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Because they're done and I might as well whack them under the grill.


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I forgot yesterday, heeheehee.

Day 03 → Your favourite television programme
This sort of telly show that sort of makes me tell the internet that YOU ARE ALL STAMPING ON MY SOUL. I might just love it a little tiny bit. I also am a huge X Phile. I haven't geeked out over it in ages though. Maybe I should.

Day 04 → Your favourite book
You know, I was thinking about this the other day and it is just completely impossible to name a favourite. I am going to have this problem with every part of this meme, I know it. I just finished reading the His Dark Materials trilogy and loved it. I also recommend Pattern Recognition by William Gibson.

The rest. )
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Boredom. [ profile] pwoppa's picked seven more of my interests. Let me know if you wanna play again!

I loved Creep when I saw it on Top of the Pops back in the day so I bought some of their CDs with my Christmas money. Them and Space, haha. Space were awesome. That's it really. Oh and I remember watching them playing at Glastonbury on telly in about 1997 - Radiohead, that is, not Space - and crying 'cause I wasn't there. I was so chuffed when I finally did get to see them (TEN YEARS LATER) that I cried because I was there.

I've said all this loads of times but - Nexus indie/retro night, 1999/2000. I'm into the Manics and Placebo and am wearing glitter and feathers and have just finished dancing to some old-skool glam rock (I miss those days - damn you, Boring Electro, for taking over indie nights). Anyway, I've just sat down and am picking up my pint when this MOTHER of a bassline kicks off. I jump up going, OH MY STARS WHAT THE HELL IS THIS. It's Muse. MUSE. Love at first listen and a moment in history. Yep. Muse. It was Muscle Museum. I went and bought Showbiz the next day and spread the word to my zillions of sparkly penpals and went to see them on the little stage at Reading and followed them all the way to Wembley Fucking Stadium. I'll always love them and the friends I met through loving them.

Oh, aren't they special.

They're canine, they're German and they have beards (made entirely of magic non-shedding humanoid hair). COULD THEY BE ANY MORE PERFECTER AMIRITE.

david bowie
Weeell... if you hadn't guessed by my tendency to bang on about him, he's my favourite singer/songwriter/my imaginary magic alien faerie friend. I always have at least one of his albums in my car. Ahhh, I also watched him on telly at Glastonbury (2000?) too and cried 'cause I wasn't there. Le sigh. He's been kinda shady since he finished his last tour, which was back when I worked at GSF (Health & Safety Phil went to see him and I was so jelly I tried to ban him from coming into my office). So he's apparently having a break from music - teh Bowie, not Health & Safety Phil - which is fair enough, I suppose. Lately, though, I get the feeling that something is going down. His songs are being played all over the shop. He's everywhere; keeps popping up in everyday conversation. We were down the pub the other day discussing baby names with Nik, and Mike the Post was all, "What you need is one name that could suit a boy or a girl. Call it David Bowie." Mikey and I looked at each other and cracked up 'cause we have a theory that he's up to something (teh Bowie, not Mike the Post). Definitely. He's in ur consciousness, takin over ur wurld.

the x files
I remember the first episode I watched was The Calusari (the one where the toddler gets squished by a train at the beginning and his brother turns out to be possessed by his dead twin) when I was twelve. I was so intrigued. I was never that scared, but I thought the imagination they put into the stories was amazing. Tam and I both loved it, and we'd pretend to be FBI agents at school and at youth club. So cool, we were. This was in between the times we'd pretend to be hippies. She got all the videos and I used to borrow them, but they were weird volumes, like, not in order, so it got all confusing until Mum bought me a book for Christmas and I learnt every tiny little fact about each episode. Oh, I remember being so excited about the film, and going to see it with Tam when it came out. Blimey, that was ten years ago now. Woah. I started collecting the DVDs when they were £100 each. I always lol so much when I see them for sale now for £20. Bloody hell. I love it, and can't wait for the second film! COME THE HELL ON.

david tennant
[ profile] sparklywalls's fault! My earliest Tennant memory involves us all being silly on The Board one night, and we changed our names to celebrate our celebrity crushes. I was Gemsy Reznor and she was Cath Tennant. I was all, "LOL, as in Neil?" NOPE. I looked him up, checked him out in the upcoming Harry Potter film, thought he was hawt and all but didn't become a proper fan until I saw him play the Doctor on Christmas Day. Loved his face ever since.

THE END. I might go out now. I'm getting really chilly, sitting here. Listening to Sparks again.


Jul. 5th, 2007 11:38 pm
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To continue from this morning's dog-rant, and to elaborate further on the shitter that's been this day, I've been fined £60 and am going to have three points on my license for jumping a red light. Bugger. I went over the line at 15mph, 1.2 seconds into the red. Fucking stupid isn't it?

