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Woah. What a week.

Well my last day at GSF was fab - they had a teaparty thingy and bought me a sat nav whatsit. Bless them all to death. So Tuesday night I used it to get to all the vets to give them leaflets. Leaflets, lol. It's well fun. "At the roundabout, turn right, third exit." I want David Tennant's voice on it. Or Alan Rickman's. Heehee..

On Wednesday I got my van (it's AMAZING - but massive - I've already tonked the bumper on the pointless little wall outside. Oops), then I went to see the lady with the Jack Russell, and then picked up Floyd. The poor little beastie was sick all the way home and wouldn't stop crying. Not a good start! He's settled in a bit now though, he doesn't look so lost. ^_^ He had his first jab this morning (he was very brave, but he did cry in the car again - I hope he gets used to it!) and I left him on his own twice today while I nipped to Simon's to deliver his order, and again later when I popped out to take a lady and her dog to the vet's. :) When I got back he was quiet, and had had no accidents whatsoever. Good boy!

He has a poorly tummy, which the vet says is just stress, so I'm feeding him chicken and rice, which I have to cook. Mission. Bless him, he was all emo. He keeps hiccupping as well. So cute.

You can't take your eyes off him; he'll eat something or poo or something. Oh, the joys of puppies.

Knackered. ^_^
My advice for people getting a puppy? Wait till summer. It's bloody freezing out there and I have to stand there for ages waiting for him to p00p, 'cause he's too busy attacking the plants. Lol.


Oct. 30th, 2006 11:29 pm
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I had some throbbing in a toothular area this morning so I legged it to the dentist because I can't be bothered to be in pain right now, and told her I thought I needed a filling. It turns out it's just an infection. Nice. Some food had stuck in me and made my gums all ills. So I got my teeth poked and some antibiotics and paid £37.50 for the pleasure. Daylight robbery. Although Mrs King has redecorated her surgery, and it looks lovely.

Leeps is all sad. Ady's moved to London to learn how to be a vet, and he really misses her. I want to hug him so much. >_<
I've been talking to him all about it on MSN tonight. I said he should just move to London, because London wins and Leeps deserves nuff adventures. Because he's the bestest person ever. <3 my bro.

OMFGOMFGOMFGOMFGOMFG! Could I be any more excited?! I have to go and meet Sally on Wednesday (the lady who has the Jack Russell - called Sophie) and that's quite scary. I have to make a really good impression to my first regular customer... So I'd better stop saying  "OMFG"

We put up the baby gate tonight, and burnt loads of wood and cardboard, and I swept out the back porch and made it cosy for [info]littlefloyd. Puppy. Yay. OMFG. Life is so exciting at the moment.
I'm scared. Really scared.

Battery is here to stay! Battereh!
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Work okay yesterday. Real quiet. Came home, got ready, went to Nexus. Wicked fun. Anna, Dave, Timur and Glenn were there. Got very drunk, went to Subway and had to wait ages for a taxi. I got home and realised that I had forgotten to ask Dad to leave the key out so I had to climb through the window, which wasn’t very funny because I was pissed.

Got up at 9am and got showered, and I danced around the house naked to Red Hot Chili Peppers. Sat outside and wrote in this diary. Went to town and bought some material to make a dress.
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Had barbie.
Dave came round.
Played bass.
Surfed net.
Went for walk.
Played bass.
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Today at work was cool, I spent it all going round installing drivers on their computers so they could print from the photocopier – yay! I’ve still got to do more on Monday. I also typed some letters. When I got home I watched some DVDs and then Tamsin came round and Dave turned up later. I got given a bottle of Asti at work so we drank it all and watched the Wizard of Oz! It bought back some funny memories. Then everyone went to bed and so did I. Dave was trying to do the Tinman dance. This was funny as fuck. We made garlic toast which was nummy. Wacka wacka.
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Today I went to work as normal, which was okay as normal, apart from the fact that I was ridiculously busy with the stupid wage slips again which took all day ad then I was rushing around like a headless chicken trying to get everything else done. Grrr. But then I went home and watched some TV and then band practise, which was totally okay. We’ve got a set list worked out for the next gig, which will hopefully be in a couple of weeks time. After band practise I went home and was chatting to a guy on the net about UFOs and terrorism and stuff. Dave and Jezz came over too.

