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Four dogs walked (well, swam), 0 houses cleaned (Tuesday is normally ballet day but I was at the garage getting the Golden Nugget MOT'd instead - it passed), 1 month of accounts completed, four Angel Delight ice-lollies consumed. I need to do a lot of ironing but I'm procrastinating by catching up on Hollyoaks (shut up, it rules).

I nipped up to good ol' North London yet again this weekend; this time with Leeps and Ady and Steve and [ profile] bossmew on Sunday to see earthtone9, a fantastic beardy metal band with pretty choons who I loved when they were around at the beginning of the Noughties because they were amazing. They appear to be back with a GODDAMN VENGEANCE. The crowd were very enthusiastic, and they rocked hard. We also moseyed around Covent Garden for a bit and bought Chinese food and posh coffee in Camden Taaahn. I fricking love being in London. It smells of trains.

Still Gemsying about the place, other than that. Drinking viel beers in the city, drinking tea and eating cheese scones in the Forest, hooning about the parks with my pack o' dawgs and narrowly avoiding hapless swans with tennis balls. Still the most opposite of depressed I've ever been in my life. My life, she is awesome. Floyd's ballbag's all better. The weather continues to be beautiful...

I'm so tired. Needs moar sleep. Yeah, this weekend was bare bang tidy.
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Nik is my sis. She is 17 months younger than me. She is a pub landlady, she's friendly, down to earth and will do anything to make you welcome. A fantastic hostess; she throws the best parties, she's arty and crafty and a busy mum of two little girls. She was a scaredy-cat when we were little. Wouldn't go on any fairground rides or even get in a rowing boat. Then she joined the Air Cadets and turned into a glider-flying daredevil. She was in the Navy for a while too. We used to bicker a lot as kids but never anything serious. She married her hubby Graeme in 2007 and he is awesome and loving and great.

Leeps is my bro. He is 6 years and 2 months younger than me. He is way more chilled, laid back and more awesome than me. He is absolutely motherloving hilarious. He's good at computers and cars. He loves music, and car sound systems. He's got a girlfriend called Ady who he's been with for years. She's training to be a vet and is well clever and she does gymnastics and is a total sweetie.

We are all very close and stuff, love 'em to bits. Photos of them all right here wot I done on another meme.

Er, in my bag:

Receipt for some sweeties I bought, wallet, inhaler, iPhone (taking the picture), bank slip, computer mouse (I don't know why either), book, smaller bag, which contains:

Bio oil, pot of hand cream, hand sanitiser, lipbalm, tampon, mirror, concealer.

moar meame lawl )
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Day 20 → A hobby of yours
I've already covered dancing, gigs, music... Ummm. I love swimming/being in water. And walking, I wanna do all the national trails. I might do it for charity or something one day. Sponsored dog walk. Other hobbies include looking for camper vans on the internet, and daydreaming.

Day 21 → A recipe
Yum yum. Flaxseeds pwn the fuck out of eggs when it comes to brownies.

