The Dinge

Sep. 7th, 2008 09:11 pm
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Last night we went out and ended up arriving at the Dungeon just as it opened. So much for staying at the Station for audible lulz - the Dinge is loud and dancey and I fancied a talky night - but everyone was in the mood for partying. Well, Jeannie was and it was kinda her night anyway, 'cause I had my night out last Saturday, and the last time she had a night out was my sis's wedding in November last year! She was on top form and much joy was had by all. Our joint birthday parties are usually banging. She started as she meant to go on, mixing her drinks, dancing with glowsticks, making people in the garden guess her age and telling them all, "I've got a three-year-old child!" Drunk!Jeannie is brilliantly funny. At one point Jeannie, [ profile] sessal and I were on the dancefloor when NIN's Closer came on, so we instantly started dancing OTT 'sexy', as all the girls do. "OMG CLOSER BY NIN!" We shouted, "I'M THE SEXIEST, LOOK AT ME!" and made everyone laugh. We finished up doing the Macarena to it. Goodtimes. People take that song so seriously. DANCING SEXY FOR TRENT IS SRS BSNS.

I was really paying attention to the people down there last night. It hasn't changed in ten years. The 'scene'. There was one guy in a sleeveless t-shirt staring at himself in the mirror, and Mikey and I were watching him all night. In hysterics. There was a girl in the toilets (who had on a simple brown vest top and nice trousers and ballet pumps) shouting, "I don't normally wear this down here, I don't, I had to go out for a meal earlier, that's all, I usually wear neon pink tops and black skirts, honest!" I just wanted to tell her to get over it! Jesus. I've never given a shit about what I wear down there - that's the beauty of the place! You can turn up in trainers and trousers one week, and a smart dress and knee-high boots the next - like I did last night! I was still up there on my own dancing to Rage and I bet some proper 'scene' people were thinking, lol she looks like she's been Gok'd. In the past I'd feel the need to make an effort and we would get what we would laughingly call 'goffed up, innit' but most of the time I used to just wear jeans and t-shirts. Nowadays I dress up nicely but it's not really in a certain style. I experiment and keep it quirky but it's usually something I'd feel comfortable in in either the Dinge or any other pub/club. Well, you all know the sort of thing I wear; nowt particularly 'far out' anymore, thanks Mum. Haha.

Anyway, that's nothing to do with anything.

My favourite Dungeon people are the nerdy metal fans. The ones you can sit down with and start singing along to a song, and they'll say something like, "This song's got to be ten years old by now?" or "I saw them live in 2005." And I'll be all, "ME TOO, AT READING THIS YEAR!" and they'll say, "FUCK YOU, I wanted to go to Reading this year." And we'd start talking about Metallica and someone'd say something about Lars being hilarious and we'll all laugh and then we all guess what year Rob Zombie's Hellbilly Deluxe came out (I was right; 1997. I seem to have an odd aptitude for naming years of albums. Years in general, actually...)

Woah, I've been going there for ten years. 17-27 years old. The Dungeon Years. Haha. And all those nights down there merge into one. Last night was yet another night of dancing, drinking and silliness blurred into all the other nights of dancing, drinking and silliness at that godforsaken place. I thought I'd be past it by now. I'm feeling my age, haha. Today I seem to be really tired, but not hungover. I drank a heck of a lot last night but it didn't affect me that much. I swear I just dissolve substances before they have an effect on me. Let's see - I'm not one to boast about my intake of anything (in fact that habit is a pet hate of mine), but I have a point: 2 cans of Carlsberg at home, 3 pints of Carlsberg, 1 bottle of Magners, 1 Archers and lemonade, 2 brandy and cokes, and at one point I had a stolen whisky from someone. Ugh. I was only happily merry. Ain't never right, mush.

Tonight I was meant to go and do a music quiz with Nik and G, but the dogs ate my glasses. I'm furious.

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Comment and I'll give you a letter; then you have to list 10 things you love that begin with that letter. Afterwards, post this in your journal and give out some letters of your own. I got this from [ profile] feanari; she gave me a G. Please do keep it going, and request a letter!

