Nov. 30th, 2012 12:16 am
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This morning I opened my post and found a cheque for £2250. YAY! It is my compensation for this almost-year of health-beef since that accident in my previous Hundwagen. Brilliant. MONEY! It is all mine! I have it on a piece of paper but tomorrow it will be on its way to becoming REAL MONEY and then it will all be spent. Straight away.

£95.59 will go towards the stupid rent this month as, per usual, I am short.
£150 will go to my Very account (paying for hoover).
£100 will go to friend (owed).
£30.99 on tax.

Which leaves £1223.42 for the lovely people at Barclaycard.

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Just put my make-up on and cried it all off again. Fuuu-.

I am really struggling with money. This is nothing new (been living here for a year now and it's still great, I still really look forward to getting home even if I can never park, then have to walk half a mile from my car to my house, and it's freezing and drafty, and costing me more money than I can scrape together each month...) but it's getting a bit much. My rent 'n' bills are far too much money, and I have now gone over the limit on my credit card, because I keep doing stupid things like crashing my car and losing my keys and having health problems that require stupid expensive prescriptions and breaking my glasses and like, eating.

I can't think what to do to save/get more money apart from find another job, in the evenings or something, but then I already work my arse off, and then I think why spend so much money on a house if I'm never in it? I've had a look for places that are looking for housemates, and there are a couple that don't mind dogs. But I need a deposit. And I can't save one. And I'm earning too much to get a decent benefit. There's just nothing else I can do and I'm so confused and am thinking about it all the damn time. It's stressing me out.
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...if I'm doing the right thing. I went drinking on Friday at my local-pub-to-be, all unexpectedly like, and had a great time. I went to Fallout last night and sat on the sofa in the front bar for most of the night, panicking about money, and I'm sitting here now panicking about money... which is silly, because I'm well on my way to scoring a few more customers in the area and I've been offered bar work, and there is some interest from another cleaning company who want a part-time housekeeper, dear, and...

I don't know. I'm wondering if running away from Southampton is really the best thing to be doing considering I've only just managed to get my life and brain on the happy train. After so many years of struggling with the devil's own depression, anxiety, social problems and the lowest of low self-esteem, I've managed to strip all of that away and uncover my true self; I'm confident, strong, and happy to be myself wherever I go. So should I risk that by changing everything again? Why do I always get bored when things are going along nicely, and want to stir things up? And why move towns, when new people are all terrifying and/or a potential bell end? I'm confident now, but I'm still wary of people. 'Bring it on! Give those fuckers a (metaphorical) taste of Teh Gemseh,' says my confidence. My shy, self-deprecating side, on the other hand - which still occasionally lurks beneath the confidence - is going, 'Oh but everyone will think you're weeeird, you won't be accepted, you can't just expect to make more friends by moving to another town, you won't like it, you're going to have to put yourself out there to have a good time and you're too lame...'

Doubting doubts, plz to be off. I love my new house. I still can't bring myself to tell you guys about it though, or show anyone the pictures of it. But I will! My application's at the referencing stage, and should find out this week if it's successful. I was told that it should all be fine, and the estate agent asked me if I wanted to meet the landlady on Wednesday, which is awesome. So they obviously don't foresee a problem. Still pooing bricks though.


Oct. 27th, 2010 03:55 pm
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So I have a business partner. Oh my gosh! Tamsin has been my friend for 17 years. We met in year 7 at school and we've always walked dogs together; we used to take all her neighbours' dogs to the Forest for no money at all, and we'd talk about how we wish we could do it for a living when we grew up! She's going to start on the 1st November and is going to take over just two of my customers for now, and then we're going to advertise like crazy and take on the worrrld. So exciting. I'm a bit nervous about telling those two customers, but I'm sure they won't mind Tam taking over because she's just as awesome as me.

