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I was going to start that meme in August, but I dun forgot. So here's five at once.

1. Your name
Mum said she and Dad just saw my name on a telly show (Gemma Craven, possibly?) and liked it. They thought it was unusual. So did six other parents of kids in my school year, haha. I do like it though. The Gemsy thing came about when I was at college and it came from this. I think my middle name is just there for the sake of having a middle name, haha. My surname is... no D in the middle!

2. All the places you’ve lived
I was born in Hythe, near Southampton, and lived there (in all these houses) until I moved to Portswood (a district in the actual city of Southampton), then Bitterne (also in the city) and now Salisbury (a different city).

3. Your first best friend
We had the same first name, so that was probably why we decided we were best friends. The first thing she said to me was, 'It was my birthday last night.' I said, 'Do you mean yesterday?' She said, 'No, last night!' I was best friends with her all through infant school I think, but then we drifted apart in juniors, where my best friends were Sam and Sharon. I drifted apart from all the people from my primary years when I started secondary school, where I started out being best friends with Donna, then Michelle... I seemed to get through them all, haha. I think the true besties showed themselves after school, though, or towards the end of my sixth form years, when I met Jeannie, Steve, Naina, Anna... Tam and Dave are the only two left, really, from school days.

4. Your childhood fears
Fire. Oh man, I was so scared our house was going to burn down and we'd all be killed in our beds. I used to wake my dad up every night to make him go and check there was no fire downstairs. Welephant used to come round and teach kids about fire safety. That bastard. Gave me proper nightmares. I think that's it really. I had a thing about sharks after watching Jaws, and that episode of Home & Away where the surfer got eaten. A lot of hypochondria - always paranoid I was about to drop dead from meningitis, a heart attack, cancer... Other than that, I just used to find a lot of stuff eerie, rather than scary. I used to find spooky things really intriguing. Like the smell of electric, old cartoons, silent films, rickety old reels and all that old Victoriana stuff, old ghost trains... you know the Torchwood episode about the spooky creatures who lived on cinema film? THAT sort of thing.

What you were like in high school?
I think naturally I've always been quite a bossy person; a 'natural leader'. I invented the games in the playground and told people what they had to do... always diplomatically and people always had a say, of course! But I seemed to called the shots, socially - if there was anything to be happening in our group I had to be involved in it, like. I'd get everyone down the field at lunchtimes, have people over to my house after tea... that sort of thing. If stuff was going on without me I'd be so upset, but that hardly ever happened, probably 'cause nobody would bother to organise anything. That side of me got a bit subdued by the time I started secondary school though. So many older kids, loads of bullies... I got a lot more self-conscious because people just wouldn't stop reminding me of my faults. I don't think I really changed much but my leadership skills were just used to direct a much smaller group, haha. I can take the lead if I'm happy and not threatened, it seems. As I got older and gathered my gang of girls, we were a force to be reckoned with, even getting accused of bullying ourselves once or twice when we had grudges against someone... I was always as 'nice' as I could be though, and always wanted to sort out problems between friends. I managed to avoid fights, mostly. I wasn't the coolest of kids but I think I was popular - I had lots of separate groups of mates. I had my main gang with whom I did all the naughty things like sneaking out of school and setting fire to bushes, then others who I'd only ever chat to in lessons but still got invited to their parties, then another group I'd tag along with to do nerdy stuff like chamber choir and school plays... I think by the end of school I was grudgingly respected by some of the cooler ones because I was musical and liked good bands, haha. Even though by then I was going around in my full-length coat and tiara and was generally known as 'The Undertaker' and 'Davison, you evil goffick.' I was pretty emo, had a few problems with my temper... I remember storming out of a lot of lessons and having lots of arguments with my friends. I was quite academic; good at arts, humanities and languages (got A*s and As for geography, English, German, graphics), not so apt as things got more logical (Bs for biology and business studies, Cs for maths, physics and chemistry). I did my drama GCSE a year early, so must've shown some aptitude for acting. I did AS level drama, too. My exams were a weird, weird time. I could NOT revise. Just couldn't do it. I remember crying a lot, in practically every lesson. I'd cry to Mr B (my favourite teacher), 'I'm going to faaail!' Ugh, so much pressure. College was amazing. I'll shut up now though.

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Day 05 → Your favourite quote
The Brig: "Well naturally enough, the only country that could be trusted with such a role was Great Britain."
The Doctor: "Well, naturally. I mean, the rest were all foreigners."