Day 22 → A website

Day 23 → A YouTube video

Day 24 → Whatever tickles your fancy

Day 25 → Your day, in great detail
Well, last night I went to The Malt and I stayed there and I kept waking up EVERY FIVE MINUTES with DERMATITIS, it made me so sad. Then I woke up with the world's fattest finger, seriously it had swollen so much. I got up, got dressed, went to the loo, brushed my teeth, cuddled my sis and curly niece, then left. I had Sublime playing in the car today! I went to my customer Jen's house and said hello to Alfie the cockerpoo and Tess the jack russell, then Jen's husband Dave made me a cup of coffee to drink while I cleaned their two bathrooms, cleaned and polished the kitchen, dusted the lounge, dining rooms and bedrooms, hoovered throughout, polished three mirrors, went back upstairs and had another go at the pesky shower door, mopped the kitchen and bathrooms and utility room and used the remaining time to have a go at shining up the windows in the utility room, as they were quite dirty. Then I hopped back into the Hundwagen and picked up Zac the black lab, and headed up to my Dad's house. On the way there I saw his van at the garage, so I popped in there instead. Then Dad got in my car and we went and picked up his dog Meg, and we went for a stomp over the heather at Hill Top and got the dogs nice and muddy. Then we went back to the garage and I had a chat with my auntie Christine, then Dad had a look at the tyres on the Hundwagen for me 'cause I was worried about this skiddy feeling, but he didn't notice anything. So then I jumped back in my car, dropped Zac off home, nipped to Tesco's for an onion bhaji wrap, yum yum, then went straight to the hall for ballet! We did toddler ballet, then baby ballet and primary ballet, and because it was end of term we had mummies watching! Loads of fun. Then we sorted out all our dancing equipment and I drove home through immense traffic (boo) and rain. When I got home I unloaded the groceries that were still in my car from yesterday, and cleaned up the poo Didz had left for me in the lounge. Disgusting child, he hasn't done that in SO long! So I was not happy with him at all. I then let them out in the garden, gave them mucho love and gave them their dinner (chicken, apples and some Ryvita, hahaha!) then went upstairs, put a hoody on, put Hollyoaks on, ate rice salad and soya pudding, drank some peppermint tea, looked through my e-mails, eBay (caravans), Muse board, did this entry, watched a programme about life and death, neglected to do my essay which is due on Friday, and then ate some crackers and strawberry jam, and now I'm just furiously typing and am about to tell Didz to come here for a cuddle. Then I'll go to bed, probably. And a drink of water! I don't drink enough water!

Day 26 → Your week, in great detail
I'll start last Wednesday morning: I cleaned Kyzo's house, walked Kyzo (Kyzo is a staffie), walked Charlie the springer x collie, walked Lois and Koda and... I really can't remember what I did in the evening! Probably just watched telly/internet, usually how it goes. Then Thursday I overslept and got to Sue's house really late, and they'd gone to a meeting! Oops. So I picked up Zac and took him out, then went to see Jeannie and Dan was round, so we had coffee and a lovely chat. I took Zac home about midday and went back to Sue's to rearrange the cleaning for Friday morning, then went over to Shirley and picked up Lucy and Holly, walked them, took them home, picked up Lois and Koda (labs), walked them, took them home, then went home and surfed the net... ended up going to Dad's at 11pm because I was fed up on my own, so I stayed there again. On Friday I got up and did Sue's cleaning/ironing, then Martina's cleaning, then Lorna's cleaning and then I walked Charlie. Phew! So much cleaning! That night I went to Hythe AGAIN, to the Malt, because Ric and Jerry were playing (guitar dudes, so they are!) It was a great night, and Leepee got totally drunk and ruined his phone. Nooo! Haha. Stayed at their's yet again! Heehee! Saturday morning I sat around with Dad and Christine and we talked about shops/barns/warehouses, the idea of me renting one for the business etc. I was so excited and was surprised that nobody thought it was a stupid idea. YAY. Then I went back home, Anna was in, and I was starving so we went over the pub for lunch. NOM NOM. Then I felt really bloody ill. Nice. So I snoozed all afternoon, and basically did bugger all for the rest of the day, internets, internets, internets. Same Sunday. I watched Eastenders and ate naughty food, and just felt pretty damn awful. I planned a new diet, which I planned to start yesterday (Monday), but didn't... I ended up eating loads of chocolate, 'cause I went to Lidl, naughty naughty. I made some rice salad, then walked Charlie with Didz and Floyd, then picked up my new dress from the post office, went to Eastleigh and bought some groceries, went to the bank, went to meet two new customers - one a lady in Eastleigh who I know from ballet, and the other is somebody who heard about me through Holly & Lucy's owners, and want me to clean their house for them. And they have two mini schnauzers! Bonus! So I met them, then picked up Tam and Dan and we went to the Malt again, and I had three drinks and ended up staying over. Then it was today, which I already explained. Heehee.

