watched The Stranglers (*****) and Squeeze (****), a bit of Girls Aloud (FAIL), Passenger (****), a little bit of Jack McManus (* - Phil Collins wannabe FAIL) Lenny Kravitz (***** - band of the weekend!), and a bit of Amy Whingehouse (* - career FAIL, sort it out woman srsly).

Evening - We fully intended to watch Hot Chip, The Charlatans and the Chemical Brothers, but instead we just went home. Hahahahahahahahahaha. V Festival. Epic, epic, epic FAIL. But.
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Boredom. [livejournal.com profile] pwoppa's picked seven more of my interests. Let me know if you wanna play again!

I loved Creep when I saw it on Top of the Pops back in the day so I bought some of their CDs with my Christmas money. Them and Space, haha. Space were awesome. That's it really. Oh and I remember watching them playing at Glastonbury on telly in about 1997 - Radiohead, that is, not Space - and crying 'cause I wasn't there. I was so chuffed when I finally did get to see them (TEN YEARS LATER) that I cried because I was there.

I've said all this loads of times but - Nexus indie/retro night, 1999/2000. I'm into the Manics and Placebo and am wearing glitter and feathers and have just finished dancing to some old-skool glam rock (I miss those days - damn you, Boring Electro, for taking over indie nights). Anyway, I've just sat down and am picking up my pint when this MOTHER of a bassline kicks off. I jump up going, OH MY STARS WHAT THE HELL IS THIS. It's Muse. MUSE. Love at first listen and a moment in history. Yep. Muse. It was Muscle Museum. I went and bought Showbiz the next day and spread the word to my zillions of sparkly penpals and went to see them on the little stage at Reading and followed them all the way to Wembley Fucking Stadium. I'll always love them and the friends I met through loving them.

Oh, aren't they special.

They're canine, they're German and they have beards (made entirely of magic non-shedding humanoid hair). COULD THEY BE ANY MORE PERFECTER AMIRITE.

david bowie
Weeell... if you hadn't guessed by my tendency to bang on about him, he's my favourite singer/songwriter/my imaginary magic alien faerie friend. I always have at least one of his albums in my car. Ahhh, I also watched him on telly at Glastonbury (2000?) too and cried 'cause I wasn't there. Le sigh. He's been kinda shady since he finished his last tour, which was back when I worked at GSF (Health & Safety Phil went to see him and I was so jelly I tried to ban him from coming into my office). So he's apparently having a break from music - teh Bowie, not Health & Safety Phil - which is fair enough, I suppose. Lately, though, I get the feeling that something is going down. His songs are being played all over the shop. He's everywhere; keeps popping up in everyday conversation. We were down the pub the other day discussing baby names with Nik, and Mike the Post was all, "What you need is one name that could suit a boy or a girl. Call it David Bowie." Mikey and I looked at each other and cracked up 'cause we have a theory that he's up to something (teh Bowie, not Mike the Post). Definitely. He's in ur consciousness, takin over ur wurld.

the x files
I remember the first episode I watched was The Calusari (the one where the toddler gets squished by a train at the beginning and his brother turns out to be possessed by his dead twin) when I was twelve. I was so intrigued. I was never that scared, but I thought the imagination they put into the stories was amazing. Tam and I both loved it, and we'd pretend to be FBI agents at school and at youth club. So cool, we were. This was in between the times we'd pretend to be hippies. She got all the videos and I used to borrow them, but they were weird volumes, like, not in order, so it got all confusing until Mum bought me a book for Christmas and I learnt every tiny little fact about each episode. Oh, I remember being so excited about the film, and going to see it with Tam when it came out. Blimey, that was ten years ago now. Woah. I started collecting the DVDs when they were £100 each. I always lol so much when I see them for sale now for £20. Bloody hell. I love it, and can't wait for the second film! COME THE HELL ON.

david tennant
[livejournal.com profile] sparklywalls's fault! My earliest Tennant memory involves us all being silly on The Board one night, and we changed our names to celebrate our celebrity crushes. I was Gemsy Reznor and she was Cath Tennant. I was all, "LOL, as in Neil?" NOPE. I looked him up, checked him out in the upcoming Harry Potter film, thought he was hawt and all but didn't become a proper fan until I saw him play the Doctor on Christmas Day. Loved his face ever since.

