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Well, one of them. :D

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The long story continued:

So, full of munch, kitchen fully stocked, the house clean and a few hours to kill, we had a nap in front of the fire.

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Oh, the third day of sertraline withdrawal (again). Can hear eyes moving again. I haven't been taking them 'cause I haven't been home in three days and I have a blue hand.

Good morning!


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Didz does not appreciate whole bunnies. Anna said Floyd stole his from him, and Floyd is now under his bush devouring two whole bunnies, all to himself.

Floyd is going to smell so bad. No cuddles in bed for him! I love raw/prey-model feeding. I know it's controversial and there are as many arguments against as there are for, but I love it.
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Jon has moved in! We have more books and an extra sofa and a SPARE BED! No more inflatable mattresses for our guests. Aw yeah. Nowt much else to report, really. I keep cooking amazing munchies. Didz has done his cruciate ligament in and hasn't been able to go for walkies. My cousin Hannah's wedding (to Jason) was amazing. Posh carnage. This is my favourite (stolen) picture from it (I'm in the green):

I'm also really, really poor because I keep spending money on fabulous coats.
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Didz keeps barking and it's really annoying. Didz, I will kick you in the neck. Steve and me are sitting on the patio watching Anna mow the grass. We have cleaned a gaff. That is all. We've been munching ice-lollies made of squash, satsumas and and cups of tea. Blossom is raining on us from our cherry tree. It is beautiful. As is the lilac at the bottom of the garden.

Floyd's just broken his squeaky, the dumbass. He's got short hair. And EYES. Look, [ profile] bucjo!

Sid is here too. He keeps putting slobber on Steve's knee.


Oh and bye bye, Sarah Jane. :(

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Come here and cuddle me, give me an emo-ectomy,
I've had a day of fail you see, I need to love my collieee,
Come here and cuddle me, even though you smell of wee,
I love your fuzzy face you see, I need to kiss my Didzy -
'cause he's miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine. Yes he's miiiiiii-iiii-ine.
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Daily baths and sadfaces.


Aug. 7th, 2010 01:29 am
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Last cigarette: Midnight, July 1st 2007.

Last kiss: I placed one on my sleeping day-old niece’s head.

Last good cry: When I looked at my niece for the first time.

Last library book checked out: I can't remember, I haven't borrowed from a library since I lived in Hythe I don't think! I just buy books these days, and borrow from friends.

Last movie seen: The Runaway Bride was on telly t'other night. I want to see Toy Story.

Last book read: Currently reading about 6. Nearly finished Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.

Last cuss word uttered: Fuckin’ ell, I think I said. Probably about the flea on my arm.

Last beverage drank: Coffee, black ‘n’ strong… probably not wise at 1:18am, but oh well.

Last food consumed: A sugar-free gingerbread man.

Last phone call: From me to Katy, to see what’s going down in Hythe tomorrow night.

Last tv show watched: Supersize Vs Superskinny.

Last shoes worn: Brown slouchy boots.

Last cd played: The Burial of Thebes, a play.

Last item bought: A red bucket to contain my dirty cleaning cloths in the car.

Last downloaded: A picture of my dogs from my Photobucket account.

Last annoyance: A FLEA. ON MY ARM.

Last disappointment: Seeing that pesky flea, after I was so sure I’d beaten them!

Last soda drank: A swig of flat lemonade earlier today. Yuck.

Last thing handwritten: Shopping list, and some scrawled notes for my assignment at the bottom.

Last word spoken: “G’night!” to Anna.

Last sleep: Earlier this afternoon, I was cleaning all day so I came home and jumped in the shower, lay down on my bed to read and chill and ended up having an unexpected nap.

Last IM: Ah I don’t really bother with these any more. Only use MSN if Leeps is online. So yeah, it was prolly Leeps. Ages ago.

Last weird encounter: Steve and me went to the park for a walk the other night and ended up shooting the breeze for about three hours. I think we had a few revelations about the human race. Weird in a good way. Also a lady in Sainsbury's asked me if I 'danced'. I said, 'Sort of.' Which was a silly thing to say, because I dance all the damn time. She said it was obvious in the way I stand, that it was 'so feminine', which is 'nice'. Awww.

Last ice cream eaten: Crunchie ice lolly. Delicious.

Last amused: Supersize Vs Superskinny. A lady described ballet as ‘the hardest exercise I’ve ever done!’ I lol’d because my thighs are killing from the pliés I was doing to Combichrist in the lounge last night.

Last time wanting to die: I can’t say I’ve ever wanted to die. I’ve wanted to not exist, which is very different. The last time I wanted to not exist was very early Sunday morning, after a great party. Only for a brief moment though. Then I just cried and thought, ‘I better get my brain somewhere happy, sharpish.’ But couldn’t ‘cause I’d been drinking. Aaah. Always happens to me, this. Actually considering knocking the drinking on the head.

