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Grrr, I keep watching ballet videos on YouTube and I want to get fit again and get my figure back. I've put on so many pounds of doom. :(

I love this scene.

I've actually just got back from Woolacombe where I went with Dad & Kate and Leeps for a couple of nights. Dad and Leeps went surfing and it was freezing and raining but I got my toes out and ran barefoot on the sand for ages with the dogs. It was lovely. It's amazing how much more stamina I have being active when I'm somewhere pretty, as opposed to being in the street or the local park, where it always feels like such a chore. We did quite a bit of walking, around Ilfracombe and Glastonbury, but the two chip-based meals I had and the fudge and scones and CIDER probably didn't help with the fitness quest.

The end.
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8. Your oldest hobby
Probably dancing! I started ballet with my sis when we were 6 & 7, and I still remember our first class. We gradually worked our way up through the ISTD grades in ballet, tap, modern, jazz and national as well. We did lots of shows and I auditioned for the Royal Ballet School once! We left after about ten years, but I started again in 2009 and don't know how on earth I went so long without it! Love dancing.

9. Your sexuality
I don't have one.

10. What you look for in a partner
I don't look for one.

11. Your kids, or your feelings about having kids
I don't have any, and as I don't have a sexuality... lol. I have had thoughts about adopting or fostering one day, but that'll be years away... if it happens at all. I'm too selfish! I have two lovely nieces and all my friend's babies to play with for now. :D

12. Your pets, past and present
When I was born we had a golden lab called Sandy, and when us kids grew up she moved across the garden to my nan and grandad's house to have a more peaceful life (their garden backed on to ours). When we got older we got another dog, a westie called Pippa. She had puppies twice, and one of them stayed with us (Macca), but he was hard work and we were all useless teenagers and we gave up on him. He ran away and he turned up later at the kennels, where he ended up staying... :(. He was nuts, but lovely. We had a few hamsters, gerbils, fish... a rabbit called Skippy, Dad had some ferrets... and he had a huge marine aquarium which was awesome, full of Nemos and angel fish and anemones. Now I have my Didz and Floyd, and my aquarium which is freshwater (tetras, gouramis and guppies). I'd love some chickens and maybe a pussycat one day.

13. Foods you love and foods you hate
I've always loved junk food like chips, ice-cream and chocolate. I love a big roast dinner. I love my greens. I eat like, 2 big broccolis and cauliflowers a week. I've just answered a bit of this in the last entry! I hate olives, raw tuna, sprouts, and I'm not a huge fan of having LOADS of seafood or mushrooms in one go.
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The Russianfest last week was absolutely incredible. I'd never seen a concert at the Albert Hall before, or even a 'proper' performance by an orchestra, and it was every bit as I imagined. Steve and I trolled London's gloomy streets for a while beforehand, getting soaking wet, before taking our seats directly above the orchestra and high up under the warm, glowing lights. The rain had totalled my lovingly-embiggened hair, so I had a satin scarf pulled over my head like some kind of fancy Fifties lady, and Steve was wearing his awesome waistcoat and velvet jacket. I always make a bit of an effort when I go to the theatre, so we laughed about how we were the only ones who had done so, despite the drowned-rat effect. Apart from a few eccentric ties and ladies in brightly-coloured classic business suits, every other bugger was in jeans.

I adore Shostakovich's mad klezmer-flavoured melodies, and the music from this ballet of insanity, so those were the main reasons I wanted to go to this particular Prom. The violin concerto (Lisa Batiashvili) was electrifying. The bit that moved me the most though was the Tchaikovsky - Francesca da Rimini - which made my heart swell so much that I cried. Tears everywhere (and almost impossible to keep them as quiet as was very much required - no pins were dropped!) It was marvellous, and I want to please go to another one please now please.


Mar. 2nd, 2011 11:54 pm
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There have been too many times during this last month when I've opened this here 'post an entry' thing and found I have nothing to say and too many things to say at the same time. So, finally, I'm giving it a go.

1. I went to the Fitzroy Tavern to hang with [ profile] bossmew and lots of other lovely people. I visited the British Library before that though, and did my ankle in on a step on the way out. Sprained. FFS. But I put my cold pint on it in the pub and carried on running about town and it was okay; or so I thought until I got home the next morning and realised it was swollen up like a balloon. Oops.

2. I have been unable to do a lot of ballet since then, which blows. I went back yesterday though and did three hours of dancing and I had another class for 90 minutes tonight and it's been fine. Still feels weak, but getting stronger.