Day 06 → Whatever tickles your fancy
[ profile] bossmew and Anna and me saw the Scissor Sisters yesterday. It was amazing. [ profile] bossmew and I think we should all go and see Muse dressed as Gumbys. Herp derp!

Day 07 → A photo that makes you happy

[ profile] forgiveninasong and I feel the love on Lynzi Day! (I've been listening to I Belong to You all day so it had to be a lovely Musey memory!) Also, this.

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May. 11th, 2010 11:38 pm
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Nearly a month since a proper post! Hi internets *waves a sore paw at the internets*! I have been WORKING. Scrubbing (hence the sore paws) and walking dogs and dancing and stuff. I actually had a month off from dancing and the last two classes have made me realise why that's a bad idea. Ouch. Ummm... Oh man, I actually don't know what to write now I'm here. I'm so not in a bloggybloggy frame of mind these days. I'm so boring. I might just do bullet points:

- I've just finished the worst assignment I've ever had to do in my life. So relieved. Plato is a bell end.
- DAVE and [ profile] sessal are getting MARRIED on Saturday. Wut!
- I am buying SCISSOR SISTERS tickets on Friday. I am so excited about this fact.
- I went to BUTLINS for a weekend for [ profile] sessal's hen do. Chesney Hawkes and Snap! were there. It was fun. There were sweeties, flumes, ice-cream, sticks of rocks and chiiips. I felt like I was nine again (apart from the fact that there was lots of BOOZE!)
- DOCTOR FUCKEN WHO. How awesome is this series?! I love it so much. There's so much I can say! So I won't
- We went to play ROUNDERS in the Forest on bank holiday Monday, which was fun. Crazy Daisy kept nicking the ball and wouldn't give it back, but that was great when we were batting.
- I got back from Berlin in the end. Sadly.
- I have SYNTHESIZERS in my front room. Band is coming along nicely. I have the amazing pics now but we need to decide which ones we're using before I put them on the MySpace. Sneak preview:

Bwahaha. See ya next month!
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Didz - Best crossbreed (5th)!
Floyd - Won a rosette for completing the scurry in 9 seconds!
Daisy - 1st in flyball!
Gus - FAIL. But he's only 9 months, so could only enter the puppy class. And there were LOADS of babies there.
Roxy - FAIL. I took her home before it had even started for being an absolute cowbag and trying to fight with every dog she walked past.

Floyd and Didz, my prizewinning boys.

Crazy Daisy (Didz's mum!)

Gus the jelly dog wangermaranger.

A lovely day, sunny intervals, very breezy, very relaxed. Afterwards we sat in the pub garden at the Winston for hours, had a nice traditional Sunday meal of sausages and cheesy chips, then Dave and I nipped to the flicks to see Brüno. This weekend has been sehr productive. Yesterday I was in town all day helping Tam pick her outfit for the wedding. Purple dress, purple shoes! We had lunch out yesterday too actually, when we bumped into Dan and his nephew in the local Wetherspoons. Nicely done. I completed two more songs as well.
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Last night Anna, me, Dave, [ profile] sessal, Cockney Dave, Ant and Ben went to the Alex for some pintage. It was great fun, lots of laughs; I had a few and was decidedly merry at closing time. We went on to the Hobbit, where for some reason we started drinking vodka and lemonade. Disgusting. Well, I think I had four of those. We put 10 of our favourite songs on the jukebox, danced around the bar area a bit (it was really empty) to a song by the band 'A', remember them? They were awesome. A barman and I shared appreciation loudly across the bar. Then I jumped up on a stool at the bar and it started to spin lazily, so I started laughing and Anna span me round really fast. This guy next to me was like, 'That looks fun, lol.' I was all, 'Haha yeah, it's not me! It's doing it aaall on its own!' like, pretending I didn't know Anna was doing it, you know, being banterous. Then the thing stopped spinning and I was like, 'SPIN IT THE OTHER WAY I'm dizzyyy,' and we span it the other way, and I was like, 'See, the stool is alive, now it's changing directions! Magic!' Anna looked all innocent and this guy was like, 'I think your friends are having you on.' Well, duh. I pulled a really big sadface and sighed and said, 'Yeah they're so mean to me!' He laughed and was checking the state of my dizziness and being all banterous and jolly too. Then I looked up.

