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Right you guys. Problem: Southampton blows and I want to move to Salisbury. I really don't want to live in a house-share; I'm thirty years old and I want space to myself, in which to be free and naked arty and grow plants and play music and have sophisticated, relaxed dinner parties. I'm not desperate to move out NOW because, really, I need to wait until I have enough money in the bank. I don't currently have enough money in the bank. Lolz.

As is often typical when one has no coin, I saw my dream house on RightMove. I ranted to everybody how it's just SO NOT FAIR that rent is so expensive, and asked myself/everyone on Facebook how I could boost my income enough to be able to rent on my own, etc. Could I do it? At the moment, with me being this lazy? No. But if I worked my arse off? Yes. I realised that I am going to have to just suck it up and work my arse off, because I need to earn twice as much as everyone else because I have to pay twice as much rent as everyone else, because I'm a terminal singleton, and that's how we have to roll.

YES, THIS HOUSE? SHE IS GORGEOUS. It's full of old shite furniture, and the kitchen is from the '70s, it only has electric heating and no phone-lines or aerial points. I LOVE IT. Right in the middle of Salisbury, on the river, with a little courtyard garden. £695pcm. Far too much dosh for me. But something about it made it feel so perfect that I sent off an e-mail telling the estate agents that I loved the look of the place, and would they accept dogs? They said yes straight away. JOY. So then, I put my sensible head on and I told them that I was only enquiring out of vague interest and that I can't really afford that much rent, but I was so pleasantly surprised that they'd said yes to pets, that now I was torn. After some thought I told them that I'd maybe be interested, if the rent was around £600pcm. They said they'd ask the landlady, and get back to me. The next morning they phoned me back and said that the landlady would definitely consider bringing down the price, that they wanted a single occupant such as myself, and would rather have the right person in there even if it means they get less money. Would I like to go and view it? OH YES. The vibes were so right that I swallowed my I AM HARDWORKING INDEPENDENT DAUGHTER pride and asked Mother and Paul if they could sub me the deposit. We discussed, they said yes (if I pay it back haha), and agreed to meet me for the viewing (which was on the morning before I went to Spain). I was so excited... that I slept in and missed the appointment. OH LOL FAIL. I was most upset, but Mum & Paul had a look around it anyway, and confirmed its gorgeousity.

So. I buggered off to Spain, leaving the negotiation in their hands (I offered £625, if they included the council tax in that) and they said they'd get back to me on the Monday. They did; but they turned down my offer. FUCKEN... BOO. They suddenly wanted £675! WTF? So I put it out of my mind, not meant to be, kind of relieved 'cause I would've been broke! I enjoyed my holiday and came home. Last night, it had gone down to £650 on RightMove. WTF MOAR? This morning, the agent called me and said the landlady wanted me to reconsider, as she'd had no other interest apart from this one fussy bint who wanted them to buy her a hoover. The agent suggested £615, which, with council tax, would bring me up to ~£700. Which would make it £100 cheaper than the original asking price. So now I'm torn again. I'm going to look at it tomorrow. If I fall in love with the place, I might just go for it. I've had three phone calls just today about cleaning in Salisbury. It seems that's where the money is!

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Today: windows right down, Battle of Los Angeles right up. TESTIFY! What gorgeous weather, seriously. I hope it continues FOREVER. Two houses cleaned, three dogs walked. Scored a new daycare dog and hopefully got a bit of cat feeding to do in May! Life continues to absolutely rock. The sorting of finances continues. Today I paid off my overdraft with coins out of my doggy money box. I am totally winning at everything.

Some estate agent rang me earlier about a flat I was looking at. I didn't realise I'd sent an e-mail about that one. Hmmm. He rang three times and left two messages! I guess I should stop enquiring about places until I've got a deposit. Haha. This is the one they rang me about I think. It's my favourite one that is a vague possibility; it all looks proper white and shiny and bangtidy. And a tiny little balcony, omg I want! I just hope it stays on the market for another 68 years, 'cause that's how long it's gonna take me to save up the £17,000 deposit I'll require according to this mortgage comparison site. LOLZ. I keep looking at this one too because I'm amazed at the price. It went up for auction last week too and didn't sell. I reckon I could get it for £50k, and I'd only need £5,000. Haha, the bargain basement choice. Tiny, but I reckon I could deal. The location is perfect. No outside space, but the Common's only a couple of streets away.

This is my ultimate favourite. Awww. No chance of that though, really. I'd need at least £27,000 and that ain't happening. But, want. Closely followed by this. This is also awesome. Pfff. I guess there are ways to get that much money? Who knows, eh.

Anna got a new flat screen telly for our lounge. Shit is posh, so I am downstairs checking it out. OMG Eastenders! Ronnie gave the baby back!
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Being a member of [ profile] thriftstoreuk is DANGEROUS. So many beautiful things. I seem to have gone all girly lately. Lace and make-up and that.