Gimme a G (in no particular order!) )

Ummm... what happened today? I went to Jeannie's house, and we had a good old chinwag and some cuppateas, and Ellie played with Floyd and Maggie. It was so funny when I put Maggie back in the van, 'cause Ellie was most upset.

"Ellie's Maggie! My Maggie! I bought her!"
"No, you didn't buy her, she's Auntie Gemsy's friend's doggy!"
"Yes I did, I bought her last week!"

So cute. Then I drove home in the sunshine (I love that, driving in the sunshine when I don't have to) and Anna and I had some cheesy pasta and watched Doctor Who. It was awesome, but I've kinda lost all interest in doing long reviews. I'm sure you're awfully disappointed, haha. I don't know why really; this time last year I was stupidly overexcited about it. I don't know whether it's just because of this recent bout of can't be arsed-ness, but I seem to have turned into a bit of a *gasp* casual fan! To sum up - my friends page is full of anti-squee, but I liked it. I've done a bit of '<3 doctah'-ing on the Muse board but that's all I can be arsed to say. Also, I was a bit disappointed in last night's Torchwood finale (apart from the very special Owen & Tosh moments) and I had a bit of a rant about that, but I'll get over it. Lol, Torchwood. It was only ever supposed to be a bit of fun.
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Thursday was a double birthdaytastical celebration day for both Leeps, who's 20 (OMFG OLD) and Ellie, who's 3. THREE. ALREADY.

So Thursday night I went to mum's for Leepee's birthday tea and then Steve and I drove around the Forest and talked about the odd smell of my van, the fact that dogs are meat-based and my emo. We also talked about Jeannie because she is special to us and she is going through a really hard time. And we talked and talked and talked and talked and talked PROPERLY and lo, it was brillant.

We went to Jeannie's last night (Friday) and on the way, we went to Toys R Us. I had the most extreme attack of teh giggles. This is why:

I texted that picture to Anna and she replied with 'FUCK ME. *FANGASM*'
I love how she gets me. <3. Oh mate. I could've stood there all day. I can has laser screwdriver? *ahem*

SO ANYWAY then we nipped into the drive-through 'cause we had to get the obligatory burger for the journey to Jeannie's house, and they had no ordinary cheeseburgers left so we had to wait. I scrolled through my phone and noticed I had inadvertantly taken a picture of a Dalek Sec head. Just as the guy approached the car window to bring us our munchies I inadvertantly said FACE PENIS really loudly. Oh my God it was funny.

Then I told Steve about my enthusiastic toast making earlier in the day (for some reason I kept saying BEHOLD! while making my toast, then I was bigging up my housework with like, I need to do some suckin'. SUCKIN' for THE GOOD OF THE COUNTRY. Y'know, instead of saying, like, I need to do the hoovering.

Small things amuse small minds, I guess.

And then Steve went, "LOL, toast. Toast would be a brilliant weapon for battle. You could flick the crumbs at the enemy. FLICK IT IN THE EYE OF THE KING." Like that, and I just could not stop el-oh-elling.

I gave Ellie a bunch of birthday balloons and a giant Mr Potatohead. She went all hyper and danced around with them, more interested in the balloons than her shiny new toys. BLESS. Then we (Steve, Jeannie and I) ate a shitload of chocolate and talked about college and memories and conspiracy theories and Friends and LOTR and just had a generic fest of lol. I think Jeannie will be okay. She said it was just 'cause she drank too much vodka. I hope so.

I have five dogs this weekend, including Roxy the Foxy Boxer who has to sleep on the landing and therefore keeps me awake all night sniffing my door. Bint.

Look at her gorgeous paws. Adorable little hobag.
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There's just something about dogs by fires that makes you feel all warm and homely and snuggly inside. I smeared some Marmite inside Floyd's bone, he's going nuts - crying 'cause he can't reach some of it with his tongue. ^_^ So funny.

I'm bored. The puppy visit I had in my diary today has been cancelled. I have a delivery to do later, in Chandlers Ford... Hmm. Just not much going on business-wise at all. Have more daycares, which is great. Have to do some stuff for GSF which will give me some extra dosh, which'll be noice.

