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"Dog on bed dog on floor dog on chair dog on bed dog on floor SIT STAY DOG"

"I'm very nearly on holiday!! all paid work is done, my house is CLEAN, my laundry is DONE. just need to do SOMETHING with the heap of crap on my dining table. Jebus balls, how on earth did I ever think I could live in a studio flat i do not know. But yeah. HOLIDAY. Got Earthling on full blast (to drown out annoying dog over the lane who YAPS AT EVERY NOISE I MAKE FFS) and am going to put on some makeups and fresh clobes and HIT THE TOWN. and THEN, I will be on holiday. OH YISSSSSSSS"

"right, didz and me are going on holiday bye"
(NOTE: I actually had a week's holiday in July. I will maybe do a separate post about this)

"Laundry ✔
Ironing ✔
Fishtank ✔
Sort out diary
Ring people who have rang me about cleaning and try to fit them into the mad diary of mad
Get rid of zits
Record vocals for Dreams Divide album
Record a video for Dreams Divide single (Tuesday)
Embark on Operation Lean as Balls
Find flat & move"

"gemsy = a bit shit. what the feck do i do with my life? what."

"our office"

"Gemsy Davison changed his profile picture

this better work. i'm looking at you, belly — feeling determined."

"landlady still hasn't replied to my notice email... maybe she's refusing to acknowledge that her best tenant ever is leaving..."

"I'm luxuriating in my lovely sunny bedroom with a cup of coffee while Didz is downstairs. don't eat my beef."

"Just paid my last ever rent on beautiful salisbury house :'( :'( "

"I want to officially ditch 'miss' as a title. Can I do that? I mean it's not that big a deal; I just don't want to fill in the 'title' thing when I do forms! The only thing about it that bothers me daily is seeing my bloody bank card. My credit card just has initials and surname, which is fine, that's what I use. I never use 'miss' and don't want to anymore."

"Also I have fudging had it with the fudging badgering traffic bullshine hour-long fudgesicle car queue traffic jam bullshine coming into diddly Salisbury every diddly Friday afterdiddlynoon. Rush hour is meant to be 5pm and I do not like sitting in a queue at any other time of the day! So get back to work you fudging diddly workshy barstewards"

"Epicloud in my car. Devin Townsend should be Doctor no. 13. he would be terrifyingly and omnisciently hilarious. The kids would love the fart jokes."

"Just sitting here thinking about my successful day!
- house clean
- jolly skip around paddocks with Bronte and Didz (found blackberries!)
- long coffee and chat with customer in her gorgeous garden
- house clean
- lunchtime hugs with my three newfoundlands (I recommend newfie kisses for all)
- walkies with Seymour and the doodlenoodle
- house clean x 2
- a visit with a lovely couple and their two dogs who I will be housesitting for this weekend, who showed me where the doggy bits are and where the booze is (pink gin!) and said I could have people round to play at their amazing house while I stay there, haha
- drove home, tidied garden, quick chat outside with Mindi & Lee who came to relieve me of some compost
- big green veggie dinner with loads of ginger, with some beer and coffee and frozen blueberries
hell yeah successful life days
also lost 2lbs overnight, bam, always a good start"

"Just had to give in to the caffeine cravings & get a diet coke. Or was it a diet coke craving? Argh damnit why do I need these silly things. I need to quit Coke as is eroding my front teeth ffs. So grumpy and headachey without it!"

"just thinking - new gaff has electric hob. (bleurgh). Am thinking my stovetop whistling kettle wouldn't be very efficient on an electric ring. maybe time to get a plug in kettle... boo"

"doctor who proms
little boy's face
woman starts singing
my eyes are welling up within three notes"

"almost 50l compost i have made
haven't used it at all and been buying bags
now moving to house with no garden

"DUN ALL THE COMPOST. Got 150l. I was thinking it was full up with unrotted stuff and it hadn't worked, but ALL of it is well-rotted lovely jubbly compostage."

"just look how grown up is my curly niece number one!!! i love her epic face
Dhana all ready to start big school x

"In the race to finish the vocals the winner is (DRRRRRRUUUUMMMMROLLLLL) GEM!!!
She wins 10 songs to 9...David's final track will be done tomorrow.
Congratulations Gem, here's your vocal lets get the beers in!!!
who loves dreams divide? I LOVE DREAMS DIVIDE! Is it true? mmmhmmm! i do i do i doohooooo"

"So, I have had an epiphany.
Ordinary, harmless particles in my environment (specifically grass pollen, dog dander and dust mites - I have the best job then) give me unbearably extreme asthma, rhinitis and eczema.
Too much tyramine, caffeine and/or alcohol in any unpredictable pattern or amount will give me 'persistent migraine aura' and occasional horrendous migraine headaches.
Any food at all gives me bellyache. And when I say 'bellyache' I am being polite; I actually mean that my colon hates everything I put in it, I have consistent unbearably painful bloating and I can't ever poo properly.
So basically have come to the conclusion that my body just hates being human and living on Earth, and therefore require a spaceship for my birthday. donations welcome - paypal -"

"sorting CDs for 4 hours. only got as far as B. Stupid Bowie"

"that was a nice drive around somerset in a giant QUEUE OF TRAFFIC
there's too many damn people on this island, gtfo"

"Travel time from to last dog drop off -> new flat = 1 minute.
Travel time from last dog drop off -> current house = hour and a half ARHGSKDHIUGHA SFCA
Actually going to get really ratty with it now because I know I'm moving, hahaha"


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