'Woah. WOAH. You're blind. Woah...' I laughed nervously and tried to spin away but he bent his neck and stared right into my fucking face, 'Yeah, fuckinell! I've just seen your eyes... you're blind. Bloody hell, didn't realise that.'

Then he like, turned his back? and got on with his drink? WHAT?! Like, I don't mind curiosity, but there were no polite questions here. No time for that. So I got up and started gathering my bits and bobs from the bar, still smiling, told the girls I was going to get that table... when he turns round again and starts rambling behind my back,

'Yeah I said I reckon your friends are... well, you said they were winding you up, but I think they're your carers!'

O_o how were they 'winding me up'...

I was just like, 'Haha, what?'

He was like, 'Yeah they're your carers aren't they!'

I turned to Anna and said loudly, with a hint of lulz in my voice, 'This is the sort of insensitive wanker I'm up against,' and began to laugh off the whole situation. THEN, unbelievably, the fucker REPEATED IT. 'Haha, 'ere, I said I don't reckon they're your friends, I reckon they're your carers.'

I just snapped, 'Oh for fuck sake, why would you even say that to somebody?' and went and sat down at the table, where my friends and I started rocking out to our jukebox songs, loudly, like, I don't care, up yours. But then some other people started throwing things at us (for singing) and there was some shouting and I started to cry. Dave and [ profile] sessal were really angry and confronted the guy, and he denied everything. Dave was frustrated and wanted me to go over, see if he won't deny it to my face, but I was in no mood for that. I just wanted to undo it all and have fun. I felt rubbish for ruining [ profile] sessal's birthday; all I ever do is ruin people's nights with this shit, because it's my fault if I'm offended, clearly. Anna went over to the guy while she was getting another drink, and she said to him, 'Having a good night? Goood, it's cool when people can have such a nice time being horrible to others.' ONE-ALL!

Then when we left and went to get chips, Cockney Dave and I stood outside and talked about it. He said, 'Why do you think these people are better than you?' I was like, I don't! I think they're the scum of the earth, the fact that they not only think bad things about people but feel the need to POINT THEM OUT, to their faces, and I want to march up to them and tell them that! And he said, 'Why don't you then?!' and I was all, I dunno. I dunno why I can't just stare them down and say yes, my eyes are wonky, SO FUCKING WHAT, instead of being speechless and quietly despairing of people and getting upset. I told Cockney Dave I'm not upset, I cry because I'm ANGRY at the fucking state of the world, that people exist who can not only think evil things about you but actually say it to you. I said I'm sick of people reminding me of it. Yes I know thanks! How about I point out one of your many flaws? UGH. Cockney Dave was all, 'These wankers think they're 'alternative' and free-thinking, nah nah nah, they ain't openminded, they're just wankers. Wait till you get to my age my gel, you'll realise it and won't give a fuck. So you've got a funny eye, so what? I'm short.'

Ahhh, I love it when Cockney Dave points out the bleedin' obvious (that people are cunts, not that he's short. He's not short anyway - he's taller than me!) But yes, here's a tip you guise probably already realise - that's why you're my friends, naturally - but if you see somebody with something obviously 'different' (I hate that but... yeah), don't point it out to them. They are very likely to already know. jfc. I need to be more angry and reactive rather than skulk away and cry. But then I'm always wary of causing a scene.
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Boredom. [ profile] pwoppa's picked seven more of my interests. Let me know if you wanna play again!

I loved Creep when I saw it on Top of the Pops back in the day so I bought some of their CDs with my Christmas money. Them and Space, haha. Space were awesome. That's it really. Oh and I remember watching them playing at Glastonbury on telly in about 1997 - Radiohead, that is, not Space - and crying 'cause I wasn't there. I was so chuffed when I finally did get to see them (TEN YEARS LATER) that I cried because I was there.

I've said all this loads of times but - Nexus indie/retro night, 1999/2000. I'm into the Manics and Placebo and am wearing glitter and feathers and have just finished dancing to some old-skool glam rock (I miss those days - damn you, Boring Electro, for taking over indie nights). Anyway, I've just sat down and am picking up my pint when this MOTHER of a bassline kicks off. I jump up going, OH MY STARS WHAT THE HELL IS THIS. It's Muse. MUSE. Love at first listen and a moment in history. Yep. Muse. It was Muscle Museum. I went and bought Showbiz the next day and spread the word to my zillions of sparkly penpals and went to see them on the little stage at Reading and followed them all the way to Wembley Fucking Stadium. I'll always love them and the friends I met through loving them.

