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Kill me now.
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I lost one. It broke way too much and it had to go. Looking back through my 'teeth' tag, I reckon I've spent over £500 trying to save that bleedin' thing, over the last 3 years. I don't understand why they're all rotting so much! Cry. It didn't want to come out, and it hurt so, so much. So yeah, no more sugar, no more fizzy pop, no more... anything but celery and water, really. Brushing three times a day isn't enough it seems. Dentist was all, 'Don't eat little and often.' I don't. He was all, 'Just 4-5 times a day is enough.' I was like, 'Well, yeah?' I only eat like, twice a day. Sometimes once. I love my sugar but I keep things clean in there. So what is it? Inhalers maybe? I think it's just genetic. But I know I never want to go through this ever again, so I'm going to do my best to avoid all sugar. The socket tastes vile.

This January really has sucked the big one. Lolz. Oh, and I see a couple of people have defriended me, haha. I don't blame you. I haven't exactly been entertaining lately.

*skulks off*
*turns back*

Oh btw, Dreams Divide gig, Talking Heads Southampton, 5th March.

*skulks off moar*


Oct. 29th, 2010 08:38 pm
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I shouldn't make cakes because I'm the only one who eats them. It is inevitable that I will eat every one of these delicious banana flapjacks and this entire carrot cake.

Despite being nominated as a good fat for cake-baking all over the internet, I'm afraid rapeseed oil does not work. Butter really is the one and only. Oil is just about doable if you have enough sugar. It's too flavoury otherwise. It's alright in spicy/fruity cakes, but the sugar-free sponge (failcake) I made a couple of months ago with honey and rapeseed oil was just WRONG. I think next time I'll try the sugar-free thing again, but with butter this time. I need to try sugar-free flapjacks too. Damnit, I WILL find a healthy sweet food!

Aaand Anna's just walked in the door with American chocolate for me - Reese's cups and a Butterfinger. Damnit. My teeth are screwed.
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I'm so sick of spending my hard-earned cash on my fail-train of a body. I spent around £250 (luckily NHS this time, the same treatment would've been triple that had I stayed with my old dentist in Hythe) on stupid teeth this year. I've just spent £116 on my stupid eye (glasses) and it was all WRONG:

I always feel like they're rushing. Two examples of it this year. H (dentist) has the pleasure of treating me because I'm a friend of his receptionist. He's always bringing up our friendship which is a bit annoying, but the benefits outweigh that. He's brilliant - seriously mad dentist skillz. I first went to see him around this time last year, and he could tell my previously root-filled and (since) broken bottom molar had become infected at the root, just by looking at the colour of it. Didn't even poke me with the sharp stick thing, and told me I would need a new root filling and a crown. Aaargh. He said, 'No rush, I will leave you to think about it and see you again in April.'

Just before April, one of my teeth at the top started hurting. I went in to see H, who gave me a massive lecture about not going back earlier - I was meant to have booked another appointment to have treatment on it when I left that day! He turned his attention to the top hurty tooth, and root-filled and crowned it over 2 sessions - £198. When I tried to explain that it was the bottom tooth I had supposedly neglected, I got, 'No, no, you should listen to me, I could have been in trouble if you'd needed to have emergency treatment with that,' then bangs on about me being friends with his receptionist again and how he knows we're friends but he has to treat me like any other patient. (Do so then, and STFU about it!)

So. Yeah: 'You said it was my bottom molar that I had to think about fixing because it was infected and broken, not this one...'
'I know what I said. THIS one is infected,' he says. 'This top one is infected...'
'Okay, okay... I trust you...' *screaming inside*

So at the end of the treatment, in my relief to have it all over, I went and reminded him about the bottom one like a dumb-ass; I need moar injections, please. He said it just needed a filling, and he'll do it now, in fact. He did it then, and that was that. Most confusing, because I KNOW he said it needed crowning. I remember it well, because I was impressed at his speedy diagnosis. Anyway, tl;dr: Now it's broken even more and I'd be surprised if it turned out to be salvageable at all. If it is, I can't afford £198 (and more - I'd need a white crown) because I need to pay car insurance this month. So, I need to go and get it removed, most likely. I'll add to my already-questionably-good looks by being a Gummy McGappy and I'll most likely get another bollocking for my troubles. FML.

