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"It's actually really nice to be able to wash the champagne off my leg."
"I can't reach my sangria from this side of the hot tub."
"The chlorine is turning my hair green."
"The pool isn't long enough to do lengths."
"I prefer green pools to blue ones."
"Nigga made a pizza!"
"I'd bash her back doors in."
"I'd knock her back wheels off."
"Don't spunk in my belly button, there's a Fox's glacier mint in there already."
"If you had an outie you'd make a Polo."
"Crickets are BAMFs."
"What was that?!"
"A big fucking bang."
"I need my teeth!"
"Hot tub is hot!"
"Fourteen carat gold, Lenny!"
"Group hug! Naked group hug! Group motorboat!"
"The Celts don't exist!"
"Hit that little nigga with a freeze pop!"
"Hey, Chief! I might be wrong, but I think we're about to fly into a mountain. This makes me feel scared of the mountain!"
"I don't know if you know, but I'm kind of a big deal."
"Someone's got sand in their vagina."
"You see that?! You can't make that out of polystyrene and duct tape!"
"That's not evil; that's foreplay. Or am I getting the two confused?"
"Have I told anyone that I wouldn't mind going horse riding this week?"

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I keep opening this pesky Post an Entry box but realise I have far too much to say and too little at the same time. Hmmm. That sounds familiar; I'm sure I've said that before. Aaanyway, MARCH.

My littlest niece, Stevie, was christened on the 20th.

She looks a bit sketched out here but she is the smiliest baby in the world. She's got such a lovely character already! She's got... like... an aura of sensitive cheeriness. Or summink. It was a lovely day, in lovely Wilton, with lots of sunshine and daffodils and windmills and cake.

I showed Steve Frankenstein at the cinema and we both emerged rather speechless and emotional. It seemed to be more moving the second time, although not as awesome as it was seeing it in the flesh. I guess more of the meaning of the lines went in this time. And then of course I saw it again (hell yeah) with Anna and Jon - Ben was playing Frankenstein this time, with his mad skillz and frock-coated glory. I told Facebook: 'I swear he is made of precious ginger stardust.' It's TRUE.

Max & Aino came to town for an Ikea mission and dinner (yay), I've been going out and eating lots of doughnuts and cheese scones with Steve and going to Nik's for dinner (they do food now at the Greyhound!) and generally eating out FAR TOO MUCH (yay). I've also had a bad cold (boo), missed too much ballet (boo), joined another band (yay), business is slow (boo, but also yay), and decided to go swimming more and stop eating shite so I can finally shift this darn flab from my arse (yay).

Then on the 26th I decided I wanted to flounce around Selfridges, motherlovers, and buy some goddamn posh-ass makeup. So I went, and got caught right in the middle of that protest thingy. Squishy. And then there were engineering works on the bleedin' train. Remind me to check news and trains and things more often, okay? Ta. I headed for Islington and ate some damn cheese scones. Then I met [ profile] bossmew for some lolz, of which there were many.

Then I went on stage with Devin Townsend.


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