Not much going on socially, either. Steve and I went to see Jeannie on Monday afternoon, which was loveleh. Not much going on in the upcoming weeks, either. It's Burns Night on Saturday at the Malt, so I'll be nippin' doon there fae some haggis.

What a boring entry.
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'Tis Nikki's birthday today. 'Tis also Friday, so am happy. I got her a Cushtie. And some cook books and a light shade. ^_^
Right, I haven't written in here for ages, so this is what I've been up to:
1. I watched Red Dwarf and me and Leeps made some cheesy stop-motion animation, which was fun.
2. I helped Jeannie move all her stuff from her old room in Swaythling to Neil's house, only for her to move back to her mum's the next day. I hope they get their own place soon. O_o
3. Timur's having a party so I've been making a playlist on my laptop and looking at venues with him and Dave. He's chosen the Bosun's Locker, which has a cool little function room.
4. Been driving lots in the Forest as usual.
5. Put my new speakers in my car, but they sound shite. Fuck sake.
6. Been to the Nexus 3 or 4 times. 2 or 3 of those times were actually good. I miss the Dungeon though. I fell out with Dave one night 'cause I got a lift with Leeps and Shane one night and Dave thought I'd be going back with them and arranged to stay at a mate's in town. They were leaving at 12:30 though, so I was stitched up. So I got all upset and it was gay, and I ended up going home with T's sister Amy and her boyfriend. O_o Sketchy. And Dan was caught smoking by Tam and they had an argument... so that night sucked balls. But there y'go.
7. I had two days off sick with a cold and got addicted to The Sims 2. Ooops. I also watched the entire final series of Sex and the City.
8. When I was off ill I had a craving for some Weetos so I dragged myself to Tescos. I ate lots of Weetos and they've aggravated my wisdom tooth again. I've been in pain ever since. *cries*
9. I tried to get tickets to see Nine Inch Nails in London. Mikey and I went to the office at 9am on a Saturday and couldn't get through for shit. Tickets sold out in 10 minutes. Trent is rubbish.
10. I saw Team America. Funny as tits.
11. Been to the pub with Dave and Leeps a few times.
12. Saw Moral Low Ground again on Wednesday. They supporting DTX, who were banging, but there wasn't many people there. I got pulled over on the way home, 'cause one of my head light bulbs is out. I was also driving in my New Rocks for the first time, which was funny.
13. I got paid, but I've spent it all already. I bought this dress off the net:

14. Timur and Dave came round last night to finish off the playlist for his party. It was cool and chilled. :)
Anyway. Fucking Friday. Bring it. *gets back to work*
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Cool weekend. Went to Nexus on Friday, got drunk. Went to town yesterday to buy Jeannie’s birthday present. Also got new QOTSA album, Drowning Pool album and Mallrats on video. Went to T’s BBQ today, that was cool.

Party day

Mar. 31st, 2002 02:06 am
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Today was much the same. Went and got my prescription, Steve and me did some Hythe-ing, went and got Dave, cleaned out Steve’s car, got Anna from Asda and went to Gareth’s. He was playing Metal Gear Solid 2 and he was well stuck, went back again and got some munch at Asda and went to Dani and Pete’s housewarming party. Jeannie was there too! It was wicked!
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I have just got back from Reading and it was wicked! I saw lots of bands. I have now seen 38 different bands since my first gig 3 years ago (1997). I’m so gonna go every year!

I only really went ‘cause everyone else was going and I really wanted to see Muse. We were reasonably lucky really because we managed to get tickets, where people were buying theirs a few days afterwards and being informed they were all sold out. I left it to the last minute before I packed, and almost forgot things in the process! Luckily I didn’t forget anything major and we left on the Thursday morning at 9:30am. After loading everything into Steve’s car, me, Jeannie, Steve, Lucy and Tim set off to meet Danni, Pete, Andy and Dave at the first services station. We headed off to Reading, following Pete and Danni closely because we didn’t know where the hell we were going. Everyone else had been twice at least before today, except for Dave, Jeannie and me, although I had been to a different festival before (V99). Upon arriving (it took us nearly 2 hours just to get in the damn car park) setting up camp was easy as we’d got there seemingly early and space was more-or-less unlimited. The only thing that pissed me off a bit was the ridiculous amounts of thistle we had upon which cleverly placed our tents. I, being the prize twat that I am, didn’t bring any tent pegs, but a loan from Steve had it covered. It was REALLY hot and dry, and we had all this work to do, but we did it.