Last time in love: Oh that’s a bloody great can of worms. Let’s not.

Last time hugged: Oh man, I’ve been hugging a lot of family members this week, can’t remember who was last!

Last time scolded: When I scolded, or when I was scolded? I was scolded by Mum, about three weeks ago. Haha. I scolded Didz about half an hour ago for putting a flea on me.

Last chair sat in: This sofa? What a question.

Last lipstick used: MAC, Mellow Flame. That was a while ago too.

Last top worn: A pea-green vest top.

Current clothes: Brown t-shirt with the neck cut off, with a greenish logo saying ‘Ron Jon Surf Shop.’ Black leggings. Black net skirt. Socks and slippers. Black cardigan.

Current mood: Tired as hell, actually.

Current music: Radio One’s Essential Mix live from Ibiza. They've been playing Ibiza hits on the radio all day today. I’ve always wanted to go to Ibiza. But not with everyone else who goes to Ibiza.

Current taste: Coffee, a smidge of sugar-free gingerbread man after-taste.

Current hair: Clean, short, natural colour (dark brown), black bow... lame. In fact, I was bitching about my hair earlier and took a picture. It's boooring. I'm getting some mad stuff done to it in September though.

Current smell: House?

Current thing I should be doing: Assignment 6! Argh.

Current refreshment: Coffee.

Current worry: Assignment 6. My car, which is in the garage, having stuff done to it that my wallet will very much dislike.
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... as my Grandad would say. These adverts are winding me UP.

LOL. If looking for funny pictures of cats makes your day
It's time for a new challenge
Turn your talent to teaching

I'd rather look for funny pictures of cats, ta. Cheeky barstewards. Sorry for spamming your friends page. I'm lonely and bored, and therefore attention-seeking. I should join some more communities. Any suggestions?

Easter was magical. Fallout was average this month (!) but the Malt on Sunday was loads of fun. We took an egg to Stonehenge and drank cider and cocktails. Didz smells like Gok Wan bodywash. But I've already told Facebook all of this. I should learn to use this damn thing properly.

OOH OOH and today it was lovely and sunny and I walked around in a t-shirt. JOY!


Dec. 9th, 2009 12:03 am
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You know how sometimes people on your friends list post about stuff going on in their life, and all of a sudden you think "Wait a minute? Since when were they working THERE? Since when were they dating HIM/HER? Since when?" And then you wonder how you could have missed all that seemingly pretty standard information, but somehow you feel too ashamed to ask for clarification because it seems like info you should already know? It happens to all of us sometimes.

Please copy the topics below, erase my answers and put yours in their place, and then post it in your journal! Please elaborate on the questions that would benefit from elaboration. One word answers seldom help anyone out.

Bit of a twat, stupid face - that's me! I need a haircut.

28 OMG. It's a good age to be, I guess. I wouldn't mind not getting any older though, if that's alright by everyone else? Cheers, it'll save me a lot of beef in the long run.

Home in SO19, watching Muse being foolish on Jonathan Ross, doing this quiz, eating too many sweets and drinking too much coffee. It's chucking it down outside and I'm freezing. Stupid heating needs sorting out, for serious. Drives me nuts.

Oh my word, don't get me started. Cleaner & dog walker. Hoping for more out of life than SCRUBBING. Currently despairing. I have loads of experience in loads of different areas, but I always have to go for the beginner's jobs. 'Entry Level' might as well be my middle names. Blah blah epic blah.

No thank you!

No, not going to happen, ever. I wouldn't mind. I'd love to adopt maybe, if I ever feel ready. Otherwise I'll just give all my love to my curly niece and any future nieces and nephews. :)

Nik (younger sister by 17 months) & my bro-in-law G:

Leeps (younger bro by 6 years & 2 months) & his girlfriend Ady:

Floyd Hairy von Wunderschnauzer & Didzy McCollieflower.

List the 3 biggest things going on in your life:
1. Working on turning my lads into super, well-behaved, contributing citizens of society. HAHAHA.
2. Trying to figure out what the hell I'm supposed to do on this planet, apart from finding the world's greatest cup of coffee.
3. Faith No More.
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I might get some lentils. They're s'posed to be good for you aren't they? I need to eat a healthier diet. Well, I eat GOOD food but I don't not eat BAD food. Like packets of sweeties. Mentos. Yum. And I always eat loads of things. Like, loads of cereal. I need to stop staying up so late too. I was up till 5am this morning reading The Beach. It was good though. I read it in a day. I need to get the film now, even though it's obviously well different from the book. I watched a trailer today. Maybe I should go to local full-time university instead of the OU? I'm just writing down every thought. Why not eh? [ profile] miezhka gave me five things to talk about. LET'S TALK ABOUT ME! :)