Day 27 → This month, in great detail
Well, all of my weeks work-wise are pretty much what I've explained above, pick up dogs, walk dogs, drop off dogs, clean house, go to ballet, go home! Unusual things over the past month have included me taking the toddler ballet classes on my own, which has been a great experience and challenge and is great. Also I have been totally ignoring most of my uni course, and now have two days to do the assignment. Argh. So yeah, last week: dogs, cleaning, dancing as above. Week before: dogs, cleaning, dancing, I had a root filling and my tooth was all filed ready for a crown (waaahmbulance) and I went to Industrial Fallout with Dave on the Saturday night. Week before that: dogs, cleaning, dancing, I had a REALLY BORING uni tutorial (as usual, omfg I hate them so much) and... SCISSOR SISTERS! Was totally awesome. Floyd had his hair cut on the Monday, bless him. And at the weekend we went to Dubbing in Dorset, which was excellent, and Alfie the ridgeback stayed over on the Sunday night. Week before that: cleaning, dogs, dancing, and it was Father's Day on the Sunday, so went to see Mum & Paul, and Dad of course... then Leepee and Tam and Dan came over and we ate a fat load of pork.

The rest. )
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That damn song has been in my head all day. It will make me crazy, I swear.

I'm reading Michael Palin's diary and he's recorded everything, and it reminded me that that's how this thing used to be - a proper personal journal. I want to look back and remember what I actually got up to each day as well as just what I thought about things at the time. I felt the need to get back into doing a running commentary on my life, rather than trying to be interesting.

So yeah: I woke up to a bright blue sky and a text from Blue's owner to say he wasn't going to come to daycare anymore, cried a little bit about that, tried for Rage tickets, didn't get any, went to clean my favourite customers' house, walked Zac, visited Leeps at his house, visited my sis and G and Little D who is really poorly today (she's teething, bless her, and is SO miserable. Made me sad to see her so upset, because she's such a happy girl normally!) Then I got back in my car and headed for home, sat in a traffic jam for a bit, cried (again) because I live on the other side of town and it's miles away from people and I have no money, got over it, found a quicker route home, gave the boys bones for dinner that were bigger than their heads, had a look at what's available online jobs-wise (nowt), chatted to Popey about a new website, and then Olly MSN'd to say he'd got me a Rage ticket, bless his face. Anna came home and cooked us some stir-fry and noodles, then we had lolz and ROADWORKS KICKED OFF. RIGHT OUTSIDE THE DOOR NOW TESTIFY. They're still going on now! The windows are rattling!

I feel a bit better about the whole money/K9 fiasco. I recently got a £400 bill from Peugeot whittled down to £70, so if I have to, I'm prepared to fight K9 as well. Goddamnit. Besides, they can't have what I haven't got.
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You know how sometimes people on your friends list post about stuff going on in their life, and all of a sudden you think "Wait a minute? Since when were they working THERE? Since when were they dating HIM/HER? Since when?" And then you wonder how you could have missed all that seemingly pretty standard information, but somehow you feel too ashamed to ask for clarification because it seems like info you should already know? It happens to all of us sometimes.

Please copy the topics below, erase my answers and put yours in their place, and then post it in your journal! Please elaborate on the questions that would benefit from elaboration. One word answers seldom help anyone out.

Bit of a twat, stupid face - that's me! I need a haircut.

28 OMG. It's a good age to be, I guess. I wouldn't mind not getting any older though, if that's alright by everyone else? Cheers, it'll save me a lot of beef in the long run.

Home in SO19, watching Muse being foolish on Jonathan Ross, doing this quiz, eating too many sweets and drinking too much coffee. It's chucking it down outside and I'm freezing. Stupid heating needs sorting out, for serious. Drives me nuts.

Oh my word, don't get me started. Cleaner & dog walker. Hoping for more out of life than SCRUBBING. Currently despairing. I have loads of experience in loads of different areas, but I always have to go for the beginner's jobs. 'Entry Level' might as well be my middle names. Blah blah epic blah.

No thank you!

No, not going to happen, ever. I wouldn't mind. I'd love to adopt maybe, if I ever feel ready. Otherwise I'll just give all my love to my curly niece and any future nieces and nephews. :)

Nik (younger sister by 17 months) & my bro-in-law G:

Leeps (younger bro by 6 years & 2 months) & his girlfriend Ady:

Floyd Hairy von Wunderschnauzer & Didzy McCollieflower.