3. I don't know, really. Brainfail.

4. I quit the whole uni thing. I just...

5. ...I have so much shit to say but I don't like being negative when I've had a lovely day (Steve and I ate cheese scones and cake in Lyndhurst; it was sunny) and I'm full of couscous and yoghurt raisins and lying in my comfy bed and watching Being Human. I might go into more detail about the rest of everything a bit later on. Or I might just read fanfic and go Windows shopping and not do anything constructive at all - whatever.

6. I just want to get drunk and spend money at the moment.
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I hate cleaning. I don't want to do it. I love doggies. I want to be Mutts and Mutts!

Hobby 1:
Dancing is awesome. We're doing a Christmas show; it's all so cute. Took all the classes by myself on Tuesday. I seem to get on with kids even though they terrify me. They like me 'cause I'm daft. Being slowly convinced that I should do my exams and be a teacher.

Hobby 2:
I just really want to be IN MY BAND, ON A STAGE, PLAYING GIGS IN BERLIN AND THINGS, BUT EVERYONE'S BEING TOO SLOW ABOUT IT. It's been two years in progress now, and I'm getting so impatient! Live mixes, now? WE HAVE TO HAVE SO MANY MIXES. I just want to GET ON THE DAMN STAAAGE.

Obligatory moans:
My mind is being all noisy and I'm not getting much sleep. I look disgusting. On Tuesday my nan said, "You look knackered, girl." Awesome. I feel it, tbh. And ill, again. I have felt sick for a whole week. I haven't [TMI]been to the loo[/TMI] since Monday night before I got on the scaryplane. IBS/anxiety/depression/etc is balls, I tell you. And I have this lumpy feeling under my right rib cage; it feels like there's something in there, and nobody will believe me. 'It's just cartilage.' 'It's just glands.' 'It's just your soft ribs.' It's not supposed to feel like that! It gets all tender and owies, and it feels like it pops when I cough and when I bend over quickly, or do anything, in fact. Doing my swede in. And my toof is broken AGAIN. That'll be another £200. I need a new body, plz.

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brises are killer!
beautiful when done right!

the second adage
or it might've been the first
or third
chassé to second, side bend, fouetté to attitude

chasse to side or chasse en arriere

oh and a crazy barre thing that really confused me

crazy barre thing?


on one leg - front front back

second half was eschappé en croix, pirouette
it was FAST

coupe pas de bouree pique?

it had a word beginning with R in it that I remembered then
but don't now

pose coupe pose coupe releve releve releve coupe pas de bourre
look in the notes - it'll be one of the 2 barre studys
bring them on Thursday

nah wasn't that one
i will find it in the notes now

pirouette at the end to change sides?

yeah that one!

pose backwards?

yeah! think so
yep it had a posé
posé r... something
we did ronds de jambe en l'air as well, that is weird.

coupe fouette racourci coupe pose forward balance and close echappe en croix echappe second and echappe en croix pirouette to other side

Racourci, that's it
yeah that shiz was fast, hahaha
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Is due in on the 1st October and I've had over a month to do it. I really don't want to do it. It's so boring. Haha. I've always grumbled about students who go on about how much of a procrastinator they are. 'It's so annoying, I just can't face it, it's so boring, I'll just do it the night before,' etc. I believe that people doing degrees should be passionate about what they're studying, otherwise what's the point in doing it? And now I'm saying exactly them fings. Haha. Sahrry. I am so glad this course is nearly over, though. I guess every course is going to have the things you're not particularly up for, but this one had loads. It did what it was meant to (it was a good introduction to studying the arts/studying at higher education level in general) but I didn't want to write about religious studies, art, history or philosophy. It was occasionally a bit difficult to be enthusiastic. I'm hoping I'll be more into my next course, as it is Englishy, not all the other arts subjects IN THE WORLD. Ugh, but I am finding it hard to get excited about this damn assignment. Three options, all equally boring. Write about sacred places, or what would Aristotle think about going to the beach? I don't care. Really and truly, I'm going to get on with it tonight and the rest of this weekend. It's only 2,000 words. Plenty of time.

...I've just realised I was meant to have my application for the next course in by today. Oops.

I went back to my fun ballet prancing class last night after a month off. Oh, my poor thigh muscles. I need to get them working hard again before I get all serious business this term! I'm actually typing this sitting on the floor with my legs flung out in a stretchy position. Ouch. I've got lots of work to do. Balancing, I suck at balancing. We're going to be doing some yoga in between the children's Tuesday classes. Bendy! In fact I might go e-shopping for some new dancewear this evening. Heehee...

