Jun. 30th, 2014 07:18 pm
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I am privileged to be part of a really great 'scene' in which, while I've heard talk of such diva behaviour and much drama, I have experienced no such bollocks first-hand. However, I feel the need to post about something about courtesy and sexism in the music industry. I have complained of it for years, just to mates, and while I've got a Facebook and the opportunity of free speech, I thought I'd write it all down. The train of thought started this weekend when I was drinking with some great, lovely, fun, gracious, courteous people in a pub in Islington; we were doing the whole, 'after you, no after you' thing when going through a small entrance thingy, and I can't remember what I said but I indicated my dislike of the idea of 'ladies first'... There was then some banter about 'smashing the patriarchy'; exaggerating for comic effect of course, all in good spirits. Any well-brought-up child will know that we should hold doors open for each other and help when somebody is struggling with something heavy - these things are basic, common courtesy and nothing to do with gender, and very welcome. Anyone female-shaped who legit has a go at a male-shaped person, in the name of feminism, for holding a door open, is a twat. Unless they say something like 'ladies first', in which case feel free, like me, to debate the use of the term 'lady'.

HOWEVER, there are many things I have experienced as a female-shaped artist in the music industry that are not courteous, not gentlemanly, and downright rude - and no amount of heavy lifting and door opening can make this right. Some have occurred during my time as a musician on the lovely 'goff' (industrial/EBM/synthpop) scene, but not many - mostly these incidents have happened when I've been in rock bands on the pub circuit. Feel free to share, disagree, whatever you like - I'm hoping to open a few eyes and minds with this, not make people uncomfortable and like they're 'walking through a minefield', which is something that always gets said when someone questions 'etiquette'. Of course, everybody is different and there's no set rules and I'm not speaking for all female-shapes. But this is a list of the experiences that I feel have happened because there is a lot of assumption due to how I present as female, and some notes on how I feel about them.

- Many times when I've been sitting at a soundcheck, sometimes sitting among gear or setting up, guys have come in and greeted all other band members, and completely blanked me. I may have my hair tied back, glasses on, no make-up, etc. Later on, when I'm done up in my stage clobber, people have apologised for not talking to me because they hadn't known who I was earlier. I get the feeling it's because it's assumed I am a wife/girlfriend, a fan who's blagged her way in early, or a member of venue staff. In either case - it's pretty appalling that I get blanked, musician or not. If I'm not a musician I'm going to be there to assist or support you, so I deserve the same welcome you give your bros in bands!

- On that assumption, I've had people ask me how I got in, I've had people ask me for a beer, I've had people ask me who I'm driving for. 'Whose girlfriend are you, then?' is never a polite question in ANY walk of life - I'm a person, not a relationship status. If you don't know who I am just ask me which band I'm with; it's pretty damn easy.

- I've been refused entry to backstage areas and dressing rooms, even on presentation of my 'artist' wristband. They tugged it to check I hadn't nicked it.

- I was told to mind my language when I swore (mildly) at my laptop at a soundcheck.

- Sound engineers ask male bandmates how I want my vocals to sound. I'm standing right there.

- Please never tell a female-shaped musician that she's a 'great gimmick', that she is something other than the 'brains of the operation', and for god's sake 'you're more than a pretty face' is never - in any context - a compliment.

- Was given free entry to a show so long as I helped the band ship out afterwards. Awesome. Myself and three guys stood waiting for instructions. Tour manager says, 'I thought you said you'd bring four people.' I'm standing right there.

- Was denied a show because 'there's already a female-fronted band on the bill'.

- Been told quite a few times actually, 'This is boring production/music/guitar/artwork talk, sorry about this.' You do realise I stand behind the laptop and synths in an electronic band, right? What in the entire OMNIVERSE makes you think I would find any talk of electronic production 'boring'?! Oh right! Perceived vagina.

So yeah, that about sums it up. Then there's just the whole 'oops, ladies present' vibe that sometimes pops up when bands are hanging out before shows - unless you were born in 1930, it's redundant. You can be yourself. I want to be here, I'm playing music with you, I'm buying rounds of beer. I'm one of you. Don't assume that this female-shaped body has delicate ears. Hell I don't even identify as female, but I'd have a tough time asking people not to assume that.

