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(Currently laughing parts of self right off.)
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Title: Uno Blue.
Author: Boardies.
Pairings: As if.
Rating: K, U, gen, childlocked, paw-safe.
Summary: The Doctor and the Ponds find themselves on a holiday planet created by humans. But is it as new, shiny and... plastic(!) as it seems? Not technically a crossover, but you might recognise some of the dodgy characters in the bar...

Here at, a WIP, chapter 21 is new.

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Did I really just see a Sherlock/John fanvid (ewww) featuring ‘Closer’ by NIN? Really? Man. I guess it had to happen eventually. I think, within the month or so that's passed (woah, feels like a lifetime) since I dived into this shiny, new and extraordinary fandom, I have already seen all the hackneyed fanworx in the world. But really, come on. ‘Closer’? That’s just taking the piss. I'm not going to rant about slash, not today anyway, but once again I have a feeling that people honestly are under the impression that fanfic has to mean erotica. Even the well-intentioned [ profile] asexy_sherlock fics are based around sexual experiences. So, new fandom, once more I have to ask: WHY IS EVERYBODY OBSESSED WITH SEX? And: WHERE IS ALL THE GREAT GENFIC? I thought there'd be loads of it in Sherlock fandom, because there's such scope, character, history, canon... You could pick any case, any situation, and stick modern-day Sherlock and John right in there. They're so freelance they might as well have a TARDIS, but no... Unlikely gay sex scene no. 124. Int: 221B Baker Street, the bedroom. There be touching and things. Boring. Dull. Predictable.

I've never really been interested in watching modern Holmes adaptations because I was convinced they'd sex him up. I only watched this one because [ profile] bossmew and [ profile] scarletstudy actual poked me with sticks until I downloaded it. "WATCH IT RIGHT NOW HE'S LIEK A BAMF TIEMLOARD GEMSY OMFG YOU WILL LOVE IT!" So after the BBC dudes done oh so good, and made me scream with that cliffhanger, I knew there'd be a metric fuckton of great fanfic online. So in I went, and correct I was: I've seen some great ones. There are loads of interesting, captivating and well-written stories that suck me right in because they're so in character and astonishingly well-written. Buuut, again, the subject matter makes me shake my head and mumble things like, 'Oh I see. That old chestnut. Injury plus comfort equals sex, what else is new.' Pain, violence, sex and more sex.

As an avid reader of fanfiction (I've been at it for over ten years now) I’ve gained so much insight into them dodgy human brainz. I've learned so much stuff I'd otherwise know nothing about. Straight sex, gay sex, non-consensual sex, torture, murder, the medical stuff they don't cover on ER, death... you name it. In so much more detail than you would ever see on telly. The really dark, disturbing things people fantasise about but don't dare talk about. The kinds of things you can't surreptitiously research in the library on a Saturday afternoon. Then there are the literary lessons I've learned; how to keep a character in character, how not to. The styles, tropes and the clichés I will forever avoid, because I’ve seen them so often that they actually disgust me now. The sorts of things that would make me throw a book down the stairs, had I read them in one of those and not on an expensive computer screen. Things about blue eyes, long dark eyelashes resting on pale cheeks… you know what I mean. A major source of enjoyment and annoyance in my life. And in fandom, while I am not generally an active contributor of worx, I always know who’s been inspired by whom, what's been done and what hasn't, who’s obviously come from another fandom I know well, and so on. I’m afraid it’s all merged into one big cliché. People are using the same ideas and 'kinks' over and over. You have to really search (and often, indeed, use the science of deduction) to find the good stuff.

This all sounds rather ungrateful and I feel like a bellend for criticising something I don’t try to do any better at myself (I suck at writing characters. They always just end up being me.) I still love it all, honestly; any new spin on a character I love from a fellow fan – allons-y! Even unlikely sex is good, sometimes, if it doesn’t make me want to throw things. I'm still constantly amazed at how brilliant people are at writing, and the Sherlock fandom is so nuts and prolific and fantastic. Can we just have something new? I dunno what. Maybe I should STFU complaining and write something myself. Or maybe think of a prompt to put in one of the massive fic memes. It's one of those things though; I don’t know what I actually want to read. I’ll know when I see it! I guess you don't know what you need in your life at all until you discover it.

Oh I'm reading this book, which is interesting. It is also why I'm thinking about fanfic and not doing my End of Course Assessment like I should be.
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Title: Uno Blue.
Author: Boardies.
Pairings: As if.
Rating: K, U, gen, childlocked, paw-safe.
Summary: The Doctor and the Ponds find themselves on a holiday planet created by humans. But is it as new, shiny and plastic as it seems? Not technically a crossover, but you might recognise some of the dodgy characters in the bar...