List the 3 biggest things going on in your life:
1. Working on turning my lads into super, well-behaved, contributing citizens of society. HAHAHA.
2. Trying to figure out what the hell I'm supposed to do on this planet, apart from finding the world's greatest cup of coffee.
3. Faith No More.
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Thursday was a double birthdaytastical celebration day for both Leeps, who's 20 (OMFG OLD) and Ellie, who's 3. THREE. ALREADY.

So Thursday night I went to mum's for Leepee's birthday tea and then Steve and I drove around the Forest and talked about the odd smell of my van, the fact that dogs are meat-based and my emo. We also talked about Jeannie because she is special to us and she is going through a really hard time. And we talked and talked and talked and talked and talked PROPERLY and lo, it was brillant.

We went to Jeannie's last night (Friday) and on the way, we went to Toys R Us. I had the most extreme attack of teh giggles. This is why:

I texted that picture to Anna and she replied with 'FUCK ME. *FANGASM*'
I love how she gets me. <3. Oh mate. I could've stood there all day. I can has laser screwdriver? *ahem*

SO ANYWAY then we nipped into the drive-through 'cause we had to get the obligatory burger for the journey to Jeannie's house, and they had no ordinary cheeseburgers left so we had to wait. I scrolled through my phone and noticed I had inadvertantly taken a picture of a Dalek Sec head. Just as the guy approached the car window to bring us our munchies I inadvertantly said FACE PENIS really loudly. Oh my God it was funny.

Then I told Steve about my enthusiastic toast making earlier in the day (for some reason I kept saying BEHOLD! while making my toast, then I was bigging up my housework with like, I need to do some suckin'. SUCKIN' for THE GOOD OF THE COUNTRY. Y'know, instead of saying, like, I need to do the hoovering.

Small things amuse small minds, I guess.

And then Steve went, "LOL, toast. Toast would be a brilliant weapon for battle. You could flick the crumbs at the enemy. FLICK IT IN THE EYE OF THE KING." Like that, and I just could not stop el-oh-elling.

I gave Ellie a bunch of birthday balloons and a giant Mr Potatohead. She went all hyper and danced around with them, more interested in the balloons than her shiny new toys. BLESS. Then we (Steve, Jeannie and I) ate a shitload of chocolate and talked about college and memories and conspiracy theories and Friends and LOTR and just had a generic fest of lol. I think Jeannie will be okay. She said it was just 'cause she drank too much vodka. I hope so.

I have five dogs this weekend, including Roxy the Foxy Boxer who has to sleep on the landing and therefore keeps me awake all night sniffing my door. Bint.

Look at her gorgeous paws. Adorable little hobag.
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I've been thinking a lot lately about youth, and how fast it goes. I mentioned something somewhere the other day about my childhood; how we always used to have our baths early while Mum would make cheese and potato pie and beans, and we'd eat it in front of the telly on a Saturday evening, and all these memories came back of how my dad used to come in from work when he'd been on days with a cheerful, "Hello squids!" He'd always be so happy to be home, and he'd cuddle us after tea and I used to listen to his tummy rumbling and his heart beating, and I'd sniff him and say, "You smell of work!" and Nikki would go, "Daddy smells of wooo-ooork!" It was a very odd smell, sort of like a mixture of chemicals and ozone and stormy air; one of those lovely comfortable memory smells that you wish you could've bottled at the time and kept it forever. And it makes me sad that I'll probably never smell it again, because I don't live with him anymore, and stuff like that just doesn't seem the same when you're a grown-up.

We were watching old Doctor Who episodes again today and I was telling Anna and Steve about how when we did our infant school nativity plays we'd always have the Doctor in it, going back in time to Bethlehem in the TARDIS (there must've been a Whovian amongst the staff 'cause when Leeps went to the same school 5 years later they were still putting the Doctor in the nativity play!) And in my final year I got to be Mary and was really chuffed (my friend Sharon got to be Ace and my sis was a Cyberman, and Daniel was Joseph and everyone made us play kiss chase 'cause we were "married") because that was the best feeling ever, being the lead actress as it were. And even more so for me, because the previous year I'd been crying because I thought I was going to be an angel but I was confused 'cause I wasn't even in it, as I wasn't old enough. But yeah, I loved being the centre of attention as a kid. I was so bossy with my friends as well, inventing games and making the other kids play them. I loved dancing and always won the awards at our dancing school. I loved singing and acting and all that malarkey, and yeah. I rocked. I wish I still had that self-confidence. It's weird what life does to you.

