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"I told a dog to 'shut his bone-hole' today. Still laughing. I'm so hilarious"

"I love driving in the snow I love doggies I love dosh I love dancing I love dusting I love dreams divide I love my LIFE!"

"Darn collie now trying to take over my pillow! Heard this sleepy 'nfff' sound of a nose in my ear, then whacked in the head by a cheesy paw"

"Didz is so ripped. He is proof that everyone needs to eat bones and run really fast in huge circles to stay fit."

"Well, good gig, but my voice died in the first song just fml forever, srsly I can't drive or fit into my stage clothes or even bloomin sing. Haha still buzzing tho, hell yeah. I just lol and carry on tbh cuz I can cuz we are dreams divide damnit"

"only on the muse board does a thread called 'positive thoughts' turn into a discussion about dead animals"

"okay so this morning I woke up and saw a coin on the floor and I was thinking, 'ooh there's a coin, I need a coin' and then couldn't remember what I needed one for, then I remembered - I needed one to undo the screws in the air conditioning unit that would help me escape the meat locker that the cannibals locked me in in the walking dead game."

"You know those random words you buy in all the homeware departments of shops and tesco's and that? They're made of wood or metal and say things like LOVE and HOME and BATH, for some lame reason. Well I would like some of those. Dad can you make me some out of your driftwood please? xxx but I would like them to say things like TWAT and NOOB."

"THINGS I never thought I'd be thinking to myself in 2013: "I must remember to pick up a copy of David Bowie's new album"
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