That evening we busted down to a club night set up by the festival organisers outside the grounds. It wasn’t bad, but we weren’t really in the mood for dancing so we left early and tried out the fair. Only one ride was left open; one of those standing up type things that spin and make your baps wobble. After this, and after shouting, “STAR TURN!” a hell of a lot, we returned to the campsite to find everyone in bed. Boring cunts! So we just went to bed too. For God’s sake.
Friday we woke to blazing sunshine again, it was ridiculously hot today, and Jeannie and I spent the morning playing cards and drinking water, not alcohol. We only saw Limp Bizkit during the day, despite my protests to stay in the arena for longer. But it was just too damn hot and all the other bands were shite anyway. We sat around and got some food on the go at the tents, and I wanted to see Muse that night so Dave and I went to see them early and caught Shed Seven in the Radio 1 tent as well. The band were brilliant, great atmosphere, especially the shouts of “FUCK OFF, OASIS!” whenever Muse finished a song and said offending band could be heard again from the Main Stage. Absolute wickedness.

I couldn’t believe it; when we got back to the tents again everyone was in bed! Bloody hell! Saturday was wicked, we began by watching JJ72 on the Radio 1 stage. I dragged Jeannie and Steve with me, ‘cause everyone else went to see Gorky’s (which was harsh, ‘cause I wanted to see Gorky’s too). JJ72 were excellent though, and Steve asked me to do him a tape of their songs when we got back. This morning we had woken up with leaking tentage. (Dave and I were sharing). We had no warning of rain at all, and it chucked it down all day, and it was stupid. We all walked around wearing these condom-like waterproofs. But that’s the fun of festivals… the mud ruled! Mud rules!
Anyway, after JJ72 we went over and caught nearly all of Idlewild’s set, which was good, followed by Deftones and SFA, and then Gomez, who were all wicked. We went back to the tents after that and joined our neighbours round their fire that evening. SFA bought the sun back out this evening!
Some bunch of lairy Oasis fans plonked their tent right in the middle of our circle. Cunts. So as our neighbour put it, we had doorsteps rather than a garden. Next year I think tape is called for. We need a fence. Or we could build a huge fire on the first day, so that no-one would wanna camp in the black stuff. ^_^

Sunday was the best day. I got up to see the Crocketts who were completely amazing as usual. We also saw A, Daphne and Celeste (you should have heard the booing and seen the bottles flying!) Blink-182, Rage (!), Slipknot, Placebo and Stereophonics. All were great apart from Placebo and Blink-182, who sounded a bit shite. We went for cookies and coffee when they were playing. Only me and Steve watched the Stereophonics, because no-one else likes them. We had a great view! Afterwards back at the tent we were amazed to find that everyone was still up, but it was only because they were worried about one of the group who’d set his tent and himself on fire. He was okay though, just a little burn I think. We stayed up and joined in the shouty stuff. But then Steve showed me a convenient bush I could use as a weeing facility, (the toilets were best avoided as it was the last night and they were all being knocked over and such like) and when we got back all the buggers were in bed again! We weren’t about to sit there while we were in such a good mood, so we went down to the arena where there were riots, all going mental, and there was a huge fire and a massive crowd. There were loads of fire-engines coming so we went to investigate and came across a crowd who’d turned the big rubbish bins over and were playing them like bongos or Stomp or something. Heehee. Crazy dancing ensued. Went to bed in the early hours, and then Dave woke me up at 7am on Monday morning so we could be packed up and going by 9am. It worked, and we were home in no time. One of my goldfish was missing when I got home.
It was a fucking excellent weekend, if you enjoy stomping in mud, getting drenched and eating burgers and chicken for three English pounds at a time. I’m just sorry I had to come home. Goddamn work tomorrow.

Best Bands: Muse, Stereophonics, RAGE!, and Slipknot


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