Now glasses: I went in two weeks ago for a routine eye-test, and also because I was having trouble focussing on road signs and getting eye strain - I knew I'd need a new prescription. I was in and out, no fuss - which is an understatement - I was barely there for five minutes before being told that my 'prescription is lower now because in your thirties you become less short-sighted. It's happening already!' Was a -2.75, now a -2.5. I did think it was a little quick - they didn't do all the 'better or worse?' stuff with the different lenses! At the time though, I was only happy to accept it and get home. I do love being at home. So yeah, cut to three days later, pick glasses up, can't see a damn thing. Turns out I needed a slightly more short-sighted prescription, not less. Boo, more short sighted. Yay, eyes aren't thirty years old. The glasses are off in the lab having -3.0 lenses put in, so now I have no leet sight skillz at all. Brilliant. At least when they screw up they put it right for free, unlike the dentist. Haha.



May. 7th, 2009 10:13 am
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You know what, I really want to go see Faith No fucking More. There better be tickets left tomorrow. SO MANY DOGS. Amazing. I am going to have MONEY WOOHOO. I really, really, really want to go shopping and buy loads of things. I give up on trying to record music. The universe obviously doesn't want me to. Dentist later, omg. I don't reckon I'll be able to have the first half of my filling (£150) done today 'cause it's still a bit infected. SHAME. I want the sunshine back! [ profile] littlefloyd's bum smells.

Boring, amirite? I have nothing else to report.
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My face swelled up over the weekend. No pain as of yet, but I think there will be soon. This morning I was talking to a friend on Facebook about my teef. I said that I will be given an x-ray, antibiotics and then a root filling - I was correct. Total cost of treatment? £316. FFS. I diagnosed that six months ago. Damn thing's already been filled twice. I reckon you should get your money back from fillings that fail. Grrr. So annoyed. The x-ray also uncovered an impacted wisdom tooth. AAAAARGH. WORST NIGHTMARE. I hope it stays the hell where it is so it doesn't need taking out!

When were you happiest?
Probably before I was aware, hahaha. Or y'know... now? I may get pissed off with myself in social situations but I am kinda happy with how life's turning out.

What is your greatest fear?
Failure. Having to have teeth taken out.

What is your earliest memory?
Falling off a swing backwards. Owies.

Which living person do you most admire, and why?
Floyd. He's so bad ass, ffs.

What is the trait you most deplore in yourself?
Anger. Impatience. My low self-confidence.

What is the trait you most deplore in others?
Arrogance. Lying.

What would your super power be?
Sugar resistance! I'd live on sweets and have perfect teeth! I'd munch five cakes a day and not get fat!

What makes you depressed?
Having depression.

What do you most dislike about your appearance?

Would you rather be clever and ugly, or thick and attractive?
Clever and toothless ugly.

Who would play you in the film of your life?
Adrian Belew.

What do you owe your parents?
Ten grand for Dad and some free doggy daycare for Mum.

What is your favourite word?

What is your guiltiest pleasure?
Stuff from bakeries.

To whom would you most like to say sorry, and why?
They can all jog on.

What or who is the greatest love of your life?
Russell Mael.

What does love feel like?

Have you ever said 'I love you' and not meant it?

If you could edit your past, what would you change?
There are a lot of bands I wish I could've seen.

When did you last cry, and why?
Earlier on, at the dentist's.

How often do you have sex?
I don't.

What single thing would improve the quality of your life?
My life would be 100% more banging if I had better quality teef, and if utter wankchop tossers would stop insisting on talking to me when I go out.

What do you consider your greatest achievement?
Being alive.

What song would you like played at your funeral?
Aladdin Sane. The album, in full.
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I am:

1. Obsessively cleaning and flossing my teeth. I used to do it just twice a day. I had my tenth (!) filling a week ago today. I'm determined that I'm not going to need any more, so I'm over-flossing. My gums are a bit bleedy. This obsession, however, is definitely putting the kybosh on me eating (crap). I don't eat when I'm out, for example, because there's no way of washing my gnashers afterwards. I can't stand going without a good ol' flossing anymore. Possibly TMI, but have you checked out the smell of the stuff that comes out from between one's teef? It's disgusting. DO NOT WANT. Everyone should floss.

2. Working my arse off. I had a busy weekend at B&Q which was very exhausting; I'm still learning a lot. I did pay Peugeot early this month though, and I have just as much money in the bank all over again - just from dogs! I haven't yet been paid by GSF or B&Q! I may be walking Ellie and Belle every day again too! That'll be an extra £75 per week. I am therefore going to be fucken rich.