Also, one of my molars is killing me. I can't get an appointment at the dentist until the 25th July. It feels like I need a filling, but when I told the dentist that six months ago she said there was no signs of decay at all. So it must be deep inside, which means root filling. HOW FUN FOR ME. And when she poked it last time it wouldn't go numb at all, it's a crazy zingy nerve, so it's going to HURT. Oh well, it's a month away yet. A month of my whole mouth aching. Aaargh.

Anyway, enough with the miserablyness.

I've been talking about Doctor Who ALL OVER THE INTERNETS since it ended on Saturday night, and it's been immense. It's bloody finished now (boo) but the communities have never been so mental! I thought the last episode was great.

More geekery (& spoilers) behind the geekshield of Rassilon )

What the hell will I do with my Saturday nights, now? :(

ALL DAY today I have been reading fanfic. Not much on. And blimey, there's crazy, demented Who fanfic ALL OVER THE INTERNETS at the moment as well; I know this because I don't read proper books anymore, it seems. Lol.
O_o Hahaha... I read them all in case there's a good bit (skimming very quickly through the rubbish Porn Without Plot ones, of course) and.. Oh. My. God. I'm skimming through ALL of them. Slash. Gah.

*inserts the usual rant about the lack of action/adventure/genfic*
Of course there's always some proper gems to be found out there. ^_^ Devil of the Seas and For Want of a Key to name but... two. Haha.

I also went to Gossamer for the first time in FUCKING YEARS and am shocked to see it still being updated, seven years after the show's ended. Weird. So in celebration, I joined [ profile] xfiles. Oh yeah, there's a Muse fanfic on the board, and we've been trying to explain to Kev what slash is. Funny as fuck.
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1st May
I won the box set! I won the box set! It went up to £62 and I sat there and watched until the last minute to make sure I got it and I did! Yay! Steve and me made some lovely pasta to eat. Yummy. We watched 3 episodes of the X Files and Dave came round. We had loads of ice-cream, haha. There goes my diet again.

2nd May
Practise kicked ass. I can really sing and shout properly. I can do proper metal growls, helll yeeeah. Now I’ve not smoked for nearly a week! Yay! Anyway, we is working on a new song, it’s pretty cool and Earthtone9-ish. Steve picked us up and Tam as well (she was at band too) and we went back to mine with Jezz and Dave. Wicked.

3rd May
Amy and Kay stayed at ours tonight. We walked up the shops with Amy and Nikki and Tamsin and got some sweeties and a DVD, but we didn’t watch it ‘cause we couldn’t be arsed. I was sad at work today; I’ve had such a hectic week. Sarah is so nice, she gave me a hug and told me how brilliant I am. ^_^
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20th April
Today was fucking boring. I spent the whole day chatting on the net. I also did some bidding on eBay for another X Files box set. It’s currently £3.40! And I’m top bidder. ^_^

21st April
Today I got up and played some bass, tidied my room, the lounge and the kitchen, went outside and put Tool on really loud so I could hear it out there. So lush and hazy out there. Hopefully we’ll be able to see the planets tonight!

22nd April
Went out with Steve and Dave.

Dinge Day

Mar. 29th, 2002 02:42 am
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No band practice tonight ‘cause Timur worked late. Tonight was random. Steve’s X-Files video came in the post, I ordered it the same time as my DVDs, but they’re taking longer. Damn it. Dave, Tamsin and Jezz came round and we went to the Dinge, by which time it was 9pm. I phoned Jeannie but she’d gone to the cinema. The Dinge was wicked, but you could tell it was the Easter break, there were loads of kids there! We danced for ages and I saw Abi and Phil and had a few drinks, and we got a taxi home. Same old stuff really. The weather is so lush at the moment!
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21st March
At work today we had lunch in the pub, ‘cause Pat’s leaving tomorrow. I had haddock and chips, lovely. And we had band practice tonight and Miss Haynes from Rich’s school came and recorded it for his GCSE music, and he chose Theory which is our most boring song, and we played like absolute spackers. Oh well. I sounded terrible so I’m trying to get him to do another one ‘cause he won’t get fuck all grades with that. Haha.

22nd March
Tonight I went to see Toupe with Dave and Tamsin – I thought Anna was gonna go but she didn’t. We called in on Dave and Glen on the way and they came too. I never realised how pretty the garden is at the Hobbit - it’s so nice! We couldn’t hear fuck all of Toupe’s set really, so we listened for a bit and went and sat in the garden. I was getting bored and it was still early, so I suggested going home while the buses were still running. We got on the bus and had a massive long chat about love and life and the usual bollocks, and then we walked home and carried on nattering.

23rd March
I went shopping with Steve today and bought shitloads of clothes. My money cleared early, so spending I is! I got TXF Season 2 DVDs on eBay for £60! Bargain! Tonight we drove around the forest and called in on Al, but he wasn’t in so we came back here and computered.