BUT ANYWAY then I was thinking about being little, and school, and how once we were in assembly and there were these people there claiming to be aliens, like a little children's entertainment thing, and none of us believed them. Sort of peer pressure... "They're just normal people acting," everyone said. But at hometime when we went to get our coats there was green slime all around the school. I remember going up to my teacher and saying, "There's green slime everywhere!" and she said, "Oh, it looks like they were aliens after all!" I remember being terrified and the sky looked green and I went home and nervously told my mum that there were aliens taking over the school, and she told me not to be so daft.

So yeah, as well as start my life-long semi-obsession with outer space, that school did so much to inspire my imagination. Haha, looking back, my school was so awesome. So many memories where it felt like everybody loved me, like being the fun-run May Queen with Iain Cook being the May King, who gave me some sweeties to say congratulations for being the Queen. And I was wicked at reading so I'd help the younger kids from the lower years, so I felt amazingly wanted and special and brilliant at everything. It was an amazing life, I was oblivious, I just wanted to play and have fun and there were no issues, ever. I mean, every day I had to go to the secretary's office to get my eye cleaned but that was just something that happened, like how some other kids threw up a lot or had hearing aids or glasses. I didn't feel any different to the other kids.


I have no really bad memories of being under 7. Apart from that bitch dinner lady who was the first person to make me feel ugly. I wish I could meet her now and give her a cunt punt. I remember her telling me in front of everyone that I was disgusting because I was covered in pen ink, and always telling me to go and see the secretary to wash my eye out. Always always ALWAYS when I'd just reached the front of the dinner queue as well, so by the time I got back they'd run out of chips. I also remember being shouted at for being "silly" because I cried when there were fire drills. I was extremely scared of fire. They drill that fire-safety don't-play-with-matches crap into kids don't they, without the slightest thought that they might be terrifying them a little bit. And then they say you have to know how to light matches at Brownies! Talk about conflicting discipline. Anyway.

Oooh, Brownies was another one. I started off there being really shy because I was the youngest, but by the time I was the oldest I was ruling the fuckin' place. Gemma Davison, Super Brownie extraordinaire, Sixer of the Gnomes, mo'fucker. All the little n00bies loved me and I felt like a goddess. And then I was in Showtime at the Mayflower theatre, and got put in with all the Guides and got moved up, and was the youngest again so I left. Haha, 'ave it.

I guess you lose the innocence when you realise you're not the best. Falling out with my friends when girls reach that hormonal stage at junior school. And then I guess, discipline really, being taught how to act like an adult. Which, in my mind, equates to being taught to act like a stuffy, reserved, miserable old goat. I remember we did another play at junior school and the cast were sitting on the stage, and I jumped up to see what my nan had won when her raffle ticket got called. The next day the headmaster called an assembly and told me off, in front of the whole school. I still maintain that there was no need for that. Extremely harsh. "I'm talking to you, Gemma Davison. How dare you stand up when you'd ALL been told to sit still!" Well, I'm fucking sorry, I'll just be a good little quiet girl from now on.

And then there's starting secondary school, having cemented your place at the top of junior school, only to be met with competition from kids from the other schools. I remember meeting new girls in year 7 and them saying, "Ooh, I do ballet too!" and then learning they were already in Grade 6, when I'd just passed my Grade 3 exam. Was a completely different syllabus, but still. And then as everybody knows, before you know it you're a teenager and it all goes downhill.

I mean, I'm only 25 but sometimes feel really world-weary, like, responsibilities and being alone and the end of innocence and I often feel that it's already too late to do the things I've always wanted to do. The things I do end up doing are never the same as I thought they'd be and I move on to the next daydream. I found my old school stuff under the stairs and my Life Book was there, which was my attempt to gather all the diaries and thoughts and photos of my life in one place.. but I was 20 then and thought I'd grown up and had settled into my adult life, so I wrote my Book O' Life (it says that on the spine) thinking they were like my memoirs or something, and lo and behold EVERYTHING has changed since then.

