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In July 2013, after a weekend of cider and playing a set with the band in Electrowerkz in London (more on that when I eventually get round to writing up my Dreams Divide adventures), I set aside a week off to begin an experiment which I hope will continue, at least once a year, for the foreseeable. I might make a book, actually, if enough interesting stuff happens to us on these adventures. The One Rule of the experiment:

1. Go on holiday with your dog, and do not leave your dog out of any adventures. Of course, this means you can only go to dog friendly establishments.

You will need yourself, a dog, a sense of adventure and a car full of STUFF.

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Argh after all that bitching and moaning about wanting to go out 'n' rock out with my cock out, I have some friends who want to see me for a pint or five and now my tummy's decided to kick off. DARNSARNIT. And I'm missing Industrial Fallout tonight. Fucken booooo.

Oh well, the next few months are FULLY PACKED with adventures. Well, five or six adventures. Frankenstein. Two Devy gigs. Two Kyuss Lives! gigs. One Dreams Divide gig. *quakes in slippers*

I have some beer! I also have very silly internets, plans for some writings, and I've just (luckily) realised my uni course starts today so I might have another can and whip out the ol' books. Not very enthusiastic about this one to be honest. Looks dull.


Aug. 12th, 2002 10:18 pm
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A little story for you:

Monday 5th August – Gah, flying
Got up at stupid o’clock to beat the traffic and got to the airport stupidly early! Did some shopping and had munchies and coffee. Flight out was nasty, stupid pressure made my head cane. It was only3 hours but it felt like forever. And I only bought Origin of Symmetry with me in my hand luggage, so that was a bit boring after listening to it for the third time. Got to Majorca, found taxi to take us to apartment in Pollensa. Missed all the scenery ‘cause I fell asleep! Went to the beach when we got there, and to the swimming pool. Went to a posh restaurant for a meal. Had chicken, nice-cream and many jugs of sangria.

Tuesday 6 August – On the rocks
Went to the other end of the beach today where there were rocks with birdies on. I swam all the way out to them and crept up to them. It was lovely, I was 'this' close to them! We were there all day, swimming and sunbathing and we went for Bacardi and cokes at the little bar and back to the pool. We went back and got posh for the evening. We went to Tolo’s and had a huge seafood pizza! Lush. They only had stupid skinny ones though, no damn deep pan.

Wednesday 7 August – Sangria!
Went shopping around the resort today and I sent some postcards and got some pressies. Went back to the pool in the afternoon. Instead of dinner tonight we all went to this hotel Lisa and Steve stayed in last time they went, and we had loads of sangria. I was rather drunk to say the least. Thank God I don’t get hangovers.

Thursday 8 August –Nightswimming
Today we went to Alcudia and visited this big water park. It had 2 big slides and half-pipey flumey thingies. I went on the biggest one once, and didn’t go again. It fucking hurt! Mitch and I went on all the other slides instead. Then it rained. It got really cold, and we all sat under these trees shivering, and Steve carried on going on all the slides, haha. We went back to Pollensa and had a meal (mmm, paella) and then we went swimming in the sea in the dark! Looking at the coast from the sea was amazing. All lit up and so pretty…

Friday 9 August – Come in my cave
Today it rained ALL DAY. But it was okay, ‘cause we hired a car and drove around the island, and went to the Caves of Drach! It was incredible, really eerie and calm. Pretty prettiness. Further underground there was a lake which was so fucking green, and there was an orchestra playing on these lit-up boats. Absolutely incredible. Then we got to ride on the boats too! After this we went up to Formentor, the highest point. Talk about one extreme to the other. Incredible views, like. Then the sun came out and we walked along the beach in search of Michael Douglas’s house. We saw some lovely big houses. Yachts everywhere. We stayed in this evening and had mussels for tea on the balcony. Lush.

Saturday 10 August – Storminess
Stayed in the apartment all morning. Stupid rain. Went wandering around the town and I got a underwater camera. Fun and games. Beach again. I saw the best lightning I have ever, ever seen tonight. Fuck me with big sticks.

Sunday 11 August – Jumping bugs!
We hired a boat and went snorkelling off it. Fucking brilliant. I doubt the photos will be any good though, the water wasn’t too clear. We just spent the rest of the day in the town, went to Tolo’s again for drinks. There’s tons of cockroaches out there. And bugs that jump. O_o

Monday 12 August – Home day *sulk*
I woke up at 6am this morning to make my way to the beach to watch the sun come up. And I’m fucking glad I did. I don’t think I will ever, EVER feel that happy and content again. I sat in the sand and watched the sun beam it’s first light over the mountains. And it was so, so beautiful that it nearly made me cry. I swam in the sea when it was light and warm enough, and it was so still. I was completely alone with the birds. I wandered about the town and went to the supermarket for some breakfast. I didn’t get back to the apartment until 10am! Finished packing and made the trip home. Went to Nan’s afterwards for wine and Chinese food. Knackered.


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