IT'S ALL SO NEW AND EXCITING. I am worried that things will change too much. This will no longer be just me bumbling around getting cash, putting it in the bank on Fridays and enjoying it, it will become A Business and I will have to work harder and tie myself to schedules and bookings, possibly put up with more dogs staying here and other things... I feel like I might end up going backwards a step, because I've finally got to the stage where I can do exactly what the hell I like on a daily basis, as well as fitting in a life around it. I hope I can still do my next degree course when it starts in February, and my ballet teaching, and fit in gigs when the band stuff starts getting more active... But on the other hand, there is potential here to make a serious amount of money on a business that is thriving... I'd be mad not to grab it. I guess I'll be able to do what I like on a daily basis anyway, when I'm a millionaire.

That's the spirit, right? :D

2010-10-25 05:12 am UTC (link)
Can I just get some Moriarty, like, existing and making goofy faces and launching into bouts of violent and unnecessary tap dance?
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Muse gigs. Great stuff. I can't... oh my dog. Just amazing. I'll probably write it up fully when I ceebs.

Actually we all know that's never going to happen, so in a nutshell: Muse rocked my world again, twice; brilliant Twatlighty cheese (I Belong to You!) on the first night and I cried all over my face because they played Ruled by Secrecy, Bliss, MK Ultra and Citizen Erased on the second night. FOR TEH PWOPA FANS. I love my nooby Musers to death and wish I could squidge them all every day. A shout-out, then, to Brother's cider, hugs and high-fives, lack of sleep, Sherlock's (kaput) house, and The Awesome Rocket (the latter also deserves an apology - we will warn you next time!) An apology also to the TfL staff member who RL INFRACTED me for encouraging a Knights of Cydonia stampede on the platform at St Pancras. IT WASN'T ME! Damn you, cider.

So yeah, Muse gigs no. 14 and 15, I think. Haha. Everything else? Sucks. Actually no it's brilliant, I'm just too busy cleaning houses, and really I just want to drink tea and read rubbish fanfiction. So much work. The council, when I informed them that they were now paying me too much housing benefit, told me I will continue to receive money from them.

'But I don't need it?'
'But you're perfectly entitled, because we work it out from the accounts you gave us. And it's not due to be reviewed until the end of the year.'
'Okaaay... So long as you don't suddenly expect it all back.'
'No we never go back. We never... go back, not with self-employed people.'
'In that case, fuckin' A; if you'll please excuse me while I use swearwords of joy.'

Ahhh. Loadsa money, Fallout on Saturday, I have a new iron, stupid uni course nearly over, album mixing is coming along, life is good.
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I can't believe I didn't think to book anywhere to stay for the Wembley gigs on the 10th & 11th September. Oops. Looks like I'm gonna have to shell out for an 'otel room. Actually that would be kinda nice. Birthday present to self, tbh. I have been so epically busy these last couple of months. So much to be planned and paid for and organised and bought and visited and walked and cleaned and tidied and sorted and fixed and paid for and earned and baked and bought and carried and scrubbed and hoovered and sung and recorded and eaten and baked and read and studied and written and tidied and fed and de-flead and bathed and washed and entertained and picked up and... you get the picture.

Looking forward to (and saving money for):
Mum & Paul's anniversary - buy card & nice present.
Beer festival at the Winny Gate. Buy beer.
My birthday. Colourful hair is on the cards, as well as an ace night out with Jeannie. Hers is the day before mine. She's 30 this year so it's going to be a banger. Ohyes. Buy Jeannie a nice present.
Dad & Kate's birthdays, buy 2 cards & 2 nice presents.
Wembley weekend as mentioned above. Buy train tickets, hotel room, food & drink.
Album release. It's in the mixing stage! Buy studio time and expertise. Lmao.
[ profile] sessal's birthday. Buy munchies out, nice present.
Camping, somewhere at some point? I have vouchers and possible camp...  mates lined up. Buy... whatever I'm going to need I guess. I'm not sure about this one.
Discover Dogs. Buy tickets, dog show entries, petrol.
Another weekend in Germany. That's three this year. Buy flights, hostel, and beer.
Leepee's birthday, Dhana's birthday, Ellie's birthday... Christmas, I suppose! Buy goddamn nice presents for every bugger.