If anyone's about in an hour or so, and if you don't mind, please quickly comment, private message, Tweet (@gemsybobsy) or Facebook-message me saying something like, "YOU LAZY WORK-SHY BETCH GET OFF THE DAMN INTERNET AND STOP EATING VEGETABLE BIRIYANI AND GET ON WITH YOUR MOTHERFUCKING ESSAY." It would be most appreciated.
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My mind feels like a, I dunno... a giant orgy of jellied eels. Yup. I haven't stopped DOING THINGS throughout this whole month but my brain is still nagging me to do mooooar. Well, the eels are. They're all nagging me to do different things and my brain's just all *queue page of


I dunno. Life is all crazy and things are happening but I just feel like I'm not doing enough creatively or whatever, if that makes sense. No attention span. I'm also rather mood-swingy. I was all pro-active and upbeat and enthusiastic and GO TEAM MUTTS AND MOPS! this morning, and now I'm... not.

I saw the Trocks yesterday! Love love love love LOVE.

I was with my ballet ladies. We laughed so much, and we hovered outside the stage door afterwards to ask nosy questions about pointe shoes. We then wandered along the Strand and back across the South Bank, enjoyed some delicious cheesy tortelloni, then took the longest train home. I think I'm going to do my intermediate ballet exam. Hahaha. I just want to be able to fouetté like those wonderful Trocks. Amazing!

Days 14-18

Jul. 5th, 2010 10:46 pm
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Day 16 → A song that makes you cry (or nearly)
I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. There are plenty more, but that's the one that's really grabbed me by the tear ducts this past year.

Day 17 → An art piece (painting, drawing, sculpture, etc.)

This lovely piece of something by Cézanne. Who's Suzanne, lol lol lol. I dunno much about art, but we studied this guy on my course and I liked this one. My kind of colours.

Day 18 → Whatever tickles your fancy
I love soul music. Love love love it. I think it must've been Mum and Dad's love of The Commitments that got me into it. But yeah, I seriously love soul. Al Green played at the BIC the other night and I didn't know anything about it until it had gone. Gutted. Have a lovely, lovely video of him singing a lovely, lovely song.

Day 19 → A talent of yours
I enter rooms like this:


The rest. )
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Chrissy made me shout out steps to the girls today. She totally sprung it on me unexpectedly, haha. Straight in at the deep end, "Aaand point, lift, point and close. To the side, lift, point, close. To the back, lift, point and close and to the side, lift, point and close. Again to the front, lift..."

I did okay of course but it was hard to speak up over the music with my goddamn heart in my throat. Know my stuff I might (sort of), but a natural public speaker I am not. The girls tell me that I don't need to be scared of them because they are very friendly. :)
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(I posted this earlier then accidentally deleted it. Well done me.)

I've been helping my teacher Chrissy to teach tiny ballerinas on Tuesday afternoons, like I used to do when I was 15. It's so much fun but they do scare me to death, those little ballerinas. I'm no good at interacting with grown-up humans at the best of times, so when they're tiny cheeky starey versions of humans... massive eep. I have to get used to talking to children though, because I really do think they are brilliant (under all the scary), and because I'm a grown-up human (apparently) who is going to have a second niece/nephew around July... and, well, they are going to be saying things to me for the next... zillion years.

It's weird how I get so self-conscious. I don't get how in some situations I can be loud and silly and not give much of a toss, but other times I can't say boo to a goose (stupid expression, that.) I guess it's when I feel like I'm under pressure, or something. I go all shy and stupid. With new people, and if I'm in a position of responsibility especially. I am like this in my own ballet class - I just can't think of anything to say to the other ladies, and I just feel constantly embarrassed. When I worked at B&Q I was scared of everyone. I hate it, because it's not really me - the real me is really rather loud and silly. I still get like it when I go into B&Q as well. Today I went in for a tarpaulin and Debbie was all, "Hello! You've changed, your hair's really short now!" I went, "Yeah, *giggle*, yeah it is, *giggle*...thanks," and ran away. WHY DID I SAY THANKS?! She didn't say it looked nice! OH LORD. Such an idiot. I get all nervous and tongue-tied and come out with, like, strings of ridiculous words. And then of course I'll think about what I said all the way home (and years later, sometimes!) and... I should just superglue my face right into my palm in all honesty.

However, get me on a stage and I carry on like my confidence is made of 68 flavours of awesomesauce. If I'm singing though, or saying lines or dancing well-rehearsed steps, I know exactly what I've got to do and there's minimal risk of making a tit of one's self. That's it - it's improvisation I don't like. Cringey. Life is one big improvisation. Haha.

It's also insanely good at the moment though, so I'll stop whinging. I am happy! For three main reasons - 1. I'm healthy(ish), 2. because even though I don't have a lot of money I'm doing so many cool things with my life, and 3. because the motherlovin' amazing [ profile] doctorwhy is back!


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