Muse Board
I have met so many brilliant people because of that place. And like, I tell it everything. Gone on and off the band over the years, but never gone off the board. Well, I have, but usually only for about a week or so and I'm back posting about the place again. It's not really an addiction, but it's definitely a habit. It's like I'm living with the people. M used to laugh at me and say I was always 'plugged in', and I'd lol because I AM top poster (and it's A LOT of posts) but it's not really like that. I don't cry if I can't get on the internet. If you were in a room with your housemate, watching telly or something, you'd make the occasional comment, you know. I use it like that. Like a notepad too, sometimes. Of course I have a job to do there, and that takes a bit of time, especially since the album came out. I talk to the board more than I talk to my journal. More than I talk to my friends face to face. It's just such a great variety of people, and subjects and that. Things get a bit personal sometimes, maybe a bit TMI, but I think nobody would really care. Unless they were really bored and stalkerish and maybe a bit weird in the head. If you were so inclined, you could search through all my posts and pretty much get my diary for the past... probably four or five years (depending on what threads have been purged or whateverz.) Um, and I like the skins! Muse White (Absolution) is my favourite. My favourite forum is Banter, obviously. I never use the Loveboat.

I dunno much about singing really. I had a few proper lessons at school but it was like a fun lunchtime club. Proper singing teacher, with about six of us. You had to audition for lessons, which was weird. I guess they wanted people who had some skillz to be going on with. I sang a song from Pirates of Penzance which we had done at school the previous year. I was in year 10 and the girl who had the main part had a really nice operatic voice, and I remember thinking I could probably do that. So I just did, like. Dunno where it came from. I got told off for hiding it (I didn't even know I could do it haha) and then I was picked to have the lessons. The singing teacher Anne kept telling me to go to her house for proper one-on-one lessons because she reckoned I had skills and could do exams. I didn't ever do that though, boo. Mrs Chamberlain the drama teacher always liked me too, she kept on about my singing for the next two years, was always thinking I was amazing at stuff but too shy. She was right though, I was always letting myself down with the shyness. Got a D in my AS level drama 'cause I didn't 'pull out ALL the stops' as she would say. When we rehearsed for the next play, Fiddler on the Roof, I sang Sunrise Sunset in front of the group and everyone shut up and they were all amazed, I was like, "What? I'm always singing, what's the deal?" but apparently it was particularly awesome that time. Even people who normally took the piss were giving me some big-ass respeck, so I started believing in my ability, as it were, and joined my old band, and still do singin' all the time. Not shy anymore. Everyone says it's weird how I can go on stage and sing and dance in front of people but can't have a normal conversation without being self-conscious. Singing is awesome though. I love music. No-one looks at your wonky eyes when you're making noise.

I love driving. The best thing I ever did, learning how to do it. I totally hated the actual lessons though. So horrible and long and boring and frustrating. So many things to remember at once, and I sucked. Took me two years of weekly lessons to get it. They were only ever one hour long - it was the instructor's policy. I wanted to get better quicker but he was one of those 'slowly but surely' types. Argh. I was so lame. It didn't make sense really 'cause in every other part of life I'm an excellent multi-tasker. I just couldn't get the hang of the complexities of driving. When I did it it was like autopilot of course, and still is. I passed on my fourth test, hardly getting any minors but always one big stupid mistake because I was so nervous. I did the same with my cycling proficiency as well. Four times. Such a numpty. But when I passed it was the best day ever. I had to go to work (boo) so I whipped my L plates off and hooned it up the bypass to the office, blasting Muse really loudly and everyone at work came outside and cheered. I still love driving, but only if I'm actually moving. It's ALL traffic around here and it actually makes me cry in the face. I can't wait to get my new car next week.

My bro's birthday is on the 8th so we always had the most fun fireworky birthday parties. Ellie was born on the same day five years ago. Dhana was born on the 7th last year. Haha. And it's Nan & Grandad's birthdays. So November starts with birthdays. I'm not a great winter fan, but November is nice. If it isn't wet (no November Rain plz!) The dry smell of bonfire smoke in the chill, frost, fireworks. Coming home to a warm house, dinner, collie cuddles, Floyd toasting his beard by the fire... lovely. And of course this November is going to be extra special. The height of gig season, and what a great year for gigs. :)

