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Daniel E in Year 6. I went out with him for a few months and I snogged him at all the Parish Hall discos but we never did tongues.
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Well, one of them. :D

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Feb. 4th, 2011 06:59 pm
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I've just realised that the Alphabet Song is the same melody as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.


And I'm good at melodies too! Melodies are my THING, yo! In that BBC Musicality quiz wotsit I got:

Enthusiasm: 99%
Perception: 99%
Emotional Connection: 100%
Social Creativity: 98%
Curiosity: 100%

Yeah, so I feel like a numpton. This is worse than the other day when that sexy anon on the Sherlock BBC Official Kink Meme (I might've added the 'Official' part) informed me that the Santa Claus Mummy was kissing underneath the mistletoe was in fact Daddy dressed as Santa Claus, and the song is in fact NOT about Mummy having a festive bit on the side.

Utter numpton.

It seems I'm back to journalling with a vengeance. I think I stopped because I was using The Board as somewhere to offload my woes instead of this place, and there's been a lot of woes. I dunno, when I post here I always feel like I need to be entertaining, or some shit. Which is stupid, because this has always been where I keep everything. I might even go through it and re-post all the woe into here, so I know where it all is, seeing as this is meant to be my journal, my memoirs and what have you, not some sort of professional journalistic blog written for n00bs like you. Mwahaha. I need to stop worrying that people might think I'm thick or something and just go back to being stupid old me.

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brises are killer!
beautiful when done right!

the second adage
or it might've been the first
or third
chassé to second, side bend, fouetté to attitude

chasse to side or chasse en arriere

oh and a crazy barre thing that really confused me

crazy barre thing?


on one leg - front front back

second half was eschappé en croix, pirouette
it was FAST

coupe pas de bouree pique?

it had a word beginning with R in it that I remembered then
but don't now

pose coupe pose coupe releve releve releve coupe pas de bourre
look in the notes - it'll be one of the 2 barre studys
bring them on Thursday

nah wasn't that one
i will find it in the notes now

pirouette at the end to change sides?

yeah that one!

pose backwards?

yeah! think so
yep it had a posé
posé r... something
we did ronds de jambe en l'air as well, that is weird.

coupe fouette racourci coupe pose forward balance and close echappe en croix echappe second and echappe en croix pirouette to other side

Racourci, that's it
yeah that shiz was fast, hahaha
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Did I really just see a Sherlock/John fanvid (ewww) featuring ‘Closer’ by NIN? Really? Man. I guess it had to happen eventually. I think, within the month or so that's passed (woah, feels like a lifetime) since I dived into this shiny, new and extraordinary fandom, I have already seen all the hackneyed fanworx in the world. But really, come on. ‘Closer’? That’s just taking the piss. I'm not going to rant about slash, not today anyway, but once again I have a feeling that people honestly are under the impression that fanfic has to mean erotica. Even the well-intentioned [ profile] asexy_sherlock fics are based around sexual experiences. So, new fandom, once more I have to ask: WHY IS EVERYBODY OBSESSED WITH SEX? And: WHERE IS ALL THE GREAT GENFIC? I thought there'd be loads of it in Sherlock fandom, because there's such scope, character, history, canon... You could pick any case, any situation, and stick modern-day Sherlock and John right in there. They're so freelance they might as well have a TARDIS, but no... Unlikely gay sex scene no. 124. Int: 221B Baker Street, the bedroom. There be touching and things. Boring. Dull. Predictable.

I've never really been interested in watching modern Holmes adaptations because I was convinced they'd sex him up. I only watched this one because [ profile] bossmew and [ profile] scarletstudy actual poked me with sticks until I downloaded it. "WATCH IT RIGHT NOW HE'S LIEK A BAMF TIEMLOARD GEMSY OMFG YOU WILL LOVE IT!" So after the BBC dudes done oh so good, and made me scream with that cliffhanger, I knew there'd be a metric fuckton of great fanfic online. So in I went, and correct I was: I've seen some great ones. There are loads of interesting, captivating and well-written stories that suck me right in because they're so in character and astonishingly well-written. Buuut, again, the subject matter makes me shake my head and mumble things like, 'Oh I see. That old chestnut. Injury plus comfort equals sex, what else is new.' Pain, violence, sex and more sex.

As an avid reader of fanfiction (I've been at it for over ten years now) I’ve gained so much insight into them dodgy human brainz. I've learned so much stuff I'd otherwise know nothing about. Straight sex, gay sex, non-consensual sex, torture, murder, the medical stuff they don't cover on ER, death... you name it. In so much more detail than you would ever see on telly. The really dark, disturbing things people fantasise about but don't dare talk about. The kinds of things you can't surreptitiously research in the library on a Saturday afternoon. Then there are the literary lessons I've learned; how to keep a character in character, how not to. The styles, tropes and the clichés I will forever avoid, because I’ve seen them so often that they actually disgust me now. The sorts of things that would make me throw a book down the stairs, had I read them in one of those and not on an expensive computer screen. Things about blue eyes, long dark eyelashes resting on pale cheeks… you know what I mean. A major source of enjoyment and annoyance in my life. And in fandom, while I am not generally an active contributor of worx, I always know who’s been inspired by whom, what's been done and what hasn't, who’s obviously come from another fandom I know well, and so on. I’m afraid it’s all merged into one big cliché. People are using the same ideas and 'kinks' over and over. You have to really search (and often, indeed, use the science of deduction) to find the good stuff.

This all sounds rather ungrateful and I feel like a bellend for criticising something I don’t try to do any better at myself (I suck at writing characters. They always just end up being me.) I still love it all, honestly; any new spin on a character I love from a fellow fan – allons-y! Even unlikely sex is good, sometimes, if it doesn’t make me want to throw things. I'm still constantly amazed at how brilliant people are at writing, and the Sherlock fandom is so nuts and prolific and fantastic. Can we just have something new? I dunno what. Maybe I should STFU complaining and write something myself. Or maybe think of a prompt to put in one of the massive fic memes. It's one of those things though; I don’t know what I actually want to read. I’ll know when I see it! I guess you don't know what you need in your life at all until you discover it.

Oh I'm reading this book, which is interesting. It is also why I'm thinking about fanfic and not doing my End of Course Assessment like I should be.

DAYS 20-26

Sep. 15th, 2010 08:30 pm
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I haven't forgotten the meme! Thrills abound:

Day 20 – This month
September. My birthday, lots of partying, Muse. Suddenly bloody cold. Wish I had open fire.

Day 21 – Another moment
Beach at 5am in Majorca, perhaps. I got up early especially to see the sun come up. I then swam out to some rocks and said good morning to some herons.

Day 22 – Something that upsets you
Having to wait for things. Using 'party' as a verb. And poorly puppies.

Day 23 – Something that makes you feel better
Happy puppies like these.

Day 24 – Something that makes you cry
Apostrophe misuse.

Day 25 – A first
A first...? Nursed? Cursed with Fred Durst? I have a first for knowledge lol, lol.

Day 26 – Your fears
Uh... dying.

moar meame lawl )


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