In summary: Assume less.

Oh, while I'm asking for things - please be aware when you're in a shared dressing room with 4 other bands, and STOP HOGGING THE MIRROR. Ta!

(Hey this comes quite nicely after Dave's 'don't marginalize people's causes' post. Dreams Divide - social justice warriors!)
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"Hi Southampton. Anna is a bad-ass! Keep thinking about beautiful Salisbury house sitting all beautiful and empty and cold and dark and alone. Loads of tears today and now"

"love dat southampton city accent
'ummagord, ee's lark a BEAR! uh-thaaay Noofunliiiinds?'"

"Just sed bye to the puppy doogs and am now at the newfie doogs house for the weekend yay noofoondloonds"

"just mopped myself into the lounge and my phone's in the car, how annoying"

"Woo week of shite is over! Woo discharged from the voice lady's clinic! Verdict: its reflux so stop being a fat knacker. She said 'your laughter has such a great tone. I bet your voice is lovely.' Which was nice. Then she gave me the number of the singing coach who does The Voice on telly or summink"

"The voice thingy on the nexus 4 is bloody marvelous I'm using it now lal lol lol it even understand lol lol lol lol lal lal lala lau haha benson get off me no no no you don't climb you naughty boy"

"what I need is two weeks of no cleaning wotsoever so I can establish whether the burning pain in my hips and lower back are just cleaning pains and not arthritis, fibromyalgia, osteonecrosis, cancer of the bone or aliens gestating in my pelvis"

"bailey and sidney
and their new puppy who is ADORABLE
the clumber spaniel called rupert i posted a pic of, i keep forgetting his name tho so it's just 'puppy'
or 'benedict clumberbatch'"

"puppy is killing a runner bean"

"PREPARING OVEN FRIES (i.e. laying them on a tray)

"And I'm heading into go outdoors for my yearly winter splurge. After this I really MUST STOP SHOPPING. Moving to cheaper gaff was meant to be to pay for tax, not shoes and trees"

"Tell me that I'm didz
take me to the didz
spin my body didz
Heard it all bedidz
what have I bedidz
who are didz"

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It really bugs me when bands 1. announce a tour and release tickets within 2 seconds of the announcement, meaning that we can't save up any money to buy one and 2. charge nearly £70. You're great, Muse, but you're not that great. I know nearer the time I'll be annoyed that I don't have a ticket, but right now I'm not arsed. I feel like I'm over paying to see bands. I've seen so many great shows over the years, and while I still love a good gig and all the adventures I've had with like-minded people... I think I'm done with being a fan. It's my turn to have fans. Haha. (And I do, too!) I am lucky in that I get to see lots of great bands while playing with DD, so it's probably easy for me to say as I'm still getting a 'fix' of sorts. But there's no way I could afford to pay that much for any show.

Unless it's Faith No More. Still not over missing that one.

We played in Brighton last week and had the chance to see 6 awesome bands, but we had to leave early because of work the next day; boo. I've been housesitting this week; I've been so busy! I've got a kitten on my lap right now. Awww.


May. 28th, 2012 10:25 pm
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Just got back from playing the most amazing gig at the most amazing venue.. the Moritzbastei! We were brilliant if I do say so myself. It took us a long ol' time to get there; we stayed in Cologne for a night on the way, then went back for two more nights and travelled back today. Awesome banter, lots of sunshine, fantastic cities... Amazing. I came back to an oven house! It's so hot upstairs! And I left my compost bag in the kitchen... ew.

I seem to have forgotten how to write proper. Haha.

I'm busy as heck. Loads of work, but no money. I was panicking for the last month or so because I couldn't get any money together for the rent! I am looking at my diary now and it's giving me a sadface. I want to go on tooour for a looong time. Stupid day job. Damnit.
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We played a fantastic gig at Electrowerkz (Islington) last night! Sang, danced, got drunk, ate our weight in junk food... Afterwards we came out of the front door into a shitload of snow; proper fat snow too. We were expecting it (at exactly 6pm according my phone) but didn't anticipate such a flurry! It was brilliant. Bit of a pain driving home though - slidey 'n' scary. They were gritting all the motorways when we were on our way but they hadn't done any of the roads actually in the city. Numpties. People were abandoning their cars and sliding on their coats down hills and that, haha.

