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Actually my evening's been quite dull, and a bit faily. I was messing around with new hoovery bits and a screwdriver and my fubar Dyson (I broke said new hoovery bits and ended up just ordering a new hoover). Then I picked glue off of some old tins for crafty purposes (and cut myself in the process). I started planning Christmas, got pissed off, and planned to cancel Christmas, made disgusting cookies (and gave them to Didz), did two loads of laundry in my cute baby washing machine, sat by the fire and drank about 10 cups of coffee (spilt some on the carpet and melted my kettle handle a little bit). Then I sat down to eat some walnuts that tasted a bit like paint and watched two awful films. That's a lot of THINGS, right? So why do I always feel like I've wasted all my time when I've done a lot of THINGS (even if they all turned out hilariously disastrous)? It reminds me of when I went through that bout of GAAAH a few months ago. Five windows and EastEnders (argh Yusef gtfo!) on the go all at once, and still bored.

So, I be getting on with useful, creative, interesting things. I been makin' foods. I maked curry and soup and bread and all sorts. I'm staying in this weekend and will make more cookin' in mah kitchen, and make use of some of these lovely books I've blagged... I might sit here and play some musics and time will whizz by and I'll think I've done nothing because I don't seem to recognise that I'm actually doing things. I always go to bed feeling like I've not done anything. Like I'm getting no feeling of accomplishment, or whatever, even if I consciously know that I haven't stopped for breath all day.

ANYWAY. I love living here. Some bits of town look like they belong in a rural village and some look like the posh bits of Covent Garden. Didz and I get so much attention everywhere we go. Our local doggy park is gorgeous. I still don't have my parking permit so I park my car at the Winchester and walk home across town from there. Whenever I nip into/walk past the pub for whatever reason, peoples ask me to stay for a drink! Nice peoples! I hardly ever go out at the moment though because I'm really scared about money and I never feel very sociable. I love it when people pop round mine, mostly, but I never want to stay out anywhere for a drink or round someone else's for a cuppa or whatever. I guess that's quite rude; expecting people to come to me. Is it? I'm LOVING all this space, though. I spend my weekends listening to the evil laughing ducks outside my bedroom window, strolling about the park and chillin' on my chaise longue. I'm in a quiet little schizoid bubble of glorious cocoon-like win. Heavenly. I don't need to go out at all this weekend 'cause my shonky old cupboards are full and I don't have any errands to run or gigs to play or see or any pesky sociableness to participate in. And I have some CUSTARD. Hell yeah.

For paws that do dishes.


Nov. 8th, 2011 11:28 pm
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I bloody love Salisbury.
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...are sitting in my car. SO MUCH STUFF. Oh my doG, what a hectic day. I scrubbed four houses, walked two dogs, did 3 loads of laundry, made a cake, washed up, hoovered out the car, loaded up the car with aforementioned belongings, then tonight I went to Nan's and made some dog beds. They're cosy. I'm sooo tired.


I think I've finally got over the board. I love all the friends I've made there, but... I dunno. Maybe it's because I've been there for nearly 10 years, and I have nothing left to say. Mind you, I don't have a lot to say at all, these days. Being happy makes you dull, it seems.
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A Swedish review! Lolz, they called me 'Gen'. I prefer the N! We're playing Camden Underworld tomorrow afternoon. Haha. Afternoon.

So, I'm officially moving on the 29th October! To this place:

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...if I'm doing the right thing. I went drinking on Friday at my local-pub-to-be, all unexpectedly like, and had a great time. I went to Fallout last night and sat on the sofa in the front bar for most of the night, panicking about money, and I'm sitting here now panicking about money... which is silly, because I'm well on my way to scoring a few more customers in the area and I've been offered bar work, and there is some interest from another cleaning company who want a part-time housekeeper, dear, and...

I don't know. I'm wondering if running away from Southampton is really the best thing to be doing considering I've only just managed to get my life and brain on the happy train. After so many years of struggling with the devil's own depression, anxiety, social problems and the lowest of low self-esteem, I've managed to strip all of that away and uncover my true self; I'm confident, strong, and happy to be myself wherever I go. So should I risk that by changing everything again? Why do I always get bored when things are going along nicely, and want to stir things up? And why move towns, when new people are all terrifying and/or a potential bell end? I'm confident now, but I'm still wary of people. 'Bring it on! Give those fuckers a (metaphorical) taste of Teh Gemseh,' says my confidence. My shy, self-deprecating side, on the other hand - which still occasionally lurks beneath the confidence - is going, 'Oh but everyone will think you're weeeird, you won't be accepted, you can't just expect to make more friends by moving to another town, you won't like it, you're going to have to put yourself out there to have a good time and you're too lame...'

Doubting doubts, plz to be off. I love my new house. I still can't bring myself to tell you guys about it though, or show anyone the pictures of it. But I will! My application's at the referencing stage, and should find out this week if it's successful. I was told that it should all be fine, and the estate agent asked me if I wanted to meet the landlady on Wednesday, which is awesome. So they obviously don't foresee a problem. Still pooing bricks though.


Sep. 30th, 2011 12:05 am
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I'm so happy, and I'm really loving this late summer. It's so hot! I reckon it was all down to us you know; we dragged it home from Spain!

House: I filled in all the forms and discussed everything with my folks tonight (they were impressed with my epic spreadsheets!) I'm going to the estate agents tomorrow to hand it all in... exciiite!

Steve said I didn't sound very enthusiastic when we were talking about it on the phone. I guess I'm trying not to get my hopes up. COME OOON. SAY YES ALREADY SO I CAN GO TO IKEA. No but seriously, I've got this superstitious feeling that if I get too excited and start telling everyone about the house and SHOPPIIING and planning colours of towels etc. that they'll reject my application. But, I have awesome guarantors and a good accounts prediction for the coming months, so... crossing all body parts.

I'm also getting a gigantic tax credits payment.

Best. Year. Ever.
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I paid the holding fee! Eep. Now desperately trying to draw up the world's best income spreadsheet. I AM GOOD TENANT HONEST. Oh I'm so worried they're going to say no after doing the whole credit reference malarkey wotsits. Oh oh oh. OH. *panic*


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