Oh, aren't they special.

They're canine, they're German and they have beards (made entirely of magic non-shedding humanoid hair). COULD THEY BE ANY MORE PERFECTER AMIRITE.

david bowie
Weeell... if you hadn't guessed by my tendency to bang on about him, he's my favourite singer/songwriter/my imaginary magic alien faerie friend. I always have at least one of his albums in my car. Ahhh, I also watched him on telly at Glastonbury (2000?) too and cried 'cause I wasn't there. Le sigh. He's been kinda shady since he finished his last tour, which was back when I worked at GSF (Health & Safety Phil went to see him and I was so jelly I tried to ban him from coming into my office). So he's apparently having a break from music - teh Bowie, not Health & Safety Phil - which is fair enough, I suppose. Lately, though, I get the feeling that something is going down. His songs are being played all over the shop. He's everywhere; keeps popping up in everyday conversation. We were down the pub the other day discussing baby names with Nik, and Mike the Post was all, "What you need is one name that could suit a boy or a girl. Call it David Bowie." Mikey and I looked at each other and cracked up 'cause we have a theory that he's up to something (teh Bowie, not Mike the Post). Definitely. He's in ur consciousness, takin over ur wurld.

the x files
I remember the first episode I watched was The Calusari (the one where the toddler gets squished by a train at the beginning and his brother turns out to be possessed by his dead twin) when I was twelve. I was so intrigued. I was never that scared, but I thought the imagination they put into the stories was amazing. Tam and I both loved it, and we'd pretend to be FBI agents at school and at youth club. So cool, we were. This was in between the times we'd pretend to be hippies. She got all the videos and I used to borrow them, but they were weird volumes, like, not in order, so it got all confusing until Mum bought me a book for Christmas and I learnt every tiny little fact about each episode. Oh, I remember being so excited about the film, and going to see it with Tam when it came out. Blimey, that was ten years ago now. Woah. I started collecting the DVDs when they were £100 each. I always lol so much when I see them for sale now for £20. Bloody hell. I love it, and can't wait for the second film! COME THE HELL ON.

david tennant
[ profile] sparklywalls's fault! My earliest Tennant memory involves us all being silly on The Board one night, and we changed our names to celebrate our celebrity crushes. I was Gemsy Reznor and she was Cath Tennant. I was all, "LOL, as in Neil?" NOPE. I looked him up, checked him out in the upcoming Harry Potter film, thought he was hawt and all but didn't become a proper fan until I saw him play the Doctor on Christmas Day. Loved his face ever since.

THE END. I might go out now. I'm getting really chilly, sitting here. Listening to Sparks again.
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We've looked at two now. Well, three, but the first two were in the same building and both as godawful as each other.

The one we saw today was much nicer, but it was right at the top of the house, and looked quite studenty. And it had furniture, which we don't need.

It's been a hot weekend. On Friday, Anna and I went down the pub with Timur and Dave and that was cool, we just chatted about festivals and stuff. Ended up having a lock-in and me and Nikki were dancing around the back bar like pillocks.

Then Anna and I walked home with some cider and got chatting all night on the bench outside the shops. We went back to mine to sleep at about 5am and woke up at 2pm on Saturday. What a waste of a day! Then Steve came round and we got some chips and sat down the beach for a while, then went to the pub again. I went home quite early and watched Download highlights and System's London gig, which was shown on Channel 4. Bonus. ^_^

Daron. <3

On Sunday I stayed in the pub garden for most of the day. I'm making the most of it, says I, 'cause I'm gonna miss it when I move into town. Awww, pub.
Dave came down too and he had some serious beef with Dan, so we stayed there and drank coke all day. Then we went to the beach quickly to say hello to Mikey who was down there soaking up the rays.

I gave Dave a lift into town after that and popped into Anna's house for a drink. Then went home and chilled at mine. Yawn.

God, I had the dentist again this morning. £61. Damn it. But luckily it's all done now, and I don't have to go back for another 6 months. I had my root filling finished off and another filling done on the other side of my face, so I was numb all over. Now it's worn off my teeth have started aching, and I'm fucking starving now 'cause I can't eat owt, haha.

Damn it.