I have a fish tank! Tam and Nidge gave it to me with some bits and bobs for it. I spent today nosing around in all the garden centres, of which there are many around here, stopping in all the cafés for drinks and making a fish wishlist. Fishlist! I also bought a light for my tank. I need a drill to fit it though, so that'll be my plan for tomorrow. I finally got round to cleaning all the bits today. I've set up the stand and found a space for it. I have some gravel (black), some pretty stones and a couple of cleaning gadgets coming in the post, hopefully tomorrow, and then I just need to blag/purchase a filtration system because the one I've got is well '80s and completely outdated. I joked that most of the stuff looks like it's from the '80s, then I uncovered a bottle of some sort of chemical with an expiration date - 1988. Haha. I think that was when I last had a tropical fish tank! Just hope this one holds up once it contains 100 litres of water...
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Day 05: Your favourite book this year.
I assume it's the best book I've read this year rather than the best book released this year? I really enjoyed The Book Thief and Everything is Illuminated.

Day 06: Your favourite food this year.
It's all about cheese scones from the Tea House in Lyndhurst. And pancakes.

Day 07: Your week, in great detail.
Starting from last Wednesday? Ummm. Woke up, got out of bed, did I have a shower? Nope, I was lazy. I lazed around my (brilliant, gorgeous) house until 1pm, looking for Christmas presents and stuff online. I might've read some stories, can't really remember. I went out at about 1pm, drove to Southampton, cleaned a house, walked Holly and Lucy the labs, cleaned Zoe's house in Botley, did loads of ballet, drove home... or did I go to the pub? I think I went to the pub for some wine? I really can't remember. Thursday - much the same, cleaning in Wilton and Amesbury, Sarah and Dave's and the Winny. I went home and put my rubbish out, then Steve came round... I think we went to Sainsbury's. Rock and roll. On Friday I popped into Mum's office and blagged a new mop, then cleaned Murphy's house and went to meet Tam who was having trouble convincing Alfie that she was a nice doggy walkerer. He was terrified when she turned up to walk him, so I had to go and help! The big wuss. I think we got there in the end, 'cause after a while he let her stroke him and took treats from her, but I don't think he'll go for a walk with her just yet. What a numpty! Then I went home, and went mad with Christmas gubbins again; ordering presents, planning food for my gathering, etc. Oh and I braided my hair.

Saturday - I lazed around... honestly I can't think of anything I actually do in these 'lazing around' sessions. It's like a void of time-suck. I just internet and read, really! Actually I totally went to the market with my hair still in braids. I bought bananas and grapes. Oh I did some laundry! Lots of laundry. But it kept raining so I had to keep bringing it in. Then I spent ages doing awesome make-up for the gig that night in Southampton. Then at 4:30 I went to the gig, played the gig, drove home from the gig, had a couple of beers at Dave's, walked home, bed. On Sunday I made Christmas cards. On Monday I went to the post office and registered with a local doctor. I bought a massive bag of spuds and some yoghurt for Didz (his tummy is bad!) Then I came home, had a snooze, lazed around. Tuesday I got up, went to Southampton, cleaned a Millbrook house, walked Holly, Lucy and Murphy in the park where we met lots of new friends, cleaned Anna's house, cleaned Dan's house and cleaned Nina's house (and did her ironing). I went to watch the last week of term at dancing, and that was lovely. Then I came home, via the chippy, and watched Eastenders and Hollyoaks while eating donuts.

Today I worked my bum off with two huge deep cleans, Zoe's house in Botley, and a walk with Holly and Lucy. THAT'S IT.
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We played Camden Underworld, and it was amazing. I think that was our best gig yet! There are some moar photos here. Thanks Sophie, you are an awesomeface! I've sorta turned my YouTube account into a shrine to Dreams Divide as well, haha, seeing as videos keep popping up on there from our wonderful supporters! :)

This moving malarkey is bit of a nuisance, to say the least. I've had to shell out about £200 on various new things, and that's after diligent (expert) research and buying the cheapest option every time, and even after blagging freebies from family and friends! I've got everything sorted now, pretty much... everything from dishes to doormats to doggy beds! But... then there's the utilities. Good God! I'm just going to type a list.