April omg.

Apr. 7th, 2002 11:55 pm
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1st April
Oooh, bank holiday! Today was lovely, I went to the forest with Dave, Anna, Steve and Leepee and we chilled out and did some kung fu. We ate loads of choccy as well, it being Easter and all. We came home ‘cause Dad cooked us a roast dinner. We munched that and played GTA3 for a while – that game kicks ass – then Dave and Anna came back and we talked about moving out. I played more GTA3 and Dave took Anna home and came back, by which time I was chatting online. I spoke to my friend Spooky for ages, and Charlie and Joe. Work tomorrow, goddamnit.

2nd April
Please let my cheque clear today! Work as usual, in the evening we went to kung fu which is normal for a Tuesday, blatantly, and I cooked some chicken soup pasta, which was weird. I always make too much. Steve and Jezz came over and we watched The Simpsons. The we went to kung fu which was off, then we went to Al’s but he wasn’t in so we came back to mine. We walked to Dave’s and got him. Had a cuppa and went on the computer. Only me and Kate were at home tonight!

3rd April
Work was so goddamn busy today! I had 68 things to do and the phone rand like a bitch! I got my own account on the network at last, I’ve got a work e-mail address! How cool! Yay. Anyway, lunch was disgusting today; I made cheese and cucumber sarnies and they went all soggy. Minging. I got home and Christine came round and we all chatted and I got my photo done so I can send off for my replacement driving license. Excellent. The cheque I sent off can’t be checked because the stupid hole in the wall was out of order. So I’m gonna phone the bank tomorrow. Me, Dave and Tam walked down the Marina tonight. Steve wasn’t about ‘cause he had to help Jase out with something.

4th April
Today was niiice. We had band practice which was a bit annoying because we did a new song, and it took a lot of work and patience. Afterwards Dave came round and we did, erm, nothing. I played all the band’s songs on the bass and I worked out another Rammstein song. Rawkin’. I’ve got a little amp now! Anna leant it to me, bless her. I must remember to say thanks tomorrow when I see her. We’re going to the Dinge! Yay!

5th April
Anna’s friend Billy from Bermuda came to lovely old Southampton today, so we went to the Dinge. I only said “hello” and “goodbye” to him so I don’t have a clue what he’s like. I played pool with Dave and spent the rest the night at the bar downstairs talking to Jeannie ‘cause she was working. We went home early on the last bus to save a bit of cash and we talked about work all the way home. My DVDs had better come tomorrow, because I’ve got nowt to do all day! I’m going to the Nexus in the evening with Jeannie and Tara though, yay!

6th April
My DVDs arrived! Yaaay! So that’s exactly what I did today – watched 10 hours of them! I didn’t go to the Nexus tonight in the end, ‘cause I’ve got this bitchin' tummy ache. I went to the pub with Tamsin for a bit and had some coke which made my tummy a lot worse. We’re gonna go to the Forest tomorrow.

7th April
Today was so much fun! I met Tam and Rich and Steve and we played football at Hill Top, and rounders, and we flew Dad’s stunt kite. We stayed there for house and then went to the Heath for coke and then we went back to mine and made go-karts and drove them down the hill! Haha. I bought Shane’s old rollerblades for £10! Bargain! So I’m gonna skate and tone up my batty. ^_^
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21st March
At work today we had lunch in the pub, ‘cause Pat’s leaving tomorrow. I had haddock and chips, lovely. And we had band practice tonight and Miss Haynes from Rich’s school came and recorded it for his GCSE music, and he chose Theory which is our most boring song, and we played like absolute spackers. Oh well. I sounded terrible so I’m trying to get him to do another one ‘cause he won’t get fuck all grades with that. Haha.

