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I visited Dr Gallagher again today. He nagged me about 'having it off' with 'a nice lad' again. Dr G quote of the day: 'It's inevitable that young lads will want to get their end away at some point.' Indeed. Everyone else has orgasms, I has trifluoperazine and an appointment for a chest x-ray. Shrug.

I watched United 93 tonight, and every time I think about it I cry. No other words, really.

FUN MEME! I'm just going to finish it tonight because I'm dead sick of it now. My favourite place is Moo Moo (it really is nothing to do with the band) and something that I miss? Ianto Fucking Jones. Some aspirations - writing, make goffband work and bring in monehs so I don't have to scrub as many gaffs, buy camper van or rent flat by myself, whatever, I just really want to buy some kitchen utensils. Another moment... um. Bringing Floyd home for the first time, starting my business. I got a puppy, an awesome new van and a new business in one week. This was four years ago next week. That time has gone terrifyingly quickly. I remember taking Floyd everywhere, sitting on the sofa stamping leaflets, driving around advertising and visiting vets and just enjoying not being in the office any more... it was blissful. Until the money woes and panic kicked in.

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DAYS 20-26

Sep. 15th, 2010 08:30 pm
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I haven't forgotten the meme! Thrills abound:

Day 20 – This month
September. My birthday, lots of partying, Muse. Suddenly bloody cold. Wish I had open fire.

Day 21 – Another moment
Beach at 5am in Majorca, perhaps. I got up early especially to see the sun come up. I then swam out to some rocks and said good morning to some herons.

Day 22 – Something that upsets you
Having to wait for things. Using 'party' as a verb. And poorly puppies.

Day 23 – Something that makes you feel better
Happy puppies like these.

Day 24 – Something that makes you cry
Apostrophe misuse.

Day 25 – A first
A first...? Nursed? Cursed with Fred Durst? I have a first for knowledge lol, lol.

Day 26 – Your fears
Uh... dying.

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Sep. 8th, 2010 06:11 pm
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When I was 14, if you'd have asked me what I wanted to do when I grew up, I'd have probably said something like, 'Something I can just get on with and forget about when I'm at home and doing more fun things.' That is, if you had managed to get me to think about my life beyond that day, and past getting out of school and getting involved in a book, album or an episode of The X Files. Which would have been clever of you. And so it goes, that after years of hard work and dragging myself through shite (to be frank), I am finally there. I'm living my dream life. I have ADVENTURES. WITH DOGS. I pootle around the streets and potter around people's houses and my brain gets to do its daydreamy, thinky thing with nobody interfering or demanding anything of me. I (finally) earn good money doing all this pootling and pottering, and I can live very comfortably, fridgehouse issues aside. I have so much free time and can have more whenever I like; I can ask people if they'd mind swapping days because I want to swan off into London or nip to Germany. I can fit in lots of ballet. I'll be able to fit in gigs when we has them. The uni course is challenging me just enough. I'm the right amount of busy; not bored, not stressed. Perfect life. I am happy.

So why doesn't my brain realise I'm happy?

My favourite birthday was probably my 18th (awesome party) and something I regret... Hmmm. Two things: All those years spent trying to be something I'm not, and leaving Live8 before Pink Floyd. Palm, face, have you met?

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Birthday: fabulous. I went out and played with my friends, danced, blagged free Danish pastries that were French, had family barbecue, saw MLG again supporting Firebird this time who are amaze, went shopping (got coat), became official vegetarian (it's about time), decided black is the only good colour (for clothes) in the whole world, got my hair cut into an awesomely ridiculous New Romantic sort of glam... thing, had a bit of anxiety... a great weekend!

Dreams: I has them. I wave my hand dismissively at this meme and tell it to click my 'dreams' tag.
My First Kiss: No tongues. Still yucky.
My Favourite Memory: AW MAH GAWD I DON'T KNOOOW, I HAVE LIKE, A THOUSAND?! Why'd you even - seriously, I dunno. I will close my eyes and meditate on this further. Hmmm... Oh...

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I TOTALLY JUST GOT AN ELECTRIC SHOCK. Ow! And new birthday books from my daddy and Katy and Leeps who have just left. Wins. And sweeties! Lots and lots of sweeties. Anna bought me some flowers and some pink wine. Oh and I had a half-arsed car prang today too, happy birthday me.

Here's my meme answer I guess - This week I have been mostly watching Sherlock. That is all. Also (not that anything else is worth mentioning tbh) I've been on Twitter, cleaning, dogs, telling people they are Wrong on the Internet, cleaning, dogs, and other delightful things. Been waiting for this weekend really. It's all about the birthday funs.

Wearing today (this is tomorrow's question really but I'm likely to be far too busy for blogging tomorrow and will probably wear the same thing anyway):

BAMF or what. This shit will fuck you up. I had to include the picture with the blue socks. YEAH. Also those are the worst fitting combats ever. Army surplus for the cheap win, though. And they're now covered in mud thanks to Alfie.