- Find and buy contents insurance;
- Set up an account with the best energy provider (I think I've decided I'm going to go with British Gash, I pity the fool);
- Set up water account (phone Wessex Water?);
- Set up gigantic rent direct debit;
- Set up council tax payments;
- Get a residents' parking permit;
- Renew car insurance (WHY does that have to come up for renewal now, darn it, and WHY OH WHY did the cheapest quote have to be from bloody Sheila's Wheels?);
- My best buddies HMRC (change address);
- Bank (change address);
- PayPal/Amazon/eBay (change address [when the bank has changed their records]);
- All the other internet accounts, domains and hosting and so on (change addresses and/or get rid of those that don't get used);
- Barclay card (change address);
- Pension (change address);
- Travel insurance (change address);
- NHS cards (change address);
- Register with new doctor;
- Write a card for Dr Gallagher and let the surgery know I'm moving (I will SO miss him!);
- Find new and not-at-all-scary dentist and conveniently neglect to tell the old one I'm moving (he's a tosser);
- Driving license (change address);
- DVLA/car log book (change address);

- Cancel benefits/council tax account with Southampton City Council;
- Cancel account with the meat man (because I found a butcher in Romsey who does 400g tubes of pet mince for 25p!);
- Cancel O2 broadband (if I ever manage to get through to the bastards on the sodding phone);
- Transfer BT line (to be activated 28th October);
- Set up new broadband (PlusNet) AND I FINK THAT'S IT. (I can't get decent unlimited broadband because none of them are available in the area. I got PlusNet in the end; it's unlimited between midnight and 8am which is prime internettin' time for me anyway. It'll be a total of £23 a month including line rental, which is great, and means no more lame chunky quarterly bills from BT. Annoyingly, though, it won't be active until after my phone line's activated, so it looks like I'll be relying on 3G for 5-7 days. Boo.)

So yeah, enough to be getting on with, and I'm doing so much extra work at the moment. I'm knackered! I went back to dancing yesterday too, so my legs are killing. Ouchies. I haven't been at all this term 'cause I've just been too busy cleaning, temping in the office (which brought back wicked memories), gigging, staying in someone's house to look after a lovely doggy, roadying for VNV Nation (wat) and all sorts of crazy balls. Everything's paid off now though - all the overdue rent I owed, money I owed to a few friends, the album production costs... all sorted. So I'm starting with the proverbial clean slate! I hope this house is worth it!
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A Swedish review! Lolz, they called me 'Gen'. I prefer the N! We're playing Camden Underworld tomorrow afternoon. Haha. Afternoon.

So, I'm officially moving on the 29th October! To this place:



Jul. 5th, 2011 09:36 pm
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Well, I am busy. To the point of having 'DO NOTHING' actually written in my diary on a couple of Saturdays. Normally being busy means lots of writing in this here journal, but I'm not really that into it at the moment. I feel quite boring; all I can think to write is lists. I need some memes or something to get back into the habit of writing properly, or summink.

This is what I've been doing, anyway:

  • Cleaning. So much cleaning, in fact, that my fingers have started to stick down and I have had to go and buy a shiatsu cushion. Which is amazing, but still...
  • Skiving ballet, and going to ballet, depending on how much cleaning was or wasn't required that week...
  • Walking naughty, naughty dogs. *glares at Alfie*
  • Went out for a lovely meal on Fathers' Day with both my 'dads', and Dhana and Stevie's dad, which was absolutely lovely. Love how my lovely family are able to always be lovely to each other.

  • MOTing the Hundwagen, replacing the smashed-in rear light, getting a new lambda sensor and mirror and, most importantly, novelty stickers for the rear window. Have since somehow smashed in the rear light again.
  • Some cooking! I made scones and pizza from scratch, and it was all much appreciated.