22nd March
Tonight I went to see Toupe with Dave and Tamsin – I thought Anna was gonna go but she didn’t. We called in on Dave and Glen on the way and they came too. I never realised how pretty the garden is at the Hobbit - it’s so nice! We couldn’t hear fuck all of Toupe’s set really, so we listened for a bit and went and sat in the garden. I was getting bored and it was still early, so I suggested going home while the buses were still running. We got on the bus and had a massive long chat about love and life and the usual bollocks, and then we walked home and carried on nattering.

23rd March
I went shopping with Steve today and bought shitloads of clothes. My money cleared early, so spending I is! I got TXF Season 2 DVDs on eBay for £60! Bargain! Tonight we drove around the forest and called in on Al, but he wasn’t in so we came back here and computered.

24th March
Volksworld Show! Me, Timur and Steve drove to Sandown Park to the show, and got lost on the way, because Timur missed the turning. Haha, only joking, it was because I’m crap at navigating. It was a wicked show, saw loads of cute VWs (a limo Bug and a tiny bus)! I bought 4 t-shirts and some groovy postcards. We missed the Bugstuff which pissed me off a bit. It’s 10 past 6 and still light!

25th March
Today I sent off my cheque for the DVDs but I’ll have to wait years for it to clear before they’ll send them to me. Work was same as normal, I carried on with the stuff from Friday. Everyone always asks what I did at the weekend, so I had to explain the whole VW shenanigans to every single person in the office. Tonight I got a lift home with Dave and I had to wait for him to finish work so I surfed the net a bit at work. I got some lovely screensavers. This banner kept popping up saying “HOT SEX!” I hope it doesn’t come up on the server logs! Heehee. Dave and Steve came round tonight.


Mar. 20th, 2002 11:30 pm
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12th March
Hello diary of death! Today was wicked at work as usual. I got home and tried to phone Jezz about 8 times because he said he wanted to come to kung fu tonight. He wasn’t in so I asked his mum to tell him to call me. He came over at the last minute. Went to kung fu. Kung fu consists of Al, Jase, Bob, Steve, Leo, me and Jezz. Jase is the teacher. I’m the only girl, and I’m no good at the hands-on stuff. I told Steve I wanted to improve my stamina so he’s offered to come round every morning so we can do some work on it. He’s coming round at 7:30am tomorrow. Yawn…

13th March
We didn’t do any stretching this morning because Steve didn’t come round till 8am and that’s when I have to get ready. Oh well *yawn*. Work was boring today, nothing interesting happened. Nothing interesting enough to comment on anyway. Lots of shredding. Getting boring. I’m getting used to the phones though, which is cool. I met Dave and Timur at B&Q straight from work but I got a lift there so I had to wait for an hour, so I bought 2 money plants, one for me and one for Steve. They’re really cute little plants! We went round Timur’s house then, listened to Public Enemy and Cypress Hill and played some bass. Timur’s joined a new band called Squirt, haha. I’m knackered now, g’night.

14th March
Band practice was amazing! We have totally rewritten Sick. It rawks! Steve came along tonight. He’s got a brand new job! He starts on the 25th, which is my payday. Heehee! So we thought that was pretty wicked. I gave him his ickle plant too, he was well chuffed! After that we took Jezz’s stuff home and everyone came round here and we played around on the internet. I’m trying to get a page set up for us on, but it’s quite hard when you haven’t got any mp3s. I didn’t do any kung fu this morning – Steve came round, but I was asleep and I didn’t hear him knocking!

15th March
KFC – Haha, like being back on the dole! Work was weird today - Mum took me in but she had to go to Cumbria with Frank (bleurgh). She was supposed to go this morning but they had another argument. He’s a knob. Anyway. So Dad picked me up tonight after I spent the whole day shredding (they tidied up the loft so there were loads of old files to shred. Steve and I actually did some stretching this morning! Not much though; we only had 15 minutes! Dave, Steve and I went to KFC, and went and munched in the forest. Steve bought a new video so we came home and watched it. It was a nice evening.