3. Reading Along Came Dylan, which is a brilliant book about a man who has dogs. It's very entertaining, but it's making me think - I have a lot of canine stories to tell. I'm going to write a goddamn book an' all.

4. Going to see Sparks play Kimono My House and their new album! This is of course going to be made of solid gold win! I may even be seeing some Musers there, as a few of them have tickets for the same night. How excellent; People of the Internet. Haha, I won't say it.


Dec. 8th, 2008 06:13 pm
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Weighed myself at Alfie's house today. Pounds lost - 5 (now 12st 4). Get in. I haven't been trying really, I think I just ate less.

What's for tea?

Oh btw, the dentist really sucked. She didn't give me a local and all the prodding and nerve-antagonising made me cry. But at least the tooth is now finally fixed and pain free! Now another one is aching.

In other news, I totally want to be Amanda Fucking Palmer.
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Hurrah! It's about time - it's been five days! So I met Alex and Ronnie in the park the other day (the day before I found out I'd got my interview!) and while catching up I told him about my teef beef. "What, another one?" he said. "Not taking the piss or anything but are you gonna end up with false teeth?"


Last night I got a text from Tam saying that she and Dan were out and about and would I like to meet them in the Dinge? I walked down to meet them there and got ID'd again! I think I quite like the fact that I'm in there most weeks and no-one ever remembers me. Haha. The three of us sat up at the bar and proceeded to get rather trollied, and had a bit of a boogie. Night of win, as spontaneous ones usually are. Today I'm cross-stitching (still!) and planning/buying things to make Christmas presents with and listening to pretty Grandaddy songs about flying and space and people and technology and household appliances.

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On Saturday night Anna and Jon and I went to the Standing Order and met Tam and Dan and people and we got drunk, and the next day I woke up with the most horrendous toothache. I went to lunch at Sunnyfields with Tam and Dan and Dan's lovely family and I don't know why they insist on calling it an ache when it is more of a pain and by Sunday night I was crying on my nan's doorstep. She gave me some of her hardcore paracetamol/codeine tablets and I rubbed toothpaste on it and felt better, had dinner at my mum's and Monday morning I was in the dentist's chair and she numbed me the hell up and I've never been so relieved - I had a temporary filling and a course of pencillin. Unfortunately the numbness wore off four hours later and the nerve was definitely not any happier and my whole body decided it had had enough of the whole thing and gave up. I just about made it up to my room before I collapsed and I honestly thought I was dying. I felt so, so ill; I was all faint and weak and feverish and had shooting pains everywhere. Oh and I still have that cough so my lungs were hurtin' and things do not taste nice in there. You know when you're feverish and in and out of sleep and you have annoying repetitive thoughts? All I could think about was the poor dogs who had had no dinner, and what to do if I wasn't able to get downstairs and let them out... I was supposed to be up and about at 8am Tuesday morning, so I considered phoning people to help me but that would just be madness. Anna was in Plymouth on a course. Luckily it all went away by Tuesday afternoon and I was still ill but could function but couldn't walk dogs so I don't even want to think about how much money I've missed out on this week.


Fuck you, 2008. Fuck you right in the ear.
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Still in existence, still no word from the agency. I think I'll ring them tomorrow and nag them into giving me an interview. I knew I'd have to do that. Agencies are absolutely useless. I put £200 into the bank today, so I'm getting back on track. Until the next time I'm suddenly penniless without warning! I need something more stable, for the good of my health if nothing else. I'm walking around (and driving around) in a slightly blurry world at the moment, since the death of my spectacles. I can't get an appointment until Monday (which is good really, 'cause the money I get from Riley and Roxy at the weekend will pay for it). I had some awful tooth pain going on yesterday. I need at least two fillings but can't afford treatment, even if I change to an NHS dentist. It's a bit better today though. It's alright if I don't blast it with substances of extreme temperature, or breathe in sharply. My God, I thought I was going to be sick from the pain yesterday. I spent the entire afternoon in tears of agony. Ain't never felt the like. I know the 'I need a filling' pain well, and this was ten times worse. I think I need a root filling. Rubbish. I swear my teeth are crumbling away. And my wrist is still causing me pain. All these ailments. They're very welcome, really, on top of everything else. This year seems like it's going to continue to try me.