Here at, a work in progress.


(Chapter 7 is mine, if you wanted to know.)

Day 15

Jul. 2nd, 2010 08:52 pm
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Day 15 → A fanfic
The Care and Feeding of Tiny Humans (and slightly larger Time Lords).
Also, of course, look out for the Board's Groupfic! A WIP to rule them all!

The rest. )


May. 2nd, 2008 12:06 am
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I've just left a shitload of my communities. I'm just not reading any of them; I'm forever skipping past everything, constantly looking for something more interesting. Everything seems to be tl;dr at the moment. It really sucks, 'cause I'm not normally like that - I've always been a compulsive reader and I can't ignore something with words on it sitting in front of me. I dunno what's changed but I don't know if I like it... my attention span has always been short but never like this. I feel like I'm ignoring everyone. Anyway not to worry, I should be able to concentrate on my friends list properly now that I no longer have to scroll through tons of incredibly boring posts from communities. The only ones I'm still a member of are the ones that bring me daily lulz. It's all I'm interested in, ta, unless you're talking as a person, and not just a fan. Maybe that's what I'm starting to resent... fans.

I dunno. I seem to go on and off things; I have done all my life. I'd say that as an adult I find it harder to really get into something. Usually music, i.e. when I was younger, I'd almost obsessively listen to the same album(s), whereas now I flick through them and pick out whatever I'm in the mood for. Normal, of course. In the past though, my dedication to things has bordered on thinking it about it all day every day/obsession, back when I was in my teens. That's normal for teens isn't it? I hated it when I was so into something that whenever someone mentioned whatever it was, I'd go bright red and be embarrassed, like they were teasing me for having a secret boyfriend or something. You know how people get obsessed to the point where they relate everything they hear/see/read to their subject? I still see this on the Board all the time with young Muse fangirls. At least they have a cool interest. Mine were Animals of Farthing Wood and East 17.

BUT. I've never fallen out of love with any of my interests - I can still talk passionately about East 17, for example, and to this day I remember exactly why they were such a big part of my life. However, I think the passion fizzles. The most recent example for me is Doctor Who. I still tune in on Saturday nights and am hypnotised all the way through it, of course. But this time last year I was discussing every single episode in proper detail, diving into the old stories, watching box sets religiously, e-poking people to talk about it with me... you name it. Now, though, I don't. Enthusiasm's gone. If something in an episode makes me laugh, I'll make a comment on the relevant forum thread, but I can't be doing with in-depth fanwankery in a dedicated community anymore. After every episode I scroll through my LJ friends list and see things like, "Didn't like that bit, didn't like this bit..." YAWN. BORING. I've often stayed a member of communities long after I lost interest in the site's main purpose. Take Muse for example. My crazy!passion for Muse fizzled out in about 2003, but I stay because the fun remains. I don't think my old-married-couple-style love for the band would've made me stay if it wasn't for Banter bringing general lulz. And going back to Doctor Who, I'm still interested just like I'm still interested in Muse and I'm all up for a bit of geekery but maaan. There needs to be more Banter. I needs the internets for entertainments! I'm still a member of [ profile] who_daily and [ profile] doctorwhy, y'see. I still want to distantly follow the fanwank, but I only want to actually read the light-hearted banter - for this kind of approach to my chosen subjects is what makes them stay my chosen subjects.

While I'm here: I'm also sick of fanfic. Ugh. Where have the good ones gone? And I'm sorry, but WTF is up with [ profile] tennant_love these days? It seems to be all Rose/Peter Carlisle fic! I DON'T FINK SO.
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Steve came round with the FUCKING ENTIRE KEY TO TIME BOXSET last night. Fuckin' A, fuckin' yay. So I was watching that yesterday and neglecting my e-life. I'm still laughing about Pirate Planet. Fucking hilarious.

I didn't have to do much today apart from one little half-walk with ye olde Honey, but I felt the need to DO STUFF - always the way when you don't have to do something. I ended up enjoying a lovely long stroll in the Common with Honey, [ profile] littlefloyd & Riley. It was event-free and perfect. As we headed toward the van this other pro dog walker came along and had zillions of little dogs that were zipping around everywhere, and my boys joined in the fun and games for a bit until I said 'come on then boys' and they came STRAIGHT BACK. <3 my boys for not showing me up. I felt proper smug. I'm absolutely soaked through now mind you; my trousers are rolled up and the three of us are lying in front of the fire. It's goddamn bliss.