  • Dubbin' in Dorset, with both of my nieces and their mum and dad, plus my dad, and some mates. We sat around in tents and barbequed and drank beer and looked at Volkswagens of all shapes and sizes.

  • Headlined two venues with Dreams Divide in one weekend! *cough*BUYTHEALBUM*cough*

  • Discovered the best sweet shop ever in Salisbury, and now I really want to move there. To the actual sweet shop.
  • Saw Combichrist at the Talking Heads, which was splendid.
  • Went shopping in town with Tam and Steve, larked about a lot; ended up in the pub drinking too much while talking about diets.
  • Hanging out with Steve a lot, watching lots of TV and stuff, and Sarah came over for a spot of Torchwood one night too.

Coming up:

  • Sonisphere this weekend! I must pack.
  • A couple of cinema trips (Third Star and Harry) and a Dungeon trip on the 16th - Jeannie's got a babysitter!
  • America! Fuck yeah!
  • SOUNDGARDEN. IN AMERICA. WITH [ profile] rhymeswithbooze. OH SHHH-
  • The continuation of the Dreams Divide July Tour (Southampton & Reading - not headlining this time though).
  • Stevie's first birthday!
  • Devin Townsend at the Heads. ACOUSTIC. OMG. I still need to get tickets though.
  • Nan & Grandad's 50th wedding anniversary. Awww.
  • Prom 44 at the Albert Hall.
  • Reading? Depends on money, of course. And ticket availability. I am avoiding looking at Musebay because I know I'll be tempted to use the dreaded credit card (dreadit card?)...
  • MY TWO BIRTHDAY PARTIES. I am excite. One is going to be at the Bridge, and the other is an invited gatecrash of Chris & Pete's wedding. Hahaha.
  • A swap party at Sarah's for charideeee.
  • More Dreams Divide gigs. One at CyberSonik festival in Camden. :D
  • And One in Berlin. Lol.

So, enough to be getting on with I think, and more than enough to have to work hard to raise money for *rubs lower back*. I am determined to have 30 birthday parties before next year's planned extreme frugality. Hell yeaaah. 

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Being a member of [ profile] thriftstoreuk is DANGEROUS. So many beautiful things. I seem to have gone all girly lately. Lace and make-up and that.

I've had the most nicestly nice week. On Tuesday there was no ballet (it's Easter, boo) so Steve and I went to get our favourite cheese scones in Lyndhurst and then checked out the Andy Warhol stuff they have at the City gallery this year. On Thursday I went to see the Brownies and Guides' production of Showtime, which was amazing as they did the song/performance I did when I was 11! It was really moving to hear the songs again. So brilliant. Other than that, I've discovered the gorgeous city library (only lived here six years, WTF), I've been daydreaming about holidays and sorting my finances (I mean I'm really glad I'm actually finally earning money instead of losing it, but now I have a huge tax bill, FML FML FML), and planning for my year of massive Partying-as-a-verb-with-a-capital-P (this year) as well as the start of my grown-up life, which officially begins next year.

In particular, I'm beginning to really feel like I need my own place. I love living here with Anna and I'm sure I'll be just as happy living with Jon too when he joins us in a couple of months... but... I dunno. As a terminal singleton, I need a place to call my own; in which I can stay up all night reading fanfiction watching Eastenders being all cool and arty and that. I want to live in hurlyburly Shirley because tbh I have to drive there every day anyway and Lodge Road really pisses me off. I'll have my own (very small) place, I'll be nearer my customers, nearer the city centre, nearer the train station, nearer the roads to Hythe and Salisbury, nearer the Common, nearer ballet and my new bandmates - and FRIENDS. 'Cause I like friends, like, and there aren't any round here.

Win win. Haha, I make it sound like it's miles away from here and it's only like, three. But that makes all the difference in petrol doesn't it, DAVID CAMERON?

Anyway I can't see me being able to rent with a Didz and a Floyd, so I'm going to have to buy. I can only afford a studio, and even that's a stretch. So that means I need to save. Thousands of bucks. For 4m2. I love the fact that I'm thinking about space-saving already... by looking at bunk beds. So grown-up. But I don't care, IT'LL ALL BE MINE HELLS YEAH. I just need to stop buying girly stuff off the internet and going to gigs, and I'll be sorted in a couple of years.