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Nik is my sis. She is 17 months younger than me. She is a pub landlady, she's friendly, down to earth and will do anything to make you welcome. A fantastic hostess; she throws the best parties, she's arty and crafty and a busy mum of two little girls. She was a scaredy-cat when we were little. Wouldn't go on any fairground rides or even get in a rowing boat. Then she joined the Air Cadets and turned into a glider-flying daredevil. She was in the Navy for a while too. We used to bicker a lot as kids but never anything serious. She married her hubby Graeme in 2007 and he is awesome and loving and great.

Leeps is my bro. He is 6 years and 2 months younger than me. He is way more chilled, laid back and more awesome than me. He is absolutely motherloving hilarious. He's good at computers and cars. He loves music, and car sound systems. He's got a girlfriend called Ady who he's been with for years. She's training to be a vet and is well clever and she does gymnastics and is a total sweetie.

We are all very close and stuff, love 'em to bits. Photos of them all right here wot I done on another meme.

Er, in my bag:

Receipt for some sweeties I bought, wallet, inhaler, iPhone (taking the picture), bank slip, computer mouse (I don't know why either), book, smaller bag, which contains:

Bio oil, pot of hand cream, hand sanitiser, lipbalm, tampon, mirror, concealer.

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FAIL, indeed. Looks like I need ironing.

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I don't like the concept of 'best' friends. I call 'em all my 'best' friends. Sorry, nobody's more important than anyone else. I know, nothing like choosing to answer memes and then avoiding all the questions.

A moment? Mmmmoment... Clicken Sie hier!

I believe in the power and potential of the human race, and what we can achieve together if only we would actually work together and stop with the ballbags. I believe that death is a waste, and that consciousness has the ability to live on, but we've got work to do first. I believe in science and medicine and life and now, not in fate or higher beings or spirits or 'something better'. I do believe that there are energies in the universe that can influence the way we roll, but we are not fully under the control of the universe.

I dunno what that makes me. Apart from depressed.

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My Day

Aug. 27th, 2010 11:40 pm
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A normal Livejournal entry, then? I'm full of snark today. I like the word 'snark'. Um, alarm went off at 8:30am, I dozed until 9am. Not pleasant. Could not force any part of my lower body to move. My upper half was on Facebook, cursing whoever gave me the bright idea to choose to do housework for a living. Eventually got myself up and dressed. I showered last night, so I didn't have to go there. Couldn't be bothered with an 'outfit' today. T-shirt and joggers, hairband. This is why I always look like I need ironing. Ugh. Couldn't find my glasses, so I put in a contact lens for the first time in about a year. Awful experience.

So then I got into the car (where I blasted out my new song to the neighbourhood - IT SOUNDS SO GOOD IN THE CAR so I sat and had a moment at my leisure) and went off to clean my three Friday houses. Uneventful. The usual - walking into table edges, scrubbing bleedin' limescale off of bleedin' shower doors, struggling with vacuum cleaners with more attachments than the Hubble. Seriously, NO TWO DYSONS ARE THE SAME. Then I skipped off home to my kitchen, which needed cleaning too. Ugh. Did that. Then, doggy love. Grabbed myself a bundle of Didz and a little bit of schnauz. Gave them each a pig's leg and a pig's tail. Sat down. Did a bit of writing. Internets. Ate some crackers. Watched Hollyoaks; shut up, it's the best ever. More internets, The Board, LJ friends page, e-mails, this week's accounts. Put on some lip balm. Cooked up some noodles and vegetables in some soy sauce and spices. Did a bit of stretching. Channel-surfed. Anna & John came home while I was watching Outnumbered. TV is now off, and I'm writing this. Who knows what's next? A tray of coffee, crumpets and revenge. Or just bed, more likely. Tedious. Yesterday was better. I should've gone to the Winny tonight after all. Oooh, I sneezed.

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I was looking for something really profound and interesting to type in this here box...
... but I want to find my remote! Eastenders is on.

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- Coffee. Two capsules of evening primrose oil.
- 100g failcake. Failcake is a huge, not-very-nice sponge cake made by me (hence the fail) last night, using honey instead of sugar and rapeseed oil instead of butter/marge. Sugar free, dairy free and vegan, if you don't count bees as animals. Which I do. But I'm sure a bee wouldn't begrudge one a bit of honey for one's failcake? Anyway, failed because it tasted too much like rapeseed oil, didn't rise proper and could've done with some nuts or fruit in it, to moisten it and to... delete the taste of fail. I can't talk proper today, sorry.
- A generic British-grown apple and half a banana, sliced and diced and buried under a dollop of natural yoghurt.
- 1 bag of giant Cadbury's chocolate buttons. Damn you, The Range, for putting sweets next to the till. You know us kids can't resist (I was in there to buy a new iron and ironing board. Mad adventures.)
- 1 bowl of potato wedges. Ah, good times.
- 25ml magnesium hydroxide.

It's bloody freezing. August, my arse.