On a lighter note, the dogs have been eating chicken wings, fish and an old swede for the last couple of days, and this evening the room is... shall we say, fragrant. I actually yelled out my disgust, and I can usually bear horrible smells quite well. I've never smelt anything so horrendous. Anna lit an incense stick and I jumped up and moved away from the main culprit, only for him to follow me and curl up at my feet again. My Didz. He's turning into such a loyal little collie, even if he does smell viiile, as Katy says. I think I'm starting to bond with Didz now. As cute as puppies are, I think the best bit is when they grow up and start to learn how to be your friend.


Feb. 28th, 2008 12:13 am
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This tooth I had filled is still giving me beef. Did she miss a bit?

Comment with a pretty picture for me? *comment!whore*
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I'm halfway through four books at the moment.
  • A Peter Kay biography
  • A book about geishas that isn't Memoirs
  • A Johnny Depp biography
  • Hitchhiker's Guide
I also have two Christmas books that I haven't even started yet. Too busy reading damn fanfic and the Muse board.

I have an urge to buy all the books on my Kaboodle list. I'd rather buy them all from a shop though as I don't see the point in buying them all online and having to wait for them, when I have a zillion hours of free time during the day and could easily get to town. Apart from the price thing of course, but when you add the postage price/postage time to it, it never seems worth it. Especially with Amazon, who charge you a bit of postage for every book don't they, especially if you buy them used? I've gone off as they take a MONTH to get stuff to you. Well, they took a month to get my DVDs to me after Christmas/New Year. But that could've simply been because of the time of year...

I dunno, I just wanna go into a shop and buy something for myself. Would be nice. Even if it's dirt cheap and second hand - care. NEED A SECOND HAND BOOK SHOP IN SOUTHAMPTON PLZ. I'm in that annoying mood where I don't have to do anything so I'm staying in and SAVING DIESEL, but I really want to go out. Hmmm. Another cup of coffee and a little catching up with my correspondence (i.e. reply to a text and spam Facebook walls) is in order I think.

I went to the dentist this morning. As I suspected, the filling in my achey tooth needs replacing. I lied and said I had no problems with it but she spotted it anyway. Damnit. That's another £75, including today's 'diagnosis and treatment plan' (i.e. poking me with a metal hook and saying numbers) and a scale and polish. Srsly. Whatajoak.

What can Mikey and I do on Saturday? He's not doing bands so we have day to self. Wanna go somewhere different!
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Pretend the stars are the K9 Capers logo. Heehee.

Ummm, I have loads of things to write down today but ich vergesse..
You can probably tell that my silly mood is continuing. I have been driving around listening to System in the van, and rocking out proper. So fun. I love System of a Down so much. I really really really really really really do

O wirklich?

And last night we were talking German in the Doctor Who thread - I dunno why... I think it was because we were talking about whether the Doctor speaks his own language or not - and it led to a whole barrage of German speaky sexage. And then Steve and me started messing about with Babel Fish and had a vast amount of lolz. And then we watched Quatermass because DT speaks German in it, and that makes me happy.

Es ist grösser auf dem innere!

Tonight I will be going to see Shrek 3. Nice. I will be eating loads of sweets, because I've given up on dieting. I r therefore still fat, and I don't care.

Yeah I do. *sob*
I have a massive body and massive zits and massive amount of fillings (I went to the dentist today and have to have 3 more in the next 2 weeks!) Yet I still can't stop eating doughnuts and choccy and noodles and toast and spuds with cheese and other crappy le crap. And it does me NO GOOD. Like, not in an "OMFG you'll get fat and get heart disease!" way, but physical badness, as soon as I've eaten it. For example, white bread, which is the worst thing I can eat. It gives me nasty IBS symptoms like God knows what but when we run out of healthy munchy lunch-type food it's so much easier to go over and grab a loaf from the newsagents and munch peanut buttery toast rather than actually go shopping for more healthy stuff... and I'm so bloody lazy and am not the best cook anyway, but when I get hungry it's always stodgy refined carbs that I crave, and I don't feel full until I've eaten something stodgy. And I want to get out of the habit of eating that sort of thing and teach my body to like healthy things. :( 'Cause I'm minging. And my skin is fucking terrible. It's blatantly hormonal, but hormone imbalances aren't helped by the amount of refined sugars and dairy products I eat. Gash.