I've had the most nicestly nice week. On Tuesday there was no ballet (it's Easter, boo) so Steve and I went to get our favourite cheese scones in Lyndhurst and then checked out the Andy Warhol stuff they have at the City gallery this year. On Thursday I went to see the Brownies and Guides' production of Showtime, which was amazing as they did the song/performance I did when I was 11! It was really moving to hear the songs again. So brilliant. Other than that, I've discovered the gorgeous city library (only lived here six years, WTF), I've been daydreaming about holidays and sorting my finances (I mean I'm really glad I'm actually finally earning money instead of losing it, but now I have a huge tax bill, FML FML FML), and planning for my year of massive Partying-as-a-verb-with-a-capital-P (this year) as well as the start of my grown-up life, which officially begins next year.

In particular, I'm beginning to really feel like I need my own place. I love living here with Anna and I'm sure I'll be just as happy living with Jon too when he joins us in a couple of months... but... I dunno. As a terminal singleton, I need a place to call my own; in which I can stay up all night reading fanfiction watching Eastenders being all cool and arty and that. I want to live in hurlyburly Shirley because tbh I have to drive there every day anyway and Lodge Road really pisses me off. I'll have my own (very small) place, I'll be nearer my customers, nearer the city centre, nearer the train station, nearer the roads to Hythe and Salisbury, nearer the Common, nearer ballet and my new bandmates - and FRIENDS. 'Cause I like friends, like, and there aren't any round here.

Win win. Haha, I make it sound like it's miles away from here and it's only like, three. But that makes all the difference in petrol doesn't it, DAVID CAMERON?

Anyway I can't see me being able to rent with a Didz and a Floyd, so I'm going to have to buy. I can only afford a studio, and even that's a stretch. So that means I need to save. Thousands of bucks. For 4m2. I love the fact that I'm thinking about space-saving already... by looking at bunk beds. So grown-up. But I don't care, IT'LL ALL BE MINE HELLS YEAH. I just need to stop buying girly stuff off the internet and going to gigs, and I'll be sorted in a couple of years.

Oh, speaking of gigs: Dreams Divide are totally getting rave reviews from those who've already received previews of the album. WE'RE GOING TO BE EVERYWHERE UP IN YOUR FACES WOOHOO. I've never had a band/project where people have commented on our MySpace. Especially not after our first gig! We're playing at the Scream Lounge in Croydon on the 2nd July. Y'all should come!


Oct. 27th, 2010 03:55 pm
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So I have a business partner. Oh my gosh! Tamsin has been my friend for 17 years. We met in year 7 at school and we've always walked dogs together; we used to take all her neighbours' dogs to the Forest for no money at all, and we'd talk about how we wish we could do it for a living when we grew up! She's going to start on the 1st November and is going to take over just two of my customers for now, and then we're going to advertise like crazy and take on the worrrld. So exciting. I'm a bit nervous about telling those two customers, but I'm sure they won't mind Tam taking over because she's just as awesome as me.

IT'S ALL SO NEW AND EXCITING. I am worried that things will change too much. This will no longer be just me bumbling around getting cash, putting it in the bank on Fridays and enjoying it, it will become A Business and I will have to work harder and tie myself to schedules and bookings, possibly put up with more dogs staying here and other things... I feel like I might end up going backwards a step, because I've finally got to the stage where I can do exactly what the hell I like on a daily basis, as well as fitting in a life around it. I hope I can still do my next degree course when it starts in February, and my ballet teaching, and fit in gigs when the band stuff starts getting more active... But on the other hand, there is potential here to make a serious amount of money on a business that is thriving... I'd be mad not to grab it. I guess I'll be able to do what I like on a daily basis anyway, when I'm a millionaire.

That's the spirit, right? :D

2010-10-25 05:12 am UTC (link)
Can I just get some Moriarty, like, existing and making goofy faces and launching into bouts of violent and unnecessary tap dance?
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I can't believe I didn't think to book anywhere to stay for the Wembley gigs on the 10th & 11th September. Oops. Looks like I'm gonna have to shell out for an 'otel room. Actually that would be kinda nice. Birthday present to self, tbh. I have been so epically busy these last couple of months. So much to be planned and paid for and organised and bought and visited and walked and cleaned and tidied and sorted and fixed and paid for and earned and baked and bought and carried and scrubbed and hoovered and sung and recorded and eaten and baked and read and studied and written and tidied and fed and de-flead and bathed and washed and entertained and picked up and... you get the picture.

Looking forward to (and saving money for):
Mum & Paul's anniversary - buy card & nice present.
Beer festival at the Winny Gate. Buy beer.
My birthday. Colourful hair is on the cards, as well as an ace night out with Jeannie. Hers is the day before mine. She's 30 this year so it's going to be a banger. Ohyes. Buy Jeannie a nice present.
Dad & Kate's birthdays, buy 2 cards & 2 nice presents.
Wembley weekend as mentioned above. Buy train tickets, hotel room, food & drink.
Album release. It's in the mixing stage! Buy studio time and expertise. Lmao.
[ profile] sessal's birthday. Buy munchies out, nice present.
Camping, somewhere at some point? I have vouchers and possible camp...  mates lined up. Buy... whatever I'm going to need I guess. I'm not sure about this one.
Discover Dogs. Buy tickets, dog show entries, petrol.
Another weekend in Germany. That's three this year. Buy flights, hostel, and beer.
Leepee's birthday, Dhana's birthday, Ellie's birthday... Christmas, I suppose! Buy goddamn nice presents for every bugger.

