Jan. 1st, 2014 06:12 pm
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What did you do in 2013 that you'd never done before?
Bought ghee, helped rescue Jaeger from the river (and got a letter published in the Journal), supported Black Light Burns (Wes Borland's band), saw a Bowie tribute dude, saw the Bowie museum exhibition in London,

Was 2013 a good year for you?
Ummm... yeah it was okay! No 2011, but I don't think any year will beat that year.

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And of course, my tedious gig list is here, as always, or on LastFM.
And GoodReads.
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G woke up to the familiar, annoying sound of Didz yappery, after just three hours of sleep, hir entire body aching after a week of scrubbing, dancing and gallivanting around London. Ze hauled hirself out from under the duvet and down the stairs in order to shush the yappery right up by putting food in the offending Didz. Ze dumped a container of old pork and another container of old tuna pasta out onto the floor, and went the hell back to bed. The agenda for today, G thought, as ze languidly stretched out again, was to stay the hell in bed. Ze then remembered that ze'd intended to make a ginormous cup of coffee, and when the desire to do so overwhelmed the desire to stay still, ze shuffled into hir slippers and went back downstairs. Jon was in the process of making a cup of tea for himself, so G wished him a good morning and they exchanged mumbles of whingery over the inconvenience of the Didz yappery.

G stomped back upstairs and burrowed back into hir squeaky bed, grabbing hir phone in the process. Peering at it, ze gleefully realised that it was only seven forty-five. Yay, early! A whole Saturday to thonself! Suddenly bed was boring, and ze began conjuring plans to walk dogs, pick up some rabbits, and make a website. Then ze fired up these here internets and visited hir usual sites: ze caught up on lolz, messaged Tam on Facebook, posted pictures of hir gorgeous party hair, read four boring stories and started one vaguely intriguing work-in-progress, lost interest, jealously skimmed someone's account of seeing the 'Let's Kill Hitler' premiere last night, and then started to write this.

As this was being written, G was making plans to tidy up this journal and back it all up, making sure ze covered every gig and trip. Ze realised ze hadn't yet shared hir America trip and decided to get on that at some point today as well. But really, ze ought to just do nothing for a change. Sleep would be good. Damned insomnia. So ze posted this, stared at the ceiling, and waited for something interesting to happen.
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Lovely weather, eh?

Walkin' dogs.
Cleanin' gaffs.
Seein' bands.
Singin' covers in a new band (which will hopefully mean gigs + money).
Havin' fun.
Livin' dream.


I really can't think of anything to write about. Haha! Oh, I'm planning an epic trip somewhere hot for my 30th, seeing as my party is now cancelled. If anyone's got any suggestions of nice places, that'd be nice! One of my mates can't fly though, so it'd probably have to be France/Spain. I'm thinking Spain. Andalucia, perhaps. Costa del Lol!

OH SNAP. I just won a ticket to see a recording of Cabin Pressure. LMAO MY LIFE IS MADE OF SO MUCH WIN.
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I hate cleaning. I don't want to do it. I love doggies. I want to be Mutts and Mutts!

Hobby 1:
Dancing is awesome. We're doing a Christmas show; it's all so cute. Took all the classes by myself on Tuesday. I seem to get on with kids even though they terrify me. They like me 'cause I'm daft. Being slowly convinced that I should do my exams and be a teacher.

Hobby 2:
I just really want to be IN MY BAND, ON A STAGE, PLAYING GIGS IN BERLIN AND THINGS, BUT EVERYONE'S BEING TOO SLOW ABOUT IT. It's been two years in progress now, and I'm getting so impatient! Live mixes, now? WE HAVE TO HAVE SO MANY MIXES. I just want to GET ON THE DAMN STAAAGE.

Obligatory moans:
My mind is being all noisy and I'm not getting much sleep. I look disgusting. On Tuesday my nan said, "You look knackered, girl." Awesome. I feel it, tbh. And ill, again. I have felt sick for a whole week. I haven't [TMI]been to the loo[/TMI] since Monday night before I got on the scaryplane. IBS/anxiety/depression/etc is balls, I tell you. And I have this lumpy feeling under my right rib cage; it feels like there's something in there, and nobody will believe me. 'It's just cartilage.' 'It's just glands.' 'It's just your soft ribs.' It's not supposed to feel like that! It gets all tender and owies, and it feels like it pops when I cough and when I bend over quickly, or do anything, in fact. Doing my swede in. And my toof is broken AGAIN. That'll be another £200. I need a new body, plz.



Oct. 8th, 2010 04:36 pm
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So much for being more interactive on the internets... it seems that flurry of activity on LJ and Twitter etc. a couple of weeks ago was... just a flurry. Haha. I'm not feeling very interesting at the moment. I've gone a bit boring and, er, organised. I've been cleaning the house! I've been doing my accounts and organising my paperwork! I've started Christmas shopping! I know, right? Shocking behaviour. Busy, I am being!

Family birthdays too, Alex was 21 last week and it's Paul's tonight. So there's been a bit of using the word 'partying' as a verb, I'm afraid. But no drinking. I thought I would miss the drinking, but I really haven't. It's so nice to be able to drive home and be back in my shell as soon as possible after a night out. I love it. I might go into the reasons why I stopped drinking another day, but right now there are six dogs in my hallway who need fondling. BRB.
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Arse. I missed the box set auction. I woke up at 11.11am, and the auction finished at 11.10am. Damn it. Oh well, I found a better one with a box at half the price. So I’m bidding for that one now. Lazy day; just surfed the net and watched videos etc. Boring really. Practised bass with Dave.


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