I guess the only thing that's come close to being a true representation of my history is this journal, which is why I've attempted to type all my old diaries into this one as well. I'd love to print them all out and make a book one day, maybe use a bit of creative license and create a character or something. I dunno, I kind of want people to know about my life, I guess it's all the reading I've done of biographies and stories and tales of other people's lives and I've always wanted to do something like that about me so that there'll always be a record of my life after I'm gone. Sounds depressing but it's quite the opposite; I always think it's fucking awful how people's lives get lost with every new generation. For example, I am privileged to have known my great grandmother, Big Nanny Westbrook. But if anyone asked me about her, I couldn't tell them anything. I can hardly even remember her face. And it's already happening with my family. I see them now and am at a loss as to what to say to them. I started researching my family tree in the library a few years ago, but never really learnt anything and want to go back to it, but I often think what's the point, 'cause when I see my current family all we talk about is work and family. I know nothing about my once doting grandparents and aunties and uncles who I've lost touch with - you could say it's an age thing but I've grown up with cousins and siblings MY OWN AGE and don't know the first fucking thing about any of them. One of them's even in a fucking metal band and has played at THE JOINERS, for crying out loud. I go there all the time. He sounds like my kind of person, but I don't know him well enough and it's hard to see family members as people in their own right, if you see what I mean, because you never really know them. And when we do all meet at Christmas or whatever and talk, I go into Gemsy v1 (quiet reserved me) mode and it's always just the facts, "So-and-so does this for a living, has that many kids.." that's all there is to be found. There's never any DETAIL there, like, favourite music, things they'd wished for, things they love and hate, and none of the meaningful stuff that makes them the complex people they are. The way it seems to be is that people (parents and teachers and Brown Owls and what 'ave ya) are only here to educate kids on how to live in society, discipline any wayward antics and the essence of fun right out of them until they're a reserved, politely functioning, breadwinning adult, sever the inner-circle/immediate-family connection and then simply forget to keep the friendship going. And the kids grow up to do the same. I want to break that shit, yo'. I want to cuddle my daddy and tell him he smells of work and make daisy chains for my mummy again.


I want to resurrect Brother Earth. I was listening to Devy today and there's a song on there that sounds just like our old stuff. Inspiring.
*gets piano out*

Oh yeah, check out me new icon. Tammers sent it to me on my phone; 'tis me & teh doggle in the sea.


Oct. 30th, 2006 11:29 pm
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I had some throbbing in a toothular area this morning so I legged it to the dentist because I can't be bothered to be in pain right now, and told her I thought I needed a filling. It turns out it's just an infection. Nice. Some food had stuck in me and made my gums all ills. So I got my teeth poked and some antibiotics and paid £37.50 for the pleasure. Daylight robbery. Although Mrs King has redecorated her surgery, and it looks lovely.

Leeps is all sad. Ady's moved to London to learn how to be a vet, and he really misses her. I want to hug him so much. >_<
I've been talking to him all about it on MSN tonight. I said he should just move to London, because London wins and Leeps deserves nuff adventures. Because he's the bestest person ever. <3 my bro.

OMFGOMFGOMFGOMFGOMFG! Could I be any more excited?! I have to go and meet Sally on Wednesday (the lady who has the Jack Russell - called Sophie) and that's quite scary. I have to make a really good impression to my first regular customer... So I'd better stop saying  "OMFG"

We put up the baby gate tonight, and burnt loads of wood and cardboard, and I swept out the back porch and made it cosy for [info]littlefloyd. Puppy. Yay. OMFG. Life is so exciting at the moment.
I'm scared. Really scared.

