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2014-04-18 04:12 pm

Bowel beef continued.

High fibre, high carb diet. I love it. This is why I've failed at weight control over the years - I've been trying to portion control tiny amounts of high fat/protein + *soluble* fibre foods because I thought I had to limit *insoluble* fibre. I naturally have a sweet tooth and LOVE carb-heavy foods, and when I can eat things like:

- Whole grains/corn
- Legumes
- Apples and pears
- Other fresh and dried fruits

I am able to control my weight because my body is getting what it craves. BUT because my tummy always hurts, and all the usual IBS advice (including the low-FODMAP diet) tells you that those are the foods you need to limit/avoid, I have found it difficult to stay satisfied (and slim). For years I've been having protein, fats and vegetables low in soluble fibre. So I'd get into a cycle of eating lots of protein and leaves and berries for a day (thinking the leaves and berries should do for fibre) and then giving into my cravings for grains and eating thousands of white, refined bakery products (as white > wholegrain for IBS of course, so it was fine!) I put these typical days as examples into MyFitnessPal and a typical 'healthy day' I was getting only 12-14g fibre most of which was soluble. On a 'Bakery Diet' day I was having far less. So, to be TMI about it - I was adding to the bulk of the stuff in there with the soluble fibre, but the lack of insoluble fibre was making things move too slowly and therefore not letting anything out. Hence the 4 extra inches of belly.

So over the past three weeks I've been gradually reintroducing insoluble fibre, with resultage. I'm still having pains, maybe due to fat (will try quitting chocolate after Easter!) or an intolerance - I still suspect that my gut hates high levels of fructose and have therefore been bombarding it with ripe bananas + strained yoghurt to try and sort out my Good Bacteria. I haven't tried lactose yet. I will carry on doing this for another month or so, in case the bloating is just adjusting to higher amounts of fibrey things and will settle down (normally I'd have quit by now and gone back to the Bakery Diet!). If it's still going on I'll have to try eliminating things again. Sigh. In the meantime I've got my gastroenterologist appointment on 21st May which is why I'm writing all this.

Summary: still don't know the cause of the pain/bloating, but at least for now the things are moving through more quickly. Yay. And I've lost 5lbs already!
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2014-02-23 12:28 am

oh hai diary

Decided I should start posting my rants in here again instead of inflicting it on my Facebook friends list. Somehow I feel like I have to write better here, though. Make it like a blog/article, instead of a rant, which works better on Facebook? Haha, I bet this doesn't last. I've been snoozing all evening because of migraine, and now I'm all inspired to write about what's been going on with my health and that.

After 3 months of rigorous diary keeping and investigation, I think I have got to the bottom of my belly problems. Fruit and vegetables. I was always eating loads, and all sorts of different ones, and whether it was the sugars, free fructose, too much fibre... I dunno. But now, I'm basically just eating green leafy veg and blueberries, and it's been great. I'm thinking maybe my bowel can't deal with a lot of different types of sugar at once. I'm still also avoiding having too much lactose at once, as well as things like mushrooms and avocados and sweeteners (polyols) and wheat (fructans). Basically, it's the low-FODMAP diet, but with little of the fruits and vegetables that the low-FODMAP diet says are 'safe'. Before, when I tried low-FODMAP, I incorporated as many of the safe ones that I possibly could. So it didn't work. I'd have salads with cucumber, peppers and tomatoes, curries with loads of carrot, broccoli and all sorts, all at once; as many vegetables on the 'safe' list as I could because I thought I had to, to get all the vitamins.

But. Now I am going to have to limit all of the things I have been eating instead, because they're contributing to this chronic migraine aura and vague headache that I've got going on, and that is DOING MY HEAD IN. I've been munching on nuts, dark chocolate chips, peanut butter, Nutella, vinegar dressings, caffeine, tinned fish, pre-cooked chicken (I have the basics Sainsbury's brand which I will need to check for nitrites, sulphites and tyramines) and... condiments... and yoghurt (not been eating much of that but I did buy some last week because I haven't been getting many animal products of late and now IDK WHETHER TO EAT IT OR NOT ARGH).

FFS. So now, I'm left with... green veg, blueberries, potatoes, rice, oats, spelt flakes (which seem to be great for me)... eggs and fresh meat...and for my sweeties, I'm going to have to just have, like, popcorn and white chocolate. Which = binge territory. I liked snacking on nuts and dried fruits and dark chocolate chips because they didn't lead to bingery. I guess I could make pancakes with blueberries and maple syrup. Or I could not have anything sweet ever again and die miserable but at least I would shift some of the flab off my ample butt.

Also I am having therapy for my failbrain, and it is rubbish so far.
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2012-08-13 01:52 am

My IBS Story

I was first diagnosed with IBS when I was about 17 years old, although it probably went on before that. I have been back to see various doctors a few times since, always with similar complaints. I broke down one time and told one doctor that I couldn’t take it anymore, and he said, "Well, we know it can’t be anything really nasty, because you haven’t dropped dead yet." Brilliant. I’ve been on countless tablets for it; been prescribed sachets and potions and capsules and nothing has worked. I’ve never been referred to a specialist, and when I asked a different doctor about further tests, she actually laughed and said, "It would be nice if the NHS could stretch to that, but…"
This is long, and there's a little bit of TMI but it's not too graphic! )
Lately though, I think I’ve gone a stage further. I decided to experiment with low carb, to try and shift this pesky druggy weight (lol). For the past week I’ve eaten quite Atkins-like. I’ve just been trying to keep carbs low, but keep fibre in. Apart from one popcorn binge and one huge Jammy Dodger binge, I’ve not had any grains or starches – none of my usual piles of chips, rice/oat cakes, rice, oats, corn, noodles or quinoa. I’ve also refrained from eating fruit, apart from a few frozen blueberries. I’ve missed these foods, because they are my daily staples! Cutting them out has meant I’ve eaten a lot more leafy veg and protein instead, and, as an unintended and surprising result, my tummy has been amazing. FLAT. FLAT! Less wind and really healthy poos. No pain! The 'lump' under my rib isn't as noticeable! And! I’ve lost 3lbs. I will carry on experimenting and researching, because while I’ve done a bit of reading on grain-free diets (sort of like the paleo/stone-age diet), I don’t know if it’s the healthiest way to be. But, at the moment, I am a little bit excited.