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Day 20 → A hobby of yours
I've already covered dancing, gigs, music... Ummm. I love swimming/being in water. And walking, I wanna do all the national trails. I might do it for charity or something one day. Sponsored dog walk. Other hobbies include looking for camper vans on the internet, and daydreaming.

Day 21 → A recipe
Yum yum. Flaxseeds pwn the fuck out of eggs when it comes to brownies.

Day 22 → A website

Day 23 → A YouTube video

Day 24 → Whatever tickles your fancy

Day 25 → Your day, in great detail
Well, last night I went to The Malt and I stayed there and I kept waking up EVERY FIVE MINUTES with DERMATITIS, it made me so sad. Then I woke up with the world's fattest finger, seriously it had swollen so much. I got up, got dressed, went to the loo, brushed my teeth, cuddled my sis and curly niece, then left. I had Sublime playing in the car today! I went to my customer Jen's house and said hello to Alfie the cockerpoo and Tess the jack russell, then Jen's husband Dave made me a cup of coffee to drink while I cleaned their two bathrooms, cleaned and polished the kitchen, dusted the lounge, dining rooms and bedrooms, hoovered throughout, polished three mirrors, went back upstairs and had another go at the pesky shower door, mopped the kitchen and bathrooms and utility room and used the remaining time to have a go at shining up the windows in the utility room, as they were quite dirty. Then I hopped back into the Hundwagen and picked up Zac the black lab, and headed up to my Dad's house. On the way there I saw his van at the garage, so I popped in there instead. Then Dad got in my car and we went and picked up his dog Meg, and we went for a stomp over the heather at Hill Top and got the dogs nice and muddy. Then we went back to the garage and I had a chat with my auntie Christine, then Dad had a look at the tyres on the Hundwagen for me 'cause I was worried about this skiddy feeling, but he didn't notice anything. So then I jumped back in my car, dropped Zac off home, nipped to Tesco's for an onion bhaji wrap, yum yum, then went straight to the hall for ballet! We did toddler ballet, then baby ballet and primary ballet, and because it was end of term we had mummies watching! Loads of fun. Then we sorted out all our dancing equipment and I drove home through immense traffic (boo) and rain. When I got home I unloaded the groceries that were still in my car from yesterday, and cleaned up the poo Didz had left for me in the lounge. Disgusting child, he hasn't done that in SO long! So I was not happy with him at all. I then let them out in the garden, gave them mucho love and gave them their dinner (chicken, apples and some Ryvita, hahaha!) then went upstairs, put a hoody on, put Hollyoaks on, ate rice salad and soya pudding, drank some peppermint tea, looked through my e-mails, eBay (caravans), Muse board, did this entry, watched a programme about life and death, neglected to do my essay which is due on Friday, and then ate some crackers and strawberry jam, and now I'm just furiously typing and am about to tell Didz to come here for a cuddle. Then I'll go to bed, probably. And a drink of water! I don't drink enough water!

Day 26 → Your week, in great detail
I'll start last Wednesday morning: I cleaned Kyzo's house, walked Kyzo (Kyzo is a staffie), walked Charlie the springer x collie, walked Lois and Koda and... I really can't remember what I did in the evening! Probably just watched telly/internet, usually how it goes. Then Thursday I overslept and got to Sue's house really late, and they'd gone to a meeting! Oops. So I picked up Zac and took him out, then went to see Jeannie and Dan was round, so we had coffee and a lovely chat. I took Zac home about midday and went back to Sue's to rearrange the cleaning for Friday morning, then went over to Shirley and picked up Lucy and Holly, walked them, took them home, picked up Lois and Koda (labs), walked them, took them home, then went home and surfed the net... ended up going to Dad's at 11pm because I was fed up on my own, so I stayed there again. On Friday I got up and did Sue's cleaning/ironing, then Martina's cleaning, then Lorna's cleaning and then I walked Charlie. Phew! So much cleaning! That night I went to Hythe AGAIN, to the Malt, because Ric and Jerry were playing (guitar dudes, so they are!) It was a great night, and Leepee got totally drunk and ruined his phone. Nooo! Haha. Stayed at their's yet again! Heehee! Saturday morning I sat around with Dad and Christine and we talked about shops/barns/warehouses, the idea of me renting one for the business etc. I was so excited and was surprised that nobody thought it was a stupid idea. YAY. Then I went back home, Anna was in, and I was starving so we went over the pub for lunch. NOM NOM. Then I felt really bloody ill. Nice. So I snoozed all afternoon, and basically did bugger all for the rest of the day, internets, internets, internets. Same Sunday. I watched Eastenders and ate naughty food, and just felt pretty damn awful. I planned a new diet, which I planned to start yesterday (Monday), but didn't... I ended up eating loads of chocolate, 'cause I went to Lidl, naughty naughty. I made some rice salad, then walked Charlie with Didz and Floyd, then picked up my new dress from the post office, went to Eastleigh and bought some groceries, went to the bank, went to meet two new customers - one a lady in Eastleigh who I know from ballet, and the other is somebody who heard about me through Holly & Lucy's owners, and want me to clean their house for them. And they have two mini schnauzers! Bonus! So I met them, then picked up Tam and Dan and we went to the Malt again, and I had three drinks and ended up staying over. Then it was today, which I already explained. Heehee.