Battery is here to stay! Battereh!
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'Tis Nikki's birthday today. 'Tis also Friday, so am happy. I got her a Cushtie. And some cook books and a light shade. ^_^
Right, I haven't written in here for ages, so this is what I've been up to:
1. I watched Red Dwarf and me and Leeps made some cheesy stop-motion animation, which was fun.
2. I helped Jeannie move all her stuff from her old room in Swaythling to Neil's house, only for her to move back to her mum's the next day. I hope they get their own place soon. O_o
3. Timur's having a party so I've been making a playlist on my laptop and looking at venues with him and Dave. He's chosen the Bosun's Locker, which has a cool little function room.
4. Been driving lots in the Forest as usual.
5. Put my new speakers in my car, but they sound shite. Fuck sake.
6. Been to the Nexus 3 or 4 times. 2 or 3 of those times were actually good. I miss the Dungeon though. I fell out with Dave one night 'cause I got a lift with Leeps and Shane one night and Dave thought I'd be going back with them and arranged to stay at a mate's in town. They were leaving at 12:30 though, so I was stitched up. So I got all upset and it was gay, and I ended up going home with T's sister Amy and her boyfriend. O_o Sketchy. And Dan was caught smoking by Tam and they had an argument... so that night sucked balls. But there y'go.
7. I had two days off sick with a cold and got addicted to The Sims 2. Ooops. I also watched the entire final series of Sex and the City.
8. When I was off ill I had a craving for some Weetos so I dragged myself to Tescos. I ate lots of Weetos and they've aggravated my wisdom tooth again. I've been in pain ever since. *cries*
9. I tried to get tickets to see Nine Inch Nails in London. Mikey and I went to the office at 9am on a Saturday and couldn't get through for shit. Tickets sold out in 10 minutes. Trent is rubbish.
10. I saw Team America. Funny as tits.
11. Been to the pub with Dave and Leeps a few times.
12. Saw Moral Low Ground again on Wednesday. They supporting DTX, who were banging, but there wasn't many people there. I got pulled over on the way home, 'cause one of my head light bulbs is out. I was also driving in my New Rocks for the first time, which was funny.
13. I got paid, but I've spent it all already. I bought this dress off the net:

14. Timur and Dave came round last night to finish off the playlist for his party. It was cool and chilled. :)
Anyway. Fucking Friday. Bring it. *gets back to work*
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13th April
I spent £499 on clothes with the money work gave me! I got 18 items – all smart stuff! I also bought some tights and slap as well. I got home after all that and I chatted in this dodgy metal chatroom all night long and a program about camp people was on.

14th April
Today me Steve and Lee went to Lymington and I bought a t-shirt and a little bug which is like clockwork, but when I got home it was broke so I took him back. We just hung out at mine for the rest of the day. Oops, work tomorrow, need to tidy up and stuff.

15th April
NO MORE SMOKING! Yeah right. My chest was really bad all weekend so I vowed never to smoke again - ever! But I smoked 3 today. Oh well. Work was all good as normal. I had to wait till tonight before I got my clothes. Rob from Wessex Industrial brought them round to me, which was nice. I’ve got so much stuff now! Me and Kate and Leepee went to McDonald’s for tea. I had some chicken thing and a McFlurry. Nice one. When I got home I went to Tescos and I bought the American Pie box set and we watched them and my new Friends one. Dave was here.

16th April
Me and Lee went skating round Steve’s and then Steve came round after we went to see Nan for a bit. She was looking through photos so we joined in for a bit. Me and Steve went for a drive and Dave came round later.

17th April
Who cares?

18th April
Wow. We kicked ass. We supported Adria at the Red Lion. I was so nervous I felt sick – It was like I didn’t feel scared but my body did. Horrible. But afterwards I felt fine so it must have been nerves. Somebody said, “your riffs are a bit samey, but the vocalist is amazing!” Why, thank you. ^_^ It’s so nice to get compliments for a change instead of being slagged off all the time. Wicked. Afterwards we watched Adria and then took Anna home with Steve. I was so tired, ‘cause I’d been up since 7am with no breaks. Goddamn. I had to go straight from work to the gig and I was too nervous to eat, so I was starving.