You'd think if I could give up smoking (it's been 25 days btw) I could sort out my eating habits, but nooo. Who'd have thought it would be harder to get into eating healthily than it is to give up smoking? *rolls eyes*
Fuck it. I'm so tempted to get big veggie/fruit boxes delivered every week and go on the raw food diet. This is something I've been contemplating since I found and read Clear Skin... Very tempting. I'd have to plan it all out though. Maybe get some more books. I dunno, but it does sound amazing.

*goes and gets cheeseburgers*


Jul. 5th, 2007 11:38 pm
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To continue from this morning's dog-rant, and to elaborate further on the shitter that's been this day, I've been fined £60 and am going to have three points on my license for jumping a red light. Bugger. I went over the line at 15mph, 1.2 seconds into the red. Fucking stupid isn't it?

Also, one of my molars is killing me. I can't get an appointment at the dentist until the 25th July. It feels like I need a filling, but when I told the dentist that six months ago she said there was no signs of decay at all. So it must be deep inside, which means root filling. HOW FUN FOR ME. And when she poked it last time it wouldn't go numb at all, it's a crazy zingy nerve, so it's going to HURT. Oh well, it's a month away yet. A month of my whole mouth aching. Aaargh.

Anyway, enough with the miserablyness.

I've been talking about Doctor Who ALL OVER THE INTERNETS since it ended on Saturday night, and it's been immense. It's bloody finished now (boo) but the communities have never been so mental! I thought the last episode was great.

More geekery (& spoilers) behind the geekshield of Rassilon )

What the hell will I do with my Saturday nights, now? :(

ALL DAY today I have been reading fanfic. Not much on. And blimey, there's crazy, demented Who fanfic ALL OVER THE INTERNETS at the moment as well; I know this because I don't read proper books anymore, it seems. Lol.
O_o Hahaha... I read them all in case there's a good bit (skimming very quickly through the rubbish Porn Without Plot ones, of course) and.. Oh. My. God. I'm skimming through ALL of them. Slash. Gah.

*inserts the usual rant about the lack of action/adventure/genfic*
Of course there's always some proper gems to be found out there. ^_^ Devil of the Seas and For Want of a Key to name but... two. Haha.

I also went to Gossamer for the first time in FUCKING YEARS and am shocked to see it still being updated, seven years after the show's ended. Weird. So in celebration, I joined [ profile] xfiles. Oh yeah, there's a Muse fanfic on the board, and we've been trying to explain to Kev what slash is. Funny as fuck.


Oct. 30th, 2006 11:29 pm
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I had some throbbing in a toothular area this morning so I legged it to the dentist because I can't be bothered to be in pain right now, and told her I thought I needed a filling. It turns out it's just an infection. Nice. Some food had stuck in me and made my gums all ills. So I got my teeth poked and some antibiotics and paid £37.50 for the pleasure. Daylight robbery. Although Mrs King has redecorated her surgery, and it looks lovely.

Leeps is all sad. Ady's moved to London to learn how to be a vet, and he really misses her. I want to hug him so much. >_<
I've been talking to him all about it on MSN tonight. I said he should just move to London, because London wins and Leeps deserves nuff adventures. Because he's the bestest person ever. <3 my bro.

OMFGOMFGOMFGOMFGOMFG! Could I be any more excited?! I have to go and meet Sally on Wednesday (the lady who has the Jack Russell - called Sophie) and that's quite scary. I have to make a really good impression to my first regular customer... So I'd better stop saying  "OMFG"

We put up the baby gate tonight, and burnt loads of wood and cardboard, and I swept out the back porch and made it cosy for [info]littlefloyd. Puppy. Yay. OMFG. Life is so exciting at the moment.
I'm scared. Really scared.

Battery is here to stay! Battereh!
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We've looked at two now. Well, three, but the first two were in the same building and both as godawful as each other.

The one we saw today was much nicer, but it was right at the top of the house, and looked quite studenty. And it had furniture, which we don't need.

It's been a hot weekend. On Friday, Anna and I went down the pub with Timur and Dave and that was cool, we just chatted about festivals and stuff. Ended up having a lock-in and me and Nikki were dancing around the back bar like pillocks.

Then Anna and I walked home with some cider and got chatting all night on the bench outside the shops. We went back to mine to sleep at about 5am and woke up at 2pm on Saturday. What a waste of a day! Then Steve came round and we got some chips and sat down the beach for a while, then went to the pub again. I went home quite early and watched Download highlights and System's London gig, which was shown on Channel 4. Bonus. ^_^

Daron. <3

On Sunday I stayed in the pub garden for most of the day. I'm making the most of it, says I, 'cause I'm gonna miss it when I move into town. Awww, pub.
Dave came down too and he had some serious beef with Dan, so we stayed there and drank coke all day. Then we went to the beach quickly to say hello to Mikey who was down there soaking up the rays.

