Sep. 28th, 2015 10:10 am
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I keep saying to myself, 'Update your frickin' diary because when you're 68 you'll be like "I wonder what you were doing on Maytember 68th 2015," and you will never, ever remember ever again.' Looking through my recent (!) entries, they were all Facebook posts, so I don't know if I really see the point. But I'm trying. I miss this space where I could whinge and go over small details without the judgement that seems to be prevalent on Facebook. Haha.

I've got that old problem of what to put where, though. Like, I used to have a band website, and then a few silly little 'about me' websites, where I'd write any old bollocks; as I felt the need to share my 'any old bollocks' with the world, way before I knew about LJ, and it was before social media was a Thing. Other than my own sites I had Yahoo! groups but they were very specific, on-topic sorts of places. Then I had the Muse forum's off-topic section. Then I had Deadjournal/Livejournal. Then MySpace, then Facebook. Now I just have Facebook and Twitter - if I tweet, it shares to Facebook so people who are friends with me on both platforms get my gubbins twice, but it doesn't do vice versa, so I just use Facebook for everything and Twitter gets forgotten... meanwhile this place is completely abandoned. I do worry that Facebook will one day go the way of MySpace and be forgotten about, and all my memories will go with it.

SO HERE I AM BACK AGAIN WITH NUFFINK TO SAY because anything vaguely interesting gets put out there in little snippets on Facebook, haha.

So, stuff from my bad-ass life. SO MUCH STUFF needs to be covered! Still got all the band gigs/tour memories to write about. Probably about 6 years of adventures. Trips to America, Germany, Scotland and Finland. I will hopefully get around to it! I've been back living in Southampton for two years now, I have a little flat above a washing machine shop. It's very cute. I can't even remember if I've written about that. Blimey. Still got my Didz. Still Mutts & Mops. Lots of new friends. Lots of my old friends' lives have changed a lot. Been through therapy and seem to be at the top of the depression hill, which is lovely considering I've suffered with it for the best part of 20 years. I think a lot of the solution to that came with getting older and working a lot on self-acceptance. I might go into it in more detail too... Yet another thing on the LJ to-do list!

I think I'll leave it there for now... I feel like this has contributed nothing to the story of my life. :D

Oh, because I already told Facebook this (see, this is the trouble!) - I got up and watched the lunar eclipse last night, which was nice. Got up at 2:30 and then 3:30 to see it in two different stages. The bugger had nearly moved right round to the windowless side of my flat though so I had to lean out of the window! It was quite beaut, all dark and goth. I wish I'd set up the telescope.
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Actually my evening's been quite dull, and a bit faily. I was messing around with new hoovery bits and a screwdriver and my fubar Dyson (I broke said new hoovery bits and ended up just ordering a new hoover). Then I picked glue off of some old tins for crafty purposes (and cut myself in the process). I started planning Christmas, got pissed off, and planned to cancel Christmas, made disgusting cookies (and gave them to Didz), did two loads of laundry in my cute baby washing machine, sat by the fire and drank about 10 cups of coffee (spilt some on the carpet and melted my kettle handle a little bit). Then I sat down to eat some walnuts that tasted a bit like paint and watched two awful films. That's a lot of THINGS, right? So why do I always feel like I've wasted all my time when I've done a lot of THINGS (even if they all turned out hilariously disastrous)? It reminds me of when I went through that bout of GAAAH a few months ago. Five windows and EastEnders (argh Yusef gtfo!) on the go all at once, and still bored.

So, I be getting on with useful, creative, interesting things. I been makin' foods. I maked curry and soup and bread and all sorts. I'm staying in this weekend and will make more cookin' in mah kitchen, and make use of some of these lovely books I've blagged... I might sit here and play some musics and time will whizz by and I'll think I've done nothing because I don't seem to recognise that I'm actually doing things. I always go to bed feeling like I've not done anything. Like I'm getting no feeling of accomplishment, or whatever, even if I consciously know that I haven't stopped for breath all day.

ANYWAY. I love living here. Some bits of town look like they belong in a rural village and some look like the posh bits of Covent Garden. Didz and I get so much attention everywhere we go. Our local doggy park is gorgeous. I still don't have my parking permit so I park my car at the Winchester and walk home across town from there. Whenever I nip into/walk past the pub for whatever reason, peoples ask me to stay for a drink! Nice peoples! I hardly ever go out at the moment though because I'm really scared about money and I never feel very sociable. I love it when people pop round mine, mostly, but I never want to stay out anywhere for a drink or round someone else's for a cuppa or whatever. I guess that's quite rude; expecting people to come to me. Is it? I'm LOVING all this space, though. I spend my weekends listening to the evil laughing ducks outside my bedroom window, strolling about the park and chillin' on my chaise longue. I'm in a quiet little schizoid bubble of glorious cocoon-like win. Heavenly. I don't need to go out at all this weekend 'cause my shonky old cupboards are full and I don't have any errands to run or gigs to play or see or any pesky sociableness to participate in. And I have some CUSTARD. Hell yeah.

For paws that do dishes.


Oct. 8th, 2010 04:36 pm
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So much for being more interactive on the internets... it seems that flurry of activity on LJ and Twitter etc. a couple of weeks ago was... just a flurry. Haha. I'm not feeling very interesting at the moment. I've gone a bit boring and, er, organised. I've been cleaning the house! I've been doing my accounts and organising my paperwork! I've started Christmas shopping! I know, right? Shocking behaviour. Busy, I am being!

Family birthdays too, Alex was 21 last week and it's Paul's tonight. So there's been a bit of using the word 'partying' as a verb, I'm afraid. But no drinking. I thought I would miss the drinking, but I really haven't. It's so nice to be able to drive home and be back in my shell as soon as possible after a night out. I love it. I might go into the reasons why I stopped drinking another day, but right now there are six dogs in my hallway who need fondling. BRB.


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