19th April
Tonight was a good laugh. Tamsin, Steve and Dave came round and we went to see the planetary alignment in the forest. The damn thing was hidden by the damn clouds. Sons of bitches. Still, it’s gonna be there for another 4 weeks or so, so we can see it later. I was supposed to babysit for Christine tonight but it was cancelled in the end, so I was hectically ringing everyone to get them to come out! I managed to catch them all anyway. We went to Tescos and got some Maltesers ice-lollies. Yum. So we munched and we all put our names on Friends Reunited. We nattered about school and boring shite like that. Excellent.

April omg.

Apr. 7th, 2002 11:55 pm
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1st April
Oooh, bank holiday! Today was lovely, I went to the forest with Dave, Anna, Steve and Leepee and we chilled out and did some kung fu. We ate loads of choccy as well, it being Easter and all. We came home ‘cause Dad cooked us a roast dinner. We munched that and played GTA3 for a while – that game kicks ass – then Dave and Anna came back and we talked about moving out. I played more GTA3 and Dave took Anna home and came back, by which time I was chatting online. I spoke to my friend Spooky for ages, and Charlie and Joe. Work tomorrow, goddamnit.

2nd April
Please let my cheque clear today! Work as usual, in the evening we went to kung fu which is normal for a Tuesday, blatantly, and I cooked some chicken soup pasta, which was weird. I always make too much. Steve and Jezz came over and we watched The Simpsons. The we went to kung fu which was off, then we went to Al’s but he wasn’t in so we came back to mine. We walked to Dave’s and got him. Had a cuppa and went on the computer. Only me and Kate were at home tonight!

3rd April
Work was so goddamn busy today! I had 68 things to do and the phone rand like a bitch! I got my own account on the network at last, I’ve got a work e-mail address! How cool! Yay. Anyway, lunch was disgusting today; I made cheese and cucumber sarnies and they went all soggy. Minging. I got home and Christine came round and we all chatted and I got my photo done so I can send off for my replacement driving license. Excellent. The cheque I sent off can’t be checked because the stupid hole in the wall was out of order. So I’m gonna phone the bank tomorrow. Me, Dave and Tam walked down the Marina tonight. Steve wasn’t about ‘cause he had to help Jase out with something.

4th April
Today was niiice. We had band practice which was a bit annoying because we did a new song, and it took a lot of work and patience. Afterwards Dave came round and we did, erm, nothing. I played all the band’s songs on the bass and I worked out another Rammstein song. Rawkin’. I’ve got a little amp now! Anna leant it to me, bless her. I must remember to say thanks tomorrow when I see her. We’re going to the Dinge! Yay!

5th April
Anna’s friend Billy from Bermuda came to lovely old Southampton today, so we went to the Dinge. I only said “hello” and “goodbye” to him so I don’t have a clue what he’s like. I played pool with Dave and spent the rest the night at the bar downstairs talking to Jeannie ‘cause she was working. We went home early on the last bus to save a bit of cash and we talked about work all the way home. My DVDs had better come tomorrow, because I’ve got nowt to do all day! I’m going to the Nexus in the evening with Jeannie and Tara though, yay!

6th April
My DVDs arrived! Yaaay! So that’s exactly what I did today – watched 10 hours of them! I didn’t go to the Nexus tonight in the end, ‘cause I’ve got this bitchin' tummy ache. I went to the pub with Tamsin for a bit and had some coke which made my tummy a lot worse. We’re gonna go to the Forest tomorrow.

7th April
Today was so much fun! I met Tam and Rich and Steve and we played football at Hill Top, and rounders, and we flew Dad’s stunt kite. We stayed there for house and then went to the Heath for coke and then we went back to mine and made go-karts and drove them down the hill! Haha. I bought Shane’s old rollerblades for £10! Bargain! So I’m gonna skate and tone up my batty. ^_^
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I’m going to see them in Brixton again and at Ozzfest. Niiice. ^_^ Anyway, back to today: I do IT stuff at work now! Yay! I have to write a list of everyone’s IP addresses so that their web usage can be logged. So cool. Now I need to find time to redo my web site which got lost when the stupid machine crashed to death. Can’t wait till payday! I’m on a diet. I’m getting chunky! No more choccy for me! I decided this at work, but when I got home tonight Nik had cooked chips, damn it. I’m also trying to quit smoking so this will be bad. Jezz, Lee and Dave came round tonight.


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