Day 27 → This month, in great detail
Well, all of my weeks work-wise are pretty much what I've explained above, pick up dogs, walk dogs, drop off dogs, clean house, go to ballet, go home! Unusual things over the past month have included me taking the toddler ballet classes on my own, which has been a great experience and challenge and is great. Also I have been totally ignoring most of my uni course, and now have two days to do the assignment. Argh. So yeah, last week: dogs, cleaning, dancing as above. Week before: dogs, cleaning, dancing, I had a root filling and my tooth was all filed ready for a crown (waaahmbulance) and I went to Industrial Fallout with Dave on the Saturday night. Week before that: dogs, cleaning, dancing, I had a REALLY BORING uni tutorial (as usual, omfg I hate them so much) and... SCISSOR SISTERS! Was totally awesome. Floyd had his hair cut on the Monday, bless him. And at the weekend we went to Dubbing in Dorset, which was excellent, and Alfie the ridgeback stayed over on the Sunday night. Week before that: cleaning, dogs, dancing, and it was Father's Day on the Sunday, so went to see Mum & Paul, and Dad of course... then Leepee and Tam and Dan came over and we ate a fat load of pork.

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Days 14-18

Jul. 5th, 2010 10:46 pm
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Day 16 → A song that makes you cry (or nearly)
I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. There are plenty more, but that's the one that's really grabbed me by the tear ducts this past year.

Day 17 → An art piece (painting, drawing, sculpture, etc.)

This lovely piece of something by Cézanne. Who's Suzanne, lol lol lol. I dunno much about art, but we studied this guy on my course and I liked this one. My kind of colours.

Day 18 → Whatever tickles your fancy
I love soul music. Love love love it. I think it must've been Mum and Dad's love of The Commitments that got me into it. But yeah, I seriously love soul. Al Green played at the BIC the other night and I didn't know anything about it until it had gone. Gutted. Have a lovely, lovely video of him singing a lovely, lovely song.

Day 19 → A talent of yours
I enter rooms like this:


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Day 15

Jul. 2nd, 2010 08:52 pm
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Day 15 → A fanfic
The Care and Feeding of Tiny Humans (and slightly larger Time Lords).
Also, of course, look out for the Board's Groupfic! A WIP to rule them all!

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Days 12-14

Jun. 30th, 2010 10:43 pm
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Day 12 → Whatever tickles your fancy
I had more dental work today. Root canal treatment, preparation for a crown including an impression. Have you ever had this done? Nearly gagged. So not big on dignity. Cost me £198. Boo. I am also loving this summer, and I think I'm getting a bit of a cold.

Day 13 → A fictional book
The Last Family in England by Matt Haig. Awesome.

Day 14 → A non-fictional book
Notes from a Small Island by Bill Bryson. Win.

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Days 08-11

Jun. 28th, 2010 03:58 pm
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Day 08 → A photo that makes you angry/sad
Linked, because I don't wanna keep seeing it on my page. "Lol, we're in Lille." From a great holiday with somebody who is no longer my friend. Sad because I miss the good times, angry because it all got messed up... Also slightly disturbed by the hair... what was I thinking? This is one of two photos I have of us together. I'm kind of glad I don't have loads.

Day 09 → A photo you took
I assume this means like, show off a pic you are proud of? In that case, a cave on the beach in Perranporth. Kinda wanna get this framed 'cause it's niiice. Shame I got my shadow on it.

Day 10 → A photo of you taken over 10 years ago
Have two!

"I are nonchalant grungy IT student."
It was probably Korn, Rage or cool new metal band Slipknot in those headphones. Or it could've been the Crocketts? Or the Manics. Actually there is a 90% probability of it just being Muse.

"I has an apple and massive amounts of eyeliner and I'm not afraid to use them." Heeheehee, me in my college days. I can't believe my college days are now over ten years ago!

Day 11 → A photo of you taken recently

Me last night, snapping evidence of my cooked face. Lol, white panda eyes. Also, where are my breasts please?

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Day 05 → Your favourite quote
The Brig: "Well naturally enough, the only country that could be trusted with such a role was Great Britain."
The Doctor: "Well, naturally. I mean, the rest were all foreigners."

Day 06 → Whatever tickles your fancy
[ profile] bossmew and Anna and me saw the Scissor Sisters yesterday. It was amazing. [ profile] bossmew and I think we should all go and see Muse dressed as Gumbys. Herp derp!

Day 07 → A photo that makes you happy

[ profile] forgiveninasong and I feel the love on Lynzi Day! (I've been listening to I Belong to You all day so it had to be a lovely Musey memory!) Also, this.

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I forgot yesterday, heeheehee.

Day 03 → Your favourite television programme
This sort of telly show that sort of makes me tell the internet that YOU ARE ALL STAMPING ON MY SOUL. I might just love it a little tiny bit. I also am a huge X Phile. I haven't geeked out over it in ages though. Maybe I should.

Day 04 → Your favourite book
You know, I was thinking about this the other day and it is just completely impossible to name a favourite. I am going to have this problem with every part of this meme, I know it. I just finished reading the His Dark Materials trilogy and loved it. I also recommend Pattern Recognition by William Gibson.

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Day 02.

Jun. 19th, 2010 03:08 pm
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Day 02 → Your favourite movie.
Again, no favourite. But I recommend all the Kevin Smith movies because of these two. Noochie noochies!

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Day 01 → Your favourite song.
I don't actually have a favourite, but here's my most-played Loved Track on

Thom Yorke's Venus in Furs version is great too.

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