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28 years, 11 months and three weeks old. Born and raised on the edge of the New Forest, Southampton, England. I love stories. I have always had two or more books on the go at once and have done ever since I can remember. I have lots of things going on at once. Expert multitasker! I got into cult TV with the X Files when I was 12, and have followed a lot of fandoms since 1999. Years and years of online geekery. Lots of shows, books, bands, newsgroups, communities, forums. Haha. I've had my flings and obsessions, but am always looking for the next best thing. I love drama. Characters and words and dialogue. I love to dance; I teach ballet to little ones. I can sing and write awesome melodies, but can't write lyrics (despite the love of words!) I've been in a number of bands. I'm emotional; not logical in the slightest. I got A*s and As at school in the arts and humanities subjects, and Cs in maths and science and stuff with numbers. Numbers mess with my brainz. Oh and I got a C in drama, because I forgot to do an essay. Oops. I got an AS level at school in drama too, actually. My school was a normal comprehensive, but it was quite an upmarket one? Haha. Loved acting and performing and being on stage, but was always too shy to prove it. Then I dropped all that because I thought I had to get serious. When I was growing up I wanted to be a doctor, vet, nurse, midwife in that order. A desire to help people. I started on a vague career path to get there, but I had 'moderate' depression when I was trying to do the sciencey A levels, and gave up after a year. I ended up getting an advanced GNVQ in IT and an office job instead. I saw that as the easy route in a way. Sod the dream, just get some money in! I wanted to get a camper van and take off. I still do. I regretted getting into office work in the end, the money was rubbish, I hated being a c0rporate h0r and I quit after five years (and a pretty harsh breakdown) to walk dogs and dance about in the woods, where I belong. My fabulous GP, Dr Gallagher, tells me I'm worth more than that. I don't agree. I think I have the best job in the world. I have always loved dogs and I grew up with them. I am doing an English degree, 'cause of all the lovely stories. I'm the proprietor of Mutts & Mops. I'm also thinking about getting my dance qualifications so I can teach, and am hoping to get gigs with my current band. So, I have a lot of opportunities really. Lots of open doors. I have always made sure I always have open doors. I can't stand the idea of being trapped somewhere I don't want to be. My CV is a right old mixed bag. Cleaning, shop jobs, office work, doggy work. Every time I apply for a job I get invited for interview, but I can never sell myself to the companies in person, and never get offered the good jobs. Being one's own boss is the ideal situation. I have recurring dreams about trains.

I'm nice and I sometimes wish I wasn't. I can't bear to see anybody upset or hurt, even if I dislike them. It's a weakness. I love music, it's the best thing in the world... from death metal to trance to '80s pop to glam rock. I go to a lot of gigs. I'm very introverted and self-conscious, but sociable. I love to drink and dance, but I'm not much of a party animal. I do make an effort and I do tend to 'perform' haha. I'm mildly misanthropic - I rant and rave about foolish humans, but I am empathetic and completely understand people and their motives, even if I don't want to. I'm prone to anger, and this sometimes worries me. Sometimes I wonder if I do love people and even if I have a heart, and that makes me feel sick and wrong. I still battle with depression, on and off. I'm very independent, enjoy my own company and think nothing of doing anything on my own, but I also have a large circle of friends who I consider my family, and I talk about them all as if they are so. Some of them are married and shit now, and they've had babies, and moved away, and generally became grown-ups. Haha. I am not a grown-up and don't think I ever will be. I'm concerned about planet Earth and her animals, a total liberal hippy idealist. Boyfriends and girlfriends are not my area (thank you for that, Moff), even though I have tried and tried to get behind... all that, and maybe caused a bit of upset on the way. To keep people in my life. To be like everybody else, I guess. Loneliness. Silliness. Been fun trying, though. One of those things you assume will happen to you one day, but it never really does. I don't identify with any gender. When I was little I knew I was a little girl, and I was fine with that. I assumed I'd grow up to be a woman, and in my mind I never did. I wish to live in an ideal world where we can be acknowledged as neither/a third gender if we chose. Of course, this is not an ideal world, so I'll happily be a 'she' and a 'her' and wear kinky boots and glitter and tights and dresses. I can put up with the pronouns, but no presumptions and judgements if you please. I've always dressed a bit goth. I can't wear heels. I have dark brown hair which is growing out, driving me nuts, and slowly heading towards greydom. I have always grown it really long and then cut it all off, always going for the noticeable difference! It's also been dyed every colour you can think of. I recently decided though, after doing this most of my teenage and adult life, that short hair does not really suit me. I have large, wonky facial features and blue & yellow eyes. I have thumbs like Megan Fox (fit), crooked teeth like my dad, and I inherited my mum's super-oily skin. I might get acne all my life, but I won't get very wrinkly. I got picked on in school a bit and always thought I was an ugly person, but think I can look quite human in some photos. I have manly shoulders, feminine hips and was quite overweight until recently. I'm back to the same weight I was when I was 18, but I've never been skinny. I'm 5'6 and a half and generally healthy, apart from a few of those ailments we have to put up with - chronic IBS, eczema and asthma. I have an artificial eye and am currently looking for somebody to make me a completely black one, silver one and an orange one. My mum does not like the sound of this.

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