THE END. I might go out now. I'm getting really chilly, sitting here. Listening to Sparks again.
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Hello Journal.
It's nearly Christmas and I'm off for half the day tomorrow, so I thought I'd better update before I skipped off to lie in, get presents and eat too much.

Since my last entry I've:
Been to my Xmas party, and was all Tinkerbellish. It was cool, a bit rubbish in the club afterwards though. But cool nonetheless.

Done all me Christmas shopping. I got loads of things. I might tell you what I got later, 'cause I can't be arsed right now.
Hung out with the usual geezers. Saw The Incredibles with Mikey, it was excellent.
Had four fillings done. Not as bad as I thought they'd be but not exactly a pleasant experience. One more to go in February. Great.
Been to see Muse! It was fantastic. I met up with some guys from the Muse board too, Auntie Helen, Velouria, Kajeeves, Sid, Danzdaaj, Miss Blee, Belly being the main ones (bunch of n00bs). I also met Honey Ryder, Gem and Sapphire, but we didn't talk very much... But what a fab day. We met in a pub in Camden and had some drinkies:

Crazy Bob has more pics on his site.
Ummm... what else...
Oh yeah, we all had a Christmassy party at my house, all my mush came round and we had turkey and shit.
It was supoib.
Saw Skindred on Monday night at the Nexus, that was teh rawk.
And here's a pic of me with baby Ellie:

Merry Christmas one and all.


Jul. 30th, 2003 11:40 pm
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I got invited to the press play thingy-jiggy of Absolution! Bless J! It was so beautiful, the album. I can't wait to play it at home and blast it down my street... my moody neighbours will love it. Rawk. It was at the Planetarium in London and I had to go up there and meet loads of people I didn't know, aaargh... People from the message board, Crazy Bob, J, Cath and Michelle. We didn't talk much but it was amazing fun, and I was nervous as hell.

Afterwards we went round the back where the press were coming out and got Tom, who took us through the Chamber of Horrors, which was fucking scary. We lost Tom in there but not until after he took our picture. Then we waited outside for him again and met Chris and Dom (Me: "Your album is fucking amazing!" - er, yeah, well done, Gem) and we only fucking well went to the pub with them!!! OMG!!!"£!2! Dom is sound as fuck, he was talking to us about the message board, the internet in general, the video for Time Is Running Out... it was just cool. And Tom left us some wine and Dom left us some beer, and we had a laugh saying we were gonna sell the bottles on eBay... teehee. I got on the train home with literally 3 seconds to spare. I counted. Then Steve met me at the station and took me home, bless him.

Tonight I went to the Bosuns with Dave, Anna and Mike and we went to Goblets later to see Timur.

Haha, everyone is mucho jealous. I am such a blagger. ^_^

From: honeyfuzzle
tee hee
ie. dom's beer; "i daren't drink it...... i might get herpes".
i still hate tom for the chamber of horrors thing - i was shaking for about an hour afterwards :(

From: gemsy
Re: tee hee
Hahaha, herpes! :) Hahahaha...
We should have done the eBay thing, wacka wacka.
It made me jump so much... I had proper butterflies for ages!

From: honeyfuzzle
Re: tee hee
yes, we should have, hehe.
i feel better about the CoH thing, now i know that it scared dom too :) chris thought i was shaking cos i was nervous about meeting him. NOOO. z.z.zombies!

From: gemsy
Re: tee hee
Haha! I was really nervous.. I'm rubbish with meeting people, famous or not!
Me: "Your album is fucking amazing!"
Chris: "Er, thanks!"
That woman at the end of it.. I can't remember what she said now but she was so loud! Aaarrghh..
That picture of us never did see the light of day did it? Thank gawd!

From: honeyfuzzle
Re: tee hee
no it didn't thank god. have you actually seen the picture though??

From: gemsy
Re: tee hee
No, I haven't!
Have you? I bet it's dodgy..

From: honeyfuzzle
Re: tee hee
i cut me out cos i hate it.

tom always makes me look terrible :(

From: gemsy
Re: tee hee
You?! Look at me! Haha, what a spoon!
Good Lord. Haha, it's quality though.
Thanks for that!

From: honeyfuzzle
things said..
"i hope you fall and break your neck"

From: gemsy
Ha! Yeah, that was it!
Scary bitch. ^_^


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