17th March
Chilled out Saturday – I did NOT leave the house! Today I chilled out. I finished 1984, had a long shower, surfed the net all afternoon until 10pm, watched a bit of telly until Dave and Anna came round. We had a cuppa and mucked around, talked random shite then they went home. No Steve tonight. I surfed the net a bit more and now I’m going to bed.

18th March
Boring day, apart from the evening when Steve, Dave and Al came round to watch The X-Files, which was piss-poor. After that everyone went home and I’m in bed now. TXF is shite these days. I didn’t even tape it to watch again afterwards, like I usually do.

19th March
Kung fu tonight was funny, Steve and I showed up and we waited for 68 years, and no-one showed up so we played skipping games and footy and I showed Steve some ballet, haha. We waited and waited and then we went to Al’s to see what was going on, and it wasn’t on at all tonight because everyone’s ill. So we got loads of choccy and came back here, and ate it all and talked for ages about food and stuff (random!) God knows what else.

20th March
Wages day! I got my payslip today! I wasn’t very impressed but it’s nice. I was gonna tidy my room tonight but I didn’t. When I got home Dad was talking about the rent I’ve got to pay him. We agreed on £100 a month – bargain! Heehee.
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I’m going to see them in Brixton again and at Ozzfest. Niiice. ^_^ Anyway, back to today: I do IT stuff at work now! Yay! I have to write a list of everyone’s IP addresses so that their web usage can be logged. So cool. Now I need to find time to redo my web site which got lost when the stupid machine crashed to death. Can’t wait till payday! I’m on a diet. I’m getting chunky! No more choccy for me! I decided this at work, but when I got home tonight Nik had cooked chips, damn it. I’m also trying to quit smoking so this will be bad. Jezz, Lee and Dave came round tonight.
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Fags: 4, plus 1 rolly

Work was great! I had the internet put in on my machine! Woohoo! I did some IT stuff, and I typed some procedures. There wasn’t a lot else for me to do really, so I printed some labels and did some more shredding. I’m about to go to band practice now, so laters.
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Fags: 8

Jezz and Dave and Steve are here right now and we’re just hanging out as normal. We’re listening to Monster Magnet. We’re also playing with Music 2000 on my PSone. :D

My P45 came today so I can get paid now! And the job centre still owes me £66! Yay! Work was cool today; I just did lots of shredding. I’m too quiet at work; I need to chill out a bit. I feel so scared all the time though, like I’m gonna fuck something up. It just takes me a while to start being myself I guess. I only get 6 hours of sleep a night now, it’s going to take a while to get used to being a working girl! Shredding is fun.
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Oooh, what a wicked day! Work RULES! I’m watching Moulin Rouge – it’s so cheesy. Nicole Kidman’s character doesn’t seem to be the slightest bit bothered about the fact that she’s dying! The plot is so lame it’s unbelievable. But Ewan’s cute. Work was cool today, I’m getting the hang of it already. Nice. I was supposed to go to kung fu tonight, but I had a headache so I didn’t. Katy’s gone to Tescos to get some goodies. ^_^

I’m already planning how I want to spend my first pay check. I want to get:

Driving lessons and theory test
TXF DVD Season 2
Ozzfest tickets
A black jacket and skirt/clothes for the office (it’s so cool saying that!)
A car
A new driving license (I’ve lost my provisional)

I do realise that I’m not going to be able to afford all of this at once, y’know. ^_^ Gah! I just fell asleep. I had to rewind a bit of Moulin Rouge, haha. Dave’s here now, we’re talking about the band and shit. Thursday’s gig got cancelled. O_o
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Fags: 10

I started my new job! It’s so cool, chilled out and wicked! I answer lots of phones. I press buttons and transfer people! Wicked! I went home and got changed and phoned Steve and he came over, I took a tape round to Nan to tape TXF for me, and we went and collected it at 11pm, but before that we went to the shops and got stuff for lunch at work and called for Dave. We played some tunes, chilled, the usual. I hate commercial breaks. Daddy would you like some sausage?


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