24th March
Volksworld Show! Me, Timur and Steve drove to Sandown Park to the show, and got lost on the way, because Timur missed the turning. Haha, only joking, it was because I’m crap at navigating. It was a wicked show, saw loads of cute VWs (a limo Bug and a tiny bus)! I bought 4 t-shirts and some groovy postcards. We missed the Bugstuff which pissed me off a bit. It’s 10 past 6 and still light!

25th March
Today I sent off my cheque for the DVDs but I’ll have to wait years for it to clear before they’ll send them to me. Work was same as normal, I carried on with the stuff from Friday. Everyone always asks what I did at the weekend, so I had to explain the whole VW shenanigans to every single person in the office. Tonight I got a lift home with Dave and I had to wait for him to finish work so I surfed the net a bit at work. I got some lovely screensavers. This banner kept popping up saying “HOT SEX!” I hope it doesn’t come up on the server logs! Heehee. Dave and Steve came round tonight.


Mar. 20th, 2002 11:30 pm
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12th March
Hello diary of death! Today was wicked at work as usual. I got home and tried to phone Jezz about 8 times because he said he wanted to come to kung fu tonight. He wasn’t in so I asked his mum to tell him to call me. He came over at the last minute. Went to kung fu. Kung fu consists of Al, Jase, Bob, Steve, Leo, me and Jezz. Jase is the teacher. I’m the only girl, and I’m no good at the hands-on stuff. I told Steve I wanted to improve my stamina so he’s offered to come round every morning so we can do some work on it. He’s coming round at 7:30am tomorrow. Yawn…

13th March
We didn’t do any stretching this morning because Steve didn’t come round till 8am and that’s when I have to get ready. Oh well *yawn*. Work was boring today, nothing interesting happened. Nothing interesting enough to comment on anyway. Lots of shredding. Getting boring. I’m getting used to the phones though, which is cool. I met Dave and Timur at B&Q straight from work but I got a lift there so I had to wait for an hour, so I bought 2 money plants, one for me and one for Steve. They’re really cute little plants! We went round Timur’s house then, listened to Public Enemy and Cypress Hill and played some bass. Timur’s joined a new band called Squirt, haha. I’m knackered now, g’night.

14th March
Band practice was amazing! We have totally rewritten Sick. It rawks! Steve came along tonight. He’s got a brand new job! He starts on the 25th, which is my payday. Heehee! So we thought that was pretty wicked. I gave him his ickle plant too, he was well chuffed! After that we took Jezz’s stuff home and everyone came round here and we played around on the internet. I’m trying to get a page set up for us on, but it’s quite hard when you haven’t got any mp3s. I didn’t do any kung fu this morning – Steve came round, but I was asleep and I didn’t hear him knocking!

15th March
KFC – Haha, like being back on the dole! Work was weird today - Mum took me in but she had to go to Cumbria with Frank (bleurgh). She was supposed to go this morning but they had another argument. He’s a knob. Anyway. So Dad picked me up tonight after I spent the whole day shredding (they tidied up the loft so there were loads of old files to shred. Steve and I actually did some stretching this morning! Not much though; we only had 15 minutes! Dave, Steve and I went to KFC, and went and munched in the forest. Steve bought a new video so we came home and watched it. It was a nice evening.

17th March
Chilled out Saturday – I did NOT leave the house! Today I chilled out. I finished 1984, had a long shower, surfed the net all afternoon until 10pm, watched a bit of telly until Dave and Anna came round. We had a cuppa and mucked around, talked random shite then they went home. No Steve tonight. I surfed the net a bit more and now I’m going to bed.

18th March
Boring day, apart from the evening when Steve, Dave and Al came round to watch The X-Files, which was piss-poor. After that everyone went home and I’m in bed now. TXF is shite these days. I didn’t even tape it to watch again afterwards, like I usually do.

19th March
Kung fu tonight was funny, Steve and I showed up and we waited for 68 years, and no-one showed up so we played skipping games and footy and I showed Steve some ballet, haha. We waited and waited and then we went to Al’s to see what was going on, and it wasn’t on at all tonight because everyone’s ill. So we got loads of choccy and came back here, and ate it all and talked for ages about food and stuff (random!) God knows what else.

20th March
Wages day! I got my payslip today! I wasn’t very impressed but it’s nice. I was gonna tidy my room tonight but I didn’t. When I got home Dad was talking about the rent I’ve got to pay him. We agreed on £100 a month – bargain! Heehee.
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I spent the morning with Nan round Della’s, and played with my baby cousins Toby and Brett. I had dinner with them too. I got back home to find Nik painting pictures on my bedroom floor with nail varnish! We watched TV until she went to the gym and I watched TXF. Went to kung fu tonight but I couldn’t get my legs to stretch for shit tonight! Al, Bob and Steve came round mine afterwards for a smoke! We listened to Aum 3’s latest tune and some Toupe for the road. Excellent.


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