Oh, speaking of gigs: Dreams Divide are totally getting rave reviews from those who've already received previews of the album. WE'RE GOING TO BE EVERYWHERE UP IN YOUR FACES WOOHOO. I've never had a band/project where people have commented on our MySpace. Especially not after our first gig! We're playing at the Scream Lounge in Croydon on the 2nd July. Y'all should come!
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First gig was Saturday night! We kicked ARSE. I decided to rename and use my Tumblr to keep all the vids and reviews and photos and stuff together. So here you go!

Fuck Yeah Dreams Divide

Aren't chocolate digestives just SO NICE? It's not even funny anymore. I am so damn happy you guise.

Oh here's a meme.

A - Age: 29.
B - Bed size: Double.
C - Chore you hate: Getting pesky limescale off of shower doors.
D - Don't eat: Mean-ass cheap supermarket meat.
E - Essential start-your-day item: Facebook.
F - Favourite board game: Skull & Crossbones.
G - Gold or Silver: Silver.
H - Height: 5'6.5".
I - Instruments you play: Pianos and synfs. I played bass in one band, but I dunno how on earth I blagged that. I can also play a few awkward guitar chords, and I played the violin and recorder at school but I have no idea how much I remember of those. Mostly I just sing!
J - Job title: Mop Wielding Canine Fitness Consultant at Mutts & Mops.
K - Kid(s): In my life? My 'god'daughter Ellie and my nieces Dhana (I'm also her 'god'mother) and baby Stevie. <3
L - Love or lust: Love.
M - Mum's name: Karen.
N - Nicknames: Gemsy Gem Gem-Gems...
O - Overnight hospital stay other than birth: Eyeball fail aged 4, asthma fail aged 5 or 6.
P - Pants or pantyhose: This means trousers or tights, right? Trousers.
Q - Favourite Movie Quote: "What, like the back of a Volkswagen?"
R - Right or left handed: Righty.
S - Siblings: Sister Nik, 16 months younger than me, bro Leeps, 6 years younger.
T - Time you wake up: When I feel like it. :D The beauty of being self-employed!
U - Underwear: Boring.
W - Ways you run late: What.
X - X-rays you've had: Teef & chest. And I had two ultrasounds. Funs.
Y - Yummy food you make: Potato and lentil curry, nom nom nom.
Z - Zoo favorite: I prefer theme parks tbh.
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Can't stop listening to Due! I love myself! I love how the chorus I sung an octave higher is all there in the background; it sounds so lush. YAY. I love it so much. It's so dancey and delicious.

I might hit up the British Library tomorrow 'cause I want to check this out. It's relevant to my interests. Then I might go and meet some crazy BAMFs for a pint or twelve, and get messy. This may be unwise, but who cares.

I would like some SUMMER, please. Dog paws + mud + kitchen floor = GRRR.


Feb. 10th, 2011 11:25 pm
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Sorry, I'm being totally annoying.

Have some songs. :D

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I lost one. It broke way too much and it had to go. Looking back through my 'teeth' tag, I reckon I've spent over £500 trying to save that bleedin' thing, over the last 3 years. I don't understand why they're all rotting so much! Cry. It didn't want to come out, and it hurt so, so much. So yeah, no more sugar, no more fizzy pop, no more... anything but celery and water, really. Brushing three times a day isn't enough it seems. Dentist was all, 'Don't eat little and often.' I don't. He was all, 'Just 4-5 times a day is enough.' I was like, 'Well, yeah?' I only eat like, twice a day. Sometimes once. I love my sugar but I keep things clean in there. So what is it? Inhalers maybe? I think it's just genetic. But I know I never want to go through this ever again, so I'm going to do my best to avoid all sugar. The socket tastes vile.

This January really has sucked the big one. Lolz. Oh, and I see a couple of people have defriended me, haha. I don't blame you. I haven't exactly been entertaining lately.

*skulks off*
*turns back*

Oh btw, Dreams Divide gig, Talking Heads Southampton, 5th March.