I'm quite dog-free at the moment - no daycares today as Guinness called in sick this morning. Riley's here for a week though, so that's £100. Hee.

I can't get enough of Uncle Serj's album, even though listening to it reminds me of Mikey and makes me sad - we still haven't spoken since that text argument.

I wish everyone would STFU about Christmas. I told the jolly Cancer Book Man off for talking about it yesterday. I always flirt with him for some reason. I think it's probably 'cause he's so obviously gay.

Ooh speaking of gay:
'I think he's gay,' said Martha. 'I reckon time-travel makes you gay.'

It's so dark out at the moment isn't it? Everyone's got their headlights on all day.
I went grocery shopping today as well and spent nearly 60 bastard quid.
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Further to my entry the other day about me thinking I might possibly be all male 'n' shit, I didn't mean that I've suddenly realised that I'm a ftm transexual. I don't actually want to be a man... just thought I'd better clear that up 'cause when I read it back earlier on that's how it read. Haha. Nah. The point was, I don't want to change my gender, I just wish I didn't have one.

So yeah. Thanks for list'nin'. Hmmm.

Aaanyway, if one day I did decide to become a man, I would be an incredibly camp one. Because I can't fucking stop listening to the Scissor Sisters. I mean, it's like a drug. When I go and pick up Seymour I drive past a bunch of kids outside their school/college and I attract some really strange looks. I don't think this is because the music is loud; I think it's because it's always the fucking Scissor Sisters. I can imagine them saying to each other, "Oh, here comes that K9 Capers van again, get ready to get your disco on."

So today I changed it to System and skipped straight to Know and shouted "CURSED EEEARTH!" at people while pulling my best metal!face, just so they wouldn't think I was always that camp. But as soon as I got to the traffic lights I had a yearning to hear Transistor, the bonus track on Ta-Dah - dude, that song is AWESOME - so I put it back in again.

Help. I now want to form a band that's a cross between the Sisters and System. Scissor System. I could, like, sing all camply and play piano and then scream and run around like Daron. For the win.

Here is yet another fanfic rec. This one's by [ profile] versaphile. I'll stop doing this now 'cause I know most of you readers-of-my-journal couldn't give an arse about reading Doctor Who stories but if you read ANY of the fanfic I've recommended, read this one. It's one of those rare stories that could easily be canon and you really wish it would be. It's so pretty. Fucking. Call me a waaambulance. I r dead from emo.

Aaand I've decided to go travelling when I'm 30. I'm gonna fuck everything off, put my business on hiatus and not come back for over 6 months. I'll have a camper van and a dog and... hopefully about £5k by then. Where shall I go? I want to go everywhere...

So I got one of these:


Jul. 5th, 2007 11:38 pm
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To continue from this morning's dog-rant, and to elaborate further on the shitter that's been this day, I've been fined £60 and am going to have three points on my license for jumping a red light. Bugger. I went over the line at 15mph, 1.2 seconds into the red. Fucking stupid isn't it?

Also, one of my molars is killing me. I can't get an appointment at the dentist until the 25th July. It feels like I need a filling, but when I told the dentist that six months ago she said there was no signs of decay at all. So it must be deep inside, which means root filling. HOW FUN FOR ME. And when she poked it last time it wouldn't go numb at all, it's a crazy zingy nerve, so it's going to HURT. Oh well, it's a month away yet. A month of my whole mouth aching. Aaargh.

Anyway, enough with the miserablyness.

I've been talking about Doctor Who ALL OVER THE INTERNETS since it ended on Saturday night, and it's been immense. It's bloody finished now (boo) but the communities have never been so mental! I thought the last episode was great.

More geekery (& spoilers) behind the geekshield of Rassilon )

What the hell will I do with my Saturday nights, now? :(

ALL DAY today I have been reading fanfic. Not much on. And blimey, there's crazy, demented Who fanfic ALL OVER THE INTERNETS at the moment as well; I know this because I don't read proper books anymore, it seems. Lol.
O_o Hahaha... I read them all in case there's a good bit (skimming very quickly through the rubbish Porn Without Plot ones, of course) and.. Oh. My. God. I'm skimming through ALL of them. Slash. Gah.

*inserts the usual rant about the lack of action/adventure/genfic*
Of course there's always some proper gems to be found out there. ^_^ Devil of the Seas and For Want of a Key to name but... two. Haha.

I also went to Gossamer for the first time in FUCKING YEARS and am shocked to see it still being updated, seven years after the show's ended. Weird. So in celebration, I joined [ profile] xfiles. Oh yeah, there's a Muse fanfic on the board, and we've been trying to explain to Kev what slash is. Funny as fuck.


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