I gave Dave a lift into town after that and popped into Anna's house for a drink. Then went home and chilled at mine. Yawn.

God, I had the dentist again this morning. £61. Damn it. But luckily it's all done now, and I don't have to go back for another 6 months. I had my root filling finished off and another filling done on the other side of my face, so I was numb all over. Now it's worn off my teeth have started aching, and I'm fucking starving now 'cause I can't eat owt, haha.

Damn it.

Come on, home time. I'm going to look at two more flats this evening.

w00t, Audioslave tomorrow. :)
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'Tis Nikki's birthday today. 'Tis also Friday, so am happy. I got her a Cushtie. And some cook books and a light shade. ^_^
Right, I haven't written in here for ages, so this is what I've been up to:
1. I watched Red Dwarf and me and Leeps made some cheesy stop-motion animation, which was fun.
2. I helped Jeannie move all her stuff from her old room in Swaythling to Neil's house, only for her to move back to her mum's the next day. I hope they get their own place soon. O_o
3. Timur's having a party so I've been making a playlist on my laptop and looking at venues with him and Dave. He's chosen the Bosun's Locker, which has a cool little function room.
4. Been driving lots in the Forest as usual.
5. Put my new speakers in my car, but they sound shite. Fuck sake.
6. Been to the Nexus 3 or 4 times. 2 or 3 of those times were actually good. I miss the Dungeon though. I fell out with Dave one night 'cause I got a lift with Leeps and Shane one night and Dave thought I'd be going back with them and arranged to stay at a mate's in town. They were leaving at 12:30 though, so I was stitched up. So I got all upset and it was gay, and I ended up going home with T's sister Amy and her boyfriend. O_o Sketchy. And Dan was caught smoking by Tam and they had an argument... so that night sucked balls. But there y'go.
7. I had two days off sick with a cold and got addicted to The Sims 2. Ooops. I also watched the entire final series of Sex and the City.
8. When I was off ill I had a craving for some Weetos so I dragged myself to Tescos. I ate lots of Weetos and they've aggravated my wisdom tooth again. I've been in pain ever since. *cries*
9. I tried to get tickets to see Nine Inch Nails in London. Mikey and I went to the office at 9am on a Saturday and couldn't get through for shit. Tickets sold out in 10 minutes. Trent is rubbish.
10. I saw Team America. Funny as tits.
11. Been to the pub with Dave and Leeps a few times.
12. Saw Moral Low Ground again on Wednesday. They supporting DTX, who were banging, but there wasn't many people there. I got pulled over on the way home, 'cause one of my head light bulbs is out. I was also driving in my New Rocks for the first time, which was funny.
13. I got paid, but I've spent it all already. I bought this dress off the net:

14. Timur and Dave came round last night to finish off the playlist for his party. It was cool and chilled. :)
Anyway. Fucking Friday. Bring it. *gets back to work*
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Hello Journal.
It's nearly Christmas and I'm off for half the day tomorrow, so I thought I'd better update before I skipped off to lie in, get presents and eat too much.

Since my last entry I've:
Been to my Xmas party, and was all Tinkerbellish. It was cool, a bit rubbish in the club afterwards though. But cool nonetheless.

Done all me Christmas shopping. I got loads of things. I might tell you what I got later, 'cause I can't be arsed right now.
Hung out with the usual geezers. Saw The Incredibles with Mikey, it was excellent.
Had four fillings done. Not as bad as I thought they'd be but not exactly a pleasant experience. One more to go in February. Great.
Been to see Muse! It was fantastic. I met up with some guys from the Muse board too, Auntie Helen, Velouria, Kajeeves, Sid, Danzdaaj, Miss Blee, Belly being the main ones (bunch of n00bs). I also met Honey Ryder, Gem and Sapphire, but we didn't talk very much... But what a fab day. We met in a pub in Camden and had some drinkies:

Crazy Bob has more pics on his site.
Ummm... what else...
Oh yeah, we all had a Christmassy party at my house, all my mush came round and we had turkey and shit.
It was supoib.
Saw Skindred on Monday night at the Nexus, that was teh rawk.
And here's a pic of me with baby Ellie:

Merry Christmas one and all.


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