Come on, home time. I'm going to look at two more flats this evening.

w00t, Audioslave tomorrow. :)
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'Tis Nikki's birthday today. 'Tis also Friday, so am happy. I got her a Cushtie. And some cook books and a light shade. ^_^
Right, I haven't written in here for ages, so this is what I've been up to:
1. I watched Red Dwarf and me and Leeps made some cheesy stop-motion animation, which was fun.
2. I helped Jeannie move all her stuff from her old room in Swaythling to Neil's house, only for her to move back to her mum's the next day. I hope they get their own place soon. O_o
3. Timur's having a party so I've been making a playlist on my laptop and looking at venues with him and Dave. He's chosen the Bosun's Locker, which has a cool little function room.
4. Been driving lots in the Forest as usual.
5. Put my new speakers in my car, but they sound shite. Fuck sake.
6. Been to the Nexus 3 or 4 times. 2 or 3 of those times were actually good. I miss the Dungeon though. I fell out with Dave one night 'cause I got a lift with Leeps and Shane one night and Dave thought I'd be going back with them and arranged to stay at a mate's in town. They were leaving at 12:30 though, so I was stitched up. So I got all upset and it was gay, and I ended up going home with T's sister Amy and her boyfriend. O_o Sketchy. And Dan was caught smoking by Tam and they had an argument... so that night sucked balls. But there y'go.
7. I had two days off sick with a cold and got addicted to The Sims 2. Ooops. I also watched the entire final series of Sex and the City.
8. When I was off ill I had a craving for some Weetos so I dragged myself to Tescos. I ate lots of Weetos and they've aggravated my wisdom tooth again. I've been in pain ever since. *cries*
9. I tried to get tickets to see Nine Inch Nails in London. Mikey and I went to the office at 9am on a Saturday and couldn't get through for shit. Tickets sold out in 10 minutes. Trent is rubbish.
10. I saw Team America. Funny as tits.
11. Been to the pub with Dave and Leeps a few times.
12. Saw Moral Low Ground again on Wednesday. They supporting DTX, who were banging, but there wasn't many people there. I got pulled over on the way home, 'cause one of my head light bulbs is out. I was also driving in my New Rocks for the first time, which was funny.
13. I got paid, but I've spent it all already. I bought this dress off the net:

14. Timur and Dave came round last night to finish off the playlist for his party. It was cool and chilled. :)
Anyway. Fucking Friday. Bring it. *gets back to work*
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Woke up just a minute ago! Lazy cow, I am. Well, I’ve got nothing to do so here’s what I’ve been doing lately.

Went round Cockney Dave’s with T last night. We just watched telly. Breach and King didn’t show up at band practise on Thursday, so me and Dave just hung out with Leslie (who was down for a visit) and T instead! I went to the Bosun’s with Dave and Anna on Wednesday. I’ve been working as normal. I did nothing but watch films with Dave and Anna last weekend. And with Steve on Sunday. I visited Meesh and Dan too. I got 5 CDs off the net: Mercury Rev, Battle of LA, Radiator, Leftfield, Alice in Chains and Deftones. Nice one. Only one more practise until our first gig. We’ve only got 4 complete songs. These are Greenfly, the Tooly one with my super-fast bassline, Burning Eyes and the one with the double riff. Oh well. Been to the pub with T and Dave a couple of times. Bought Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back on DVD last Monday.


Sep. 7th, 2002 11:56 pm
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2 September
Jeannie’s birthday! We went to Lennon’s in the evening. Timur came round in the day time and we went down Hythe and had lunch, then we went back to mine and I wrapped Jeannie’s and Meesh’s pressies and we watched Mallrats. I went round Jeannie’s later with Dave and Steve, and we went to Lennon’s which was quite good after they stopped playing silly hip-hop. I saw Graham in Hythe today!

3 September
Got: Bass FX pedal, lead, adaptor, plectrums, computer bug from Dad/Kate/Leeps
Boot ornament thingy from Laura.
Ickle teddy and big badge from Nikki.
Reading tickets and Tool DVD (Salival) from Mum.
£5 from Chrissie and Malcolm.
£30 from Trudie and Steve.
Choccies, scratch card (no win, damnit), book from Chris and Heather.
£20 from Nan and Grandad D.
DVD player from all the Westbrooks!
Grass Boy, glass painting thingy and bracelet from Jeannie.
Knickers, a vibrator (!) and vouchers from Dave, Anna, T and Steve.
Everyone came round for pizza and we had champagne. Yay. :D

4 September
Got up late, which was annoying because I was gonna go round Dave’s to do music. Went to town instead and met Graham again! Met Anna and went to the Bosun’s Locker which was cool. T came over and joined us and we drink lots.