*skulks off moar*
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YAY. (Song previews, heehee)
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I hate cleaning. I don't want to do it. I love doggies. I want to be Mutts and Mutts!

Hobby 1:
Dancing is awesome. We're doing a Christmas show; it's all so cute. Took all the classes by myself on Tuesday. I seem to get on with kids even though they terrify me. They like me 'cause I'm daft. Being slowly convinced that I should do my exams and be a teacher.

Hobby 2:
I just really want to be IN MY BAND, ON A STAGE, PLAYING GIGS IN BERLIN AND THINGS, BUT EVERYONE'S BEING TOO SLOW ABOUT IT. It's been two years in progress now, and I'm getting so impatient! Live mixes, now? WE HAVE TO HAVE SO MANY MIXES. I just want to GET ON THE DAMN STAAAGE.

Obligatory moans:
My mind is being all noisy and I'm not getting much sleep. I look disgusting. On Tuesday my nan said, "You look knackered, girl." Awesome. I feel it, tbh. And ill, again. I have felt sick for a whole week. I haven't [TMI]been to the loo[/TMI] since Monday night before I got on the scaryplane. IBS/anxiety/depression/etc is balls, I tell you. And I have this lumpy feeling under my right rib cage; it feels like there's something in there, and nobody will believe me. 'It's just cartilage.' 'It's just glands.' 'It's just your soft ribs.' It's not supposed to feel like that! It gets all tender and owies, and it feels like it pops when I cough and when I bend over quickly, or do anything, in fact. Doing my swede in. And my toof is broken AGAIN. That'll be another £200. I need a new body, plz.


My Parents

Aug. 25th, 2010 12:45 am
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Geoff and Karen. Dad's from Middlesbrough, Mum's family are from round 'ere mush. Forest folk. Dad is very laid back and a lot like me, happy to be happy. He loves fishing, walking his dog Meg in the Forest, camping, outdoorsy stuff. The beach. Surfing and kayaking. He's arty, and makes stuff out of driftwood and loves rock 'n' roll. Led Zep and Rainbow and stuff. For his 50th birthday last year we had a big festival. He was a total rocker with long hair when Mum met him. My nan says he was a lazy bugger back in the day. Not now though! He works too hard; shift work in a chemical plant. So he knows a bit about chemistry. My dad knows a lot of facts and taught me loads of stuff when I was a kid. Still does actually. I think I look like my dad. My mum & dad split up when I was 15. He met Katy down the pub and has been with her for... haha I dunno. Over ten years. She's only four years older than me but that's never been a problem. We have a lovely relationship and always have, even though it must have been so daunting for her, taking on us lot. Haha. Love Katoir.

Daddy & Katy

Mum's a bit more outgoing than Dad. She's loud, chatty... a bit harsh sometimes, haha. She has the loudest laugh in the world. Cackle! She is so funny to go drinking with. She gets frustrated with me I think. I over-think everything, and am self-consciousness. She's the epitome of extrovert, haha. She's pretty (my friends used to call her a MILF), blonde and awesome. She always taught me to be loud and proud and be myself and just punch anyone who upsets me in the damn face. She doesn't see the point in being miserable about anything, or dwelling on stuff that happened in the past. She has a distinctive Mum Smell. I think it's Chanel No. 5? Mum is fifty just after I turn thirty, so next year. She started her career as a cleaner when us kids were small and she's a director of the company now. She's been going out with Paul for ten years today! Paul is hilarious and lovely. Especially when drunk. She did go out with some knobbers so it took me a while to get used to Paul, but I grew to love him like another dad.

Mummy & Paul

moar meame lawl )

A nice day. Epic Forest walkies, then more car troubles, so I hung out in the garage for a while and blagged some home made honey from my auntie Chris, for the WIN. Visited my nan and grandad, blagged a sunflower head in a vase (?) some apple crumble and a Dime bar. Sorted. Left an anniversary Nice Present of designer chocolates and a card in Mum & Paul's porch, made a sugar-free failcake and... heard the first mix of one of our album tracks. SHIZZAM. It's so awesome. Cannot wait to share it with the world!



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