Looks like the camper van will have to wait! I'm off to bed, where I am going to get right into Sherlock, as about twelvety people have told me that I will love it. Right up my street, indeed. And tomorrow I am going to write my next chapter of the Whofic, and buy nice presents, and look for a room in London, and maybe write my last assignment, and-

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I drive the Hundwagen rather a lot - and use 50 litres of unleaded per week. I try and make up for it in other ways - no plastic bags, I reuse the old plastic bags I end up with, compost heap, recycle. Waste water gets collected and chucked on the plants. We only have one wheelie bin full of normal rubbish per month. I shop at farm shops as I go past them when out with the dogs. I've stopped buying fucktons of packaged junk food. I buy clothes and things second hand. I hardly eat meat, and the dogs get the trotters 'n' bobs of animals from the butcher's; the bits nobody else wants (trying to source some local game for them, it's an ongoing mission!) I keep a list of all the things I need and wait until I REALLY need them or until the old ones break, and all the things I want go onto my Kaboodle wishlist to be e-mailed to family/friends around those times of the year when everyone insists on me telling them what I want them to buy me.

I've been after a circular/floaty skirt/dress for dancing, and I found one tonight for £4.50 on a website (I've had no joy in charity shops so far) and there's a scarf I quite like too (there's a similar one on my Kaboodle wishlist) but with the postage (£4.99 ffs) and everything else it seems like so much hassle. I feel so guilty ordering anything new. I keep thinking of all the resources that would be used to get this £4.50 item to me. I don't know where it's been made either. There's a really nice belt on there too that I added to my basket, but then realised it's made of leather. Ew, no. I've just gone off everything. I keep looking at websites, putting things I like into my cart, then closing the window and running away. I go shopping IRL, and there's just nothing I'm interested in. Don't need anything.

The objects I do have are so meaningless. So many clothes, jewellery, hair accessories, shoes and general crap I never wear. I'm always putting things in the spare room to put up for sale on [ profile] thriftstoreuk. Hundreds of DVDs, CDs and books that are sitting in our empty room made of a thousand tons of plastic and trees, not doing anything for 99% of their lifetimes. Not worth any money, no sentimental value, yet I must've spent £thousands on them over the past 15 years. Such a waste. I think I am going to try and sell everything and use the money to fund my house on wheels. That's what you call downsizing! A cupboard/box of kitchen stuff, a very small wardrobe for clothes, shoes and accessories, one wash/cosmetics bag, my laptop/phone (full of music and movies), a box/cupboard full of nicknacks and memories and space for a handful of books borrowed from the the library and I will be perfectly happy. And I'll have lots of money for more fuel to pollute the poor planet with. Or I could buy a horse...
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5 bands/musicians I’ve been listening to a lot lately:
1. And One.
2. Rotersand.
3. Scars on Broadway.
4. Covenant.
5. The Devin Townsend Project.

5 things I’m addicted to:
1. Great music.
2. Sweet things - damn my sweet tooth!
3. Fanfiction.
4. Coffee.
5. Dogsnogs.

5 biggest celebrity crushes:
1. David Tennant.
2. Lacey Turner.
3. Ana Matronic.
4. Lady Gaga.
5. Justine.

5 songs I can't stop listening to at the moment:
1. Lady Gaga - Bad Romance.
2. Faith No More - Mouth to Mouth.
3. Depeche Mode - In Your Room.
4. Muse - MK Ultra.
5. The Devin Townsend Project - Addicted!

My dream future (1 job/1 city/1 car/1 spouse/1 pet):
1. Something involving writing that I can do from home with dogs at my feet!
2. Middle of the New Forest.
3. The converted Transit I am planning.
4. N/A - I'd just like lovely friends to come over for dinner and/or drinks every other night!
5. My doggy boys, and some fish would be nice!

5 things that always cheer me up:
1. Doing ballet.
2. Floyd's beardy snufflings in my ear.
3. Hugs from canines and humans.
4. Junk food. Om nom nom.
5. Trashy telly shows/films.

5 best bands I’ve seen live in concert:
1. Muse.
2. Rage Against The Machine.
3. Tool.
4. Depeche Mode.
5. Project Pitchfork.

5 TV shows I’ve seen every episode of:
1. Friends.
2. The X Files.
3. Doctor Who (new series).
4. The Office.
5. The Royle Family.

5 songs that come up on iTunes shuffle:
1. The Pixies - Gigantic.
2. Delirious? - Promise.
3. Killswitch Engage - To the Sons of Man.
4. Sparks - Photoshop.
5. Idlewild - When I Argue I See Shapes.
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This lady is me, in my dreams. Inspiring. I am plotting again.


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