5 September
Went round Dave’s, after looking for my car information for ages. Damn insurance. Nearly on the road! Did some music at Dave’s, went home, talked to Steve on the phone, had tea, went to band practise. We’ve got a gig coming up already! Eeek.

6 September
I stayed in all day and sorted out all my CDs and listened to a load of ‘em. Went to town with T and Dave, and we went to the Strand and got wasted. We were gonna go to the Nexus but we met some people (Martin and Charlie) so we went to the Dinge instead! We got more drunken and we went and stayed the night at Cockney Dave’s. (T’s going out with him I thinks. Well something’s going on anyway. ^_^)

7 September
Went ice-skating with Tamsin, Anna, Dave, Lee, Kay, Amy and Kay’s friend. We hired a minibus, it was like my birthday trip type thing. Fun and games. :) Had a barbie in the evening, and Naina, Steve, and Cockney Dave joined us. Drunken fun and games. :) Everyone stayed over and today we sat in the sunshiney garden all day long. Everyone’s gone now, and I’m writing this and watching Dude, Where’s My Car?
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Had barbie.
Dave came round.
Played bass.
Surfed net.
Went for walk.
Played bass.
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During this week I have been too lazy to write. But I have:
Gone out lots with Dave, Anna, Steve, Timur and Tamsin
Biomorph split up
Dave and me started Brother Earth
Been to work
Sold my Playstation to Steve for cash
Went to a barbeque in the forest with Anna, Dave and Jezz. We camped over and got wasted and played on a rope swing and bouncy castle. Fun and games. ^_^
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5th May
Went to Bournemouth with Mum today, us 3 kids! I bought some jewellery and Cortizone’s album. Came home to Mum’s and we had a roast dinner. Yum. Went home, surfed net, got some CD cases off eBay. Dave and Anna came over and we watched TXF and Bill Hicks. Played some bass. Bank Holiday tomorrow!

6th May
DAY OFF! Me and Dave and Anna went down Hythe to the stupid fete thingy which was shite. It was all raining and we got wet, so we went to the café and had jacket spuds. Then we jumped on the ferry because there was nowt else to do. We just mucked around and went to Tombas and stuff. Went home again, and I went jogging. Then I went out with Dad and Kate and Nikki and Lee and we had a kebab by the sea in the car. Dave came round again.

7th May
Kung fu was cool, did all the usual stuff. Went home afterwards and watched my new DVDs. Nice.

8th May
Tonight I went running. Yay for me. Steve and Dave, DVDs.

9th May
Band practise was okay. Afterwards was boring. I did weights today. My legs are caned.

10th May
Didn’t go running; my legs kept giving way all day. Weird. DVDs, Dave, bass. Watched Murder in the First. Innit.

11 May
Today. :) Oh my God. My legs are killing me! Tool tomorrow! Woohoo! Tonight I went down Hythe and round Totton with Steve. I went to see Meesh and Dan after that. We had a nice chat. Then I went round Timur’s for a pizza and chill out. Lovely day.
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1st May
I won the box set! I won the box set! It went up to £62 and I sat there and watched until the last minute to make sure I got it and I did! Yay! Steve and me made some lovely pasta to eat. Yummy. We watched 3 episodes of the X Files and Dave came round. We had loads of ice-cream, haha. There goes my diet again.

2nd May
Practise kicked ass. I can really sing and shout properly. I can do proper metal growls, helll yeeeah. Now I’ve not smoked for nearly a week! Yay! Anyway, we is working on a new song, it’s pretty cool and Earthtone9-ish. Steve picked us up and Tam as well (she was at band too) and we went back to mine with Jezz and Dave. Wicked.

3rd May
Amy and Kay stayed at ours tonight. We walked up the shops with Amy and Nikki and Tamsin and got some sweeties and a DVD, but we didn’t watch it ‘cause we couldn’t be arsed. I was sad at work today; I’ve had such a hectic week. Sarah is so nice, she gave me a hug and told me how brilliant I am. ^_^
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Arse. I missed the box set auction. I woke up at 11.11am, and the auction finished at 11.10am. Damn it. Oh well, I found a better one with a box at half the price. So I’m bidding for that one now. Lazy day; just surfed the net and watched videos etc. Boring really. Practised bass with Dave.
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25th April
Band practise was cancelled ‘cause the whole phone network round here went down and the people didn’t want to open the hall in case there was an accident. Fucking stupid. So we went to the pub, after driving around looking for Tamsin for ages! We went to the Happy Cheese and had some salad. I left my minidisc player in Timur’s car.