Aw. I treat myself far too often. In fact I only ever please myself. Haha. I think things like, "Right, that was a longer walk than normal, I'm going to have a bar of chocolate." My sweet tooth is my downfall. And I'm prone to craving stodgy carbs. Nightmare. I'm always excusing my bad habits, justifying them to myself. I do it every day though. Every five minutes. Excuses excuses. I buy CDs and things, and think, "Oh well, I don't go out drinking that often so it's alright." It got quite bad in the past. When I was with K9 and always unhappy. This is why I had an extra 3st around my booty and never had any money. Haha. My doggies like treats too. Well, they like 'munchies' and 'dinner' and 'apple'. Floyd gets excited every time you say, "D'you want..." Anything. If you say any of those things they leg it to the kitchen and sit perfectly still waiting for me to get the jar, and then they bark, lie down and sit all at the same time, just doing all their usual cues before I get a chance to say anything.
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Didz - Best crossbreed (5th)!
Floyd - Won a rosette for completing the scurry in 9 seconds!
Daisy - 1st in flyball!
Gus - FAIL. But he's only 9 months, so could only enter the puppy class. And there were LOADS of babies there.
Roxy - FAIL. I took her home before it had even started for being an absolute cowbag and trying to fight with every dog she walked past.

Floyd and Didz, my prizewinning boys.

Crazy Daisy (Didz's mum!)

Gus the jelly dog wangermaranger.

A lovely day, sunny intervals, very breezy, very relaxed. Afterwards we sat in the pub garden at the Winston for hours, had a nice traditional Sunday meal of sausages and cheesy chips, then Dave and I nipped to the flicks to see Brüno. This weekend has been sehr productive. Yesterday I was in town all day helping Tam pick her outfit for the wedding. Purple dress, purple shoes! We had lunch out yesterday too actually, when we bumped into Dan and his nephew in the local Wetherspoons. Nicely done. I completed two more songs as well.
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Didz had a family day out today.

L-R: Daisy (mum), Didz, Floyd (brother from another mother), DJ (brother) and Duke (dad).

L-R: Floyd, Duke, Daisy, Didz, DJ.
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Still in existence, still no word from the agency. I think I'll ring them tomorrow and nag them into giving me an interview. I knew I'd have to do that. Agencies are absolutely useless. I put £200 into the bank today, so I'm getting back on track. Until the next time I'm suddenly penniless without warning! I need something more stable, for the good of my health if nothing else. I'm walking around (and driving around) in a slightly blurry world at the moment, since the death of my spectacles. I can't get an appointment until Monday (which is good really, 'cause the money I get from Riley and Roxy at the weekend will pay for it). I had some awful tooth pain going on yesterday. I need at least two fillings but can't afford treatment, even if I change to an NHS dentist. It's a bit better today though. It's alright if I don't blast it with substances of extreme temperature, or breathe in sharply. My God, I thought I was going to be sick from the pain yesterday. I spent the entire afternoon in tears of agony. Ain't never felt the like. I know the 'I need a filling' pain well, and this was ten times worse. I think I need a root filling. Rubbish. I swear my teeth are crumbling away. And my wrist is still causing me pain. All these ailments. They're very welcome, really, on top of everything else. This year seems like it's going to continue to try me.

On a lighter note, the dogs have been eating chicken wings, fish and an old swede for the last couple of days, and this evening the room is... shall we say, fragrant. I actually yelled out my disgust, and I can usually bear horrible smells quite well. I've never smelt anything so horrendous. Anna lit an incense stick and I jumped up and moved away from the main culprit, only for him to follow me and curl up at my feet again. My Didz. He's turning into such a loyal little collie, even if he does smell viiile, as Katy says. I think I'm starting to bond with Didz now. As cute as puppies are, I think the best bit is when they grow up and start to learn how to be your friend.
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I just suddenly smelled a ripe pooey smell. I turned around in time to catch Didz merrily chewing on some fresh turds. He hadn't even MOVED from where he was sleeping on Sasha's cushion.


Speechless. Coprophagia - not really the best thing about puppies. I bet that judge wouldn't have given him 3rd place if she knew he ate poos.
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Went to a doggy show today, for our sins. After a heavy night I might add (more on that later). Took my boys and Max who's staying with us for a couple of weeks. I didn't know he'd be here so we didn't enter him, but I reckon he would've won. Gorgeous collie-flower.

You have no idea how long it takes to get these pictures. The bastards never sit still. I think I'm going to seriously start training my boys properly. Especially Floyd - he's a liability!

My Didz was 3rd place Best Crossbreed Dog. Floyd only got commended in his Purebreed class 'cause he's a rubbish schnauzer. His fur is clipped instead of stripped, he has patches of white hairs, he has a broken ear, wouldn't let the judge touch his beard and he kept sniffing the ground instead of standing stacked and looking pretty. I think he would do far better at agility than ringcraft, bless him. When I tug his lead impatiently and get him to stand up straight, he looks at me as if to say, "I'm a dog, not a car. I like RUNNING, not looking pretty, you dumbass."


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