Looks like the camper van will have to wait! I'm off to bed, where I am going to get right into Sherlock, as about twelvety people have told me that I will love it. Right up my street, indeed. And tomorrow I am going to write my next chapter of the Whofic, and buy nice presents, and look for a room in London, and maybe write my last assignment, and-

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I had an emo weekend. I don't think I'm going to go into it. FML.

I did something silly and bought loads of photos of our dogs, and am now really, really up the creek. I have so many things to be paid for soon (a bit of rent, Peugeot, a night out on Friday, one gig, two Germany trips, one Bognor trip and a possible Finland mission) and I currently have just enough weekly income to cover my rent and petrol. Nightmare. So I'm trying to find some sort of casual work to fill two-three days a week, without interrupting my amazing Tuesdays (a ballet-dancey-sorta day) and Thursdays (a £85-for-a-days'-work-sorta day). I already knew this, but jobseeking online is a nightmare! I have been e-mailing my CV to all sorts of casual work agencies. One guy called me back straight away and asked me what sort of license I had - he was looking for HGV drivers. Wat is this I don't even. The internet is bendy. In between all this I had lunch (a massive-baguette-sorta meal in a lovely-new-café-sorta place in Portswood) with Anna (who's off work this week), desperately trying to sell things on [ profile] thriftstoreuk and making trips to the tip - we finally got rid of all the rubble, old carpet, fence panels and general crap from our front drive. I also took the boys for a run and sneaked into the village to get Anna a birthday card because I was going to make one like I normally do but I have run out of ideas for good cards these days.
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That damn song has been in my head all day. It will make me crazy, I swear.

I'm reading Michael Palin's diary and he's recorded everything, and it reminded me that that's how this thing used to be - a proper personal journal. I want to look back and remember what I actually got up to each day as well as just what I thought about things at the time. I felt the need to get back into doing a running commentary on my life, rather than trying to be interesting.

So yeah: I woke up to a bright blue sky and a text from Blue's owner to say he wasn't going to come to daycare anymore, cried a little bit about that, tried for Rage tickets, didn't get any, went to clean my favourite customers' house, walked Zac, visited Leeps at his house, visited my sis and G and Little D who is really poorly today (she's teething, bless her, and is SO miserable. Made me sad to see her so upset, because she's such a happy girl normally!) Then I got back in my car and headed for home, sat in a traffic jam for a bit, cried (again) because I live on the other side of town and it's miles away from people and I have no money, got over it, found a quicker route home, gave the boys bones for dinner that were bigger than their heads, had a look at what's available online jobs-wise (nowt), chatted to Popey about a new website, and then Olly MSN'd to say he'd got me a Rage ticket, bless his face. Anna came home and cooked us some stir-fry and noodles, then we had lolz and ROADWORKS KICKED OFF. RIGHT OUTSIDE THE DOOR NOW TESTIFY. They're still going on now! The windows are rattling!

I feel a bit better about the whole money/K9 fiasco. I recently got a £400 bill from Peugeot whittled down to £70, so if I have to, I'm prepared to fight K9 as well. Goddamnit. Besides, they can't have what I haven't got.
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I am:

1. Obsessively cleaning and flossing my teeth. I used to do it just twice a day. I had my tenth (!) filling a week ago today. I'm determined that I'm not going to need any more, so I'm over-flossing. My gums are a bit bleedy. This obsession, however, is definitely putting the kybosh on me eating (crap). I don't eat when I'm out, for example, because there's no way of washing my gnashers afterwards. I can't stand going without a good ol' flossing anymore. Possibly TMI, but have you checked out the smell of the stuff that comes out from between one's teef? It's disgusting. DO NOT WANT. Everyone should floss.

