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Just make it a good one, eh?
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I feel so festive. It's too warm to feel like (almost) December, but I don't care - I'm using my Christmas icon anyway. I actually hope it doesn't snow this year because I need to be able to get around and earn money! The town is all lit up with tacky-ass crap and I love it. I went shopping with Mum and the curly nieces and my Nan yesterday and it was lovely. I've been making gorgeous (but, methinks, too heavy?) decorations for the tree I plan to obtain from somewhere tomorrow. I've been ordering presents for all the little girlies online and I have some oranges drying in the oven right now, covered in sugar and ground cloves - the smell of which used to be Christmassy to me, but now just reminds me of toothache. Boo. I might walk into town in a minute and get my Secret Santa present for my allocated Muser, and I might go and buy some pretty ribbon just for fun.

LOVELY. I bloody love this time of year. And I've got more than enough to pay my first rent! HURRAH!

Bad stuff: I'm being plagued with IBS daily and I would like it to stroll on, please. It ruined an awesome gig for me last night, so it did. I think Didz might have it too, because he has made a lovely stain on the carpet by the front door. Argh. So this is why dogs aren't always welcome tenants! My palm is attached to my face.


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