26th April
Tonight was boring. Dave and Steve came round and we just watched TV. Steve went home mega early (probably bored) and me and Dave had a real long natter. I’m going to Spain for a week with Nanny! I’ve paid for my tickets today! Yay, can’t wait!
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20th April
Today was fucking boring. I spent the whole day chatting on the net. I also did some bidding on eBay for another X Files box set. It’s currently £3.40! And I’m top bidder. ^_^

21st April
Today I got up and played some bass, tidied my room, the lounge and the kitchen, went outside and put Tool on really loud so I could hear it out there. So lush and hazy out there. Hopefully we’ll be able to see the planets tonight!

22nd April
Went out with Steve and Dave.
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13th April
I spent £499 on clothes with the money work gave me! I got 18 items – all smart stuff! I also bought some tights and slap as well. I got home after all that and I chatted in this dodgy metal chatroom all night long and a program about camp people was on.

14th April
Today me Steve and Lee went to Lymington and I bought a t-shirt and a little bug which is like clockwork, but when I got home it was broke so I took him back. We just hung out at mine for the rest of the day. Oops, work tomorrow, need to tidy up and stuff.

15th April
NO MORE SMOKING! Yeah right. My chest was really bad all weekend so I vowed never to smoke again - ever! But I smoked 3 today. Oh well. Work was all good as normal. I had to wait till tonight before I got my clothes. Rob from Wessex Industrial brought them round to me, which was nice. I’ve got so much stuff now! Me and Kate and Leepee went to McDonald’s for tea. I had some chicken thing and a McFlurry. Nice one. When I got home I went to Tescos and I bought the American Pie box set and we watched them and my new Friends one. Dave was here.

16th April
Me and Lee went skating round Steve’s and then Steve came round after we went to see Nan for a bit. She was looking through photos so we joined in for a bit. Me and Steve went for a drive and Dave came round later.

17th April
Who cares?

18th April
Wow. We kicked ass. We supported Adria at the Red Lion. I was so nervous I felt sick – It was like I didn’t feel scared but my body did. Horrible. But afterwards I felt fine so it must have been nerves. Somebody said, “your riffs are a bit samey, but the vocalist is amazing!” Why, thank you. ^_^ It’s so nice to get compliments for a change instead of being slagged off all the time. Wicked. Afterwards we watched Adria and then took Anna home with Steve. I was so tired, ‘cause I’d been up since 7am with no breaks. Goddamn. I had to go straight from work to the gig and I was too nervous to eat, so I was starving.

19th April
Tonight was a good laugh. Tamsin, Steve and Dave came round and we went to see the planetary alignment in the forest. The damn thing was hidden by the damn clouds. Sons of bitches. Still, it’s gonna be there for another 4 weeks or so, so we can see it later. I was supposed to babysit for Christine tonight but it was cancelled in the end, so I was hectically ringing everyone to get them to come out! I managed to catch them all anyway. We went to Tescos and got some Maltesers ice-lollies. Yum. So we munched and we all put our names on Friends Reunited. We nattered about school and boring shite like that. Excellent.
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Today at work was cool, I spent it all going round installing drivers on their computers so they could print from the photocopier – yay! I’ve still got to do more on Monday. I also typed some letters. When I got home I watched some DVDs and then Tamsin came round and Dave turned up later. I got given a bottle of Asti at work so we drank it all and watched the Wizard of Oz! It bought back some funny memories. Then everyone went to bed and so did I. Dave was trying to do the Tinman dance. This was funny as fuck. We made garlic toast which was nummy. Wacka wacka.
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Today I went to work as normal, which was okay as normal, apart from the fact that I was ridiculously busy with the stupid wage slips again which took all day ad then I was rushing around like a headless chicken trying to get everything else done. Grrr. But then I went home and watched some TV and then band practise, which was totally okay. We’ve got a set list worked out for the next gig, which will hopefully be in a couple of weeks time. After band practise I went home and was chatting to a guy on the net about UFOs and terrorism and stuff. Dave and Jezz came over too.


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