2. Working my arse off. I had a busy weekend at B&Q which was very exhausting; I'm still learning a lot. I did pay Peugeot early this month though, and I have just as much money in the bank all over again - just from dogs! I haven't yet been paid by GSF or B&Q! I may be walking Ellie and Belle every day again too! That'll be an extra £75 per week. I am therefore going to be fucken rich.

3. Reading Along Came Dylan, which is a brilliant book about a man who has dogs. It's very entertaining, but it's making me think - I have a lot of canine stories to tell. I'm going to write a goddamn book an' all.

4. Going to see Sparks play Kimono My House and their new album! This is of course going to be made of solid gold win! I may even be seeing some Musers there, as a few of them have tickets for the same night. How excellent; People of the Internet. Haha, I won't say it.
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I am so knackered. [info]littlefloyd has been keeping me awake all night. He just won't settle anywhere else but the sofa, and that's only if he knows you're nearby. If you get up and walk out when he's dozed off he'll panic 'cause he'll think he's missing something. Haha.

So I've been sleeping in the lounge on the beanbag, and it's damn uncomfortable. When he's more independent I'll ditch him in his safe room out the back, but until then I can't... he cries and it makes me too sad. I left him on his own today while I popped to the bank, and he was still crying when I got home. Poor pupple.

I found an old fluffly lamp under my bed that I didn't want anymore, so I stood it up by the bin ready to go to the binmen. Floyd caught sight of it, just standing there, and he went nuts and barked at it. Hahaha... I was in stitches. And Christ, he's fast. He's figured out how to wriggle under the gate and hoon it up the garden, so I really have to watch him when it's dark. I don't want to lose sight of him and let him fall in the pond! I don't think he likes to chew moss, because he shakes his head violently and drops it. But then he'll pick it up again. The nutter. Oh, puppies are funny.

Anyway, nuff puppytalk. Read more on Floyd's Diary. There's loads of photos of him there, too. ^_^

Oh yeah, it's impossible to park a Peugeot Expert ANYWHERE in Bitterne. All these car parks with the height limit things? 2 metres. I thought, "Naaah, it'll be all right" (as you do) and then tonked my little air conditioning whirly thing on it. Oops. I guess I could park on yellow lines and pretend I'm unloading. I'm a White Van Man. Lolz.

I lugged £17-odd around Bitterne in coppers, and my bank wouldn't change it for me. Apparently, they don't let you pay anything in over the counter if you've got a business account. Bloody stupid is that? What if you've got a shop - it's all cash, innit? I said that, and they said, "No, sorry, with the business account you can only use machines or the internet. You have to change it, and then use the deposit machines. But we can only change 5 coin bags a day for you." Massive gash. What'sthepoint.

In the end HSBC let me pay them into my personal account. Even though I'm trying not to use that account anymore. Oh well.

Business stuff: I am desperate for customers. I got upset last night because I'm worried I'm going to go bust overnight with all these expensive outgoings and no customers. But this morning there were two requests for brochures on my e-mail, which was lovely and comforting. Instead of posting them I took Floyd with me and drove round there (nothing better to do) and one person wasn't in, but the other one came out and we had a chat and basically they want me to have their JRT next SEPTEMBER, lol. *rolls eyes* Bless their ability to plan ahead. I got the crates for my van tonight as well, so I think I'll go to Dad's tomorrow and get him to help me fit them.

Social stuff: I miss my friends. I haven't seen anyone for ages. Well, we went (with Floyd) round to Dave's/Sarah's/Ant's/Ben's last night, which was nice. And we watched Nathan Barley, which was hilarious.

Anyway, Anna's been out loads this week and there's been birthdays and shizzle that I've missed because of having to stay in with Teh Flizzle, and y'know, being totally broke. And I'm dying to introduce Flizzle to the family, but I need to pick a time when I know everyone's going to be in, because I just can't spare the diesel for numerous visitage. And I completely missed firework night, and that made me miss Mikey. "So many mines!" :( mikeyworks :(

Anyway, here's me and Floyd being totally fecking metal, next to my Hundwagen.



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