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Decided I should start posting my rants in here again instead of inflicting it on my Facebook friends list. Somehow I feel like I have to write better here, though. Make it like a blog/article, instead of a rant, which works better on Facebook? Haha, I bet this doesn't last. I've been snoozing all evening because of migraine, and now I'm all inspired to write about what's been going on with my health and that.

After 3 months of rigorous diary keeping and investigation, I think I have got to the bottom of my belly problems. Fruit and vegetables. I was always eating loads, and all sorts of different ones, and whether it was the sugars, free fructose, too much fibre... I dunno. But now, I'm basically just eating green leafy veg and blueberries, and it's been great. I'm thinking maybe my bowel can't deal with a lot of different types of sugar at once. I'm still also avoiding having too much lactose at once, as well as things like mushrooms and avocados and sweeteners (polyols) and wheat (fructans). Basically, it's the low-FODMAP diet, but with little of the fruits and vegetables that the low-FODMAP diet says are 'safe'. Before, when I tried low-FODMAP, I incorporated as many of the safe ones that I possibly could. So it didn't work. I'd have salads with cucumber, peppers and tomatoes, curries with loads of carrot, broccoli and all sorts, all at once; as many vegetables on the 'safe' list as I could because I thought I had to, to get all the vitamins.

But. Now I am going to have to limit all of the things I have been eating instead, because they're contributing to this chronic migraine aura and vague headache that I've got going on, and that is DOING MY HEAD IN. I've been munching on nuts, dark chocolate chips, peanut butter, Nutella, vinegar dressings, caffeine, tinned fish, pre-cooked chicken (I have the basics Sainsbury's brand which I will need to check for nitrites, sulphites and tyramines) and... condiments... and yoghurt (not been eating much of that but I did buy some last week because I haven't been getting many animal products of late and now IDK WHETHER TO EAT IT OR NOT ARGH).

FFS. So now, I'm left with... green veg, blueberries, potatoes, rice, oats, spelt flakes (which seem to be great for me)... eggs and fresh meat...and for my sweeties, I'm going to have to just have, like, popcorn and white chocolate. Which = binge territory. I liked snacking on nuts and dried fruits and dark chocolate chips because they didn't lead to bingery. I guess I could make pancakes with blueberries and maple syrup. Or I could not have anything sweet ever again and die miserable but at least I would shift some of the flab off my ample butt.

Also I am having therapy for my failbrain, and it is rubbish so far.
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Migraine with aura
In surveys of people affected by migraine in the general population, only about 18 per cent said that their attacks were preceded by an aura (check), which typically lasts for 20-30 minutes before the headache (check). In the majority of cases there is a visual disturbance (go on...). This may consist of blurred vision (check), flashing lights (check) or, occasionally, a zigzag disturbance which moves across the person’s field of vision from the centre towards the edge over the course of around half an hour (CHECK, DAMN YOU). The affected person may be unable to see properly for some time while this disturbance is going on (checkity check).

Tingling and numbness affecting the face (check), lips (check), tongue (check), cheek (check) or fingertips (check) are also common and may occur at the same time (check) as the visual disturbance, or more rarely before (check) or after it (check).

Weakness in one of the arms (check) or legs (check) is less often seen, but speech disturbances (check) are more common. Problems with speech are limited to slurring words (check) in most cases, but some people experience difficulty in finding their words (CHECK ARGH H8 H8 H8), again usually for 20-30 minutes. As was explained earlier, these symptoms are all believed to be due to an electrical disturbance on the surface of the brain (fabulous). They are not actually caused by a disturbance of blood flow in the brain (how marvellous), and the risk of permanent damage to the brain is very small even after repeated attacks (brilliant, bring out the flags).
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Heh, I had the migraine from hell last night. Felt like I was being stabbed in the side of the head and in the back of the eye. Shit was awful. I was talking rubbish! It got so bad I phoned the emergency services, and I think I have quite a high pain threshold in general/certainly don't over-react in any way over health matters. By the time a paramedic phoned me back I was talking okay and stuff, so I wasn't rushed in or anything; my sis came and got me and we went to an out-of-hours doctor where I was given codeine and some anti-sickness stuff because I felt so darn sick. Today I went to my regular GP and got stronger triptans, some propanololololololololol and a referral for a CT scan. How exciting!
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...if I'm doing the right thing. I went drinking on Friday at my local-pub-to-be, all unexpectedly like, and had a great time. I went to Fallout last night and sat on the sofa in the front bar for most of the night, panicking about money, and I'm sitting here now panicking about money... which is silly, because I'm well on my way to scoring a few more customers in the area and I've been offered bar work, and there is some interest from another cleaning company who want a part-time housekeeper, dear, and...

I don't know. I'm wondering if running away from Southampton is really the best thing to be doing considering I've only just managed to get my life and brain on the happy train. After so many years of struggling with the devil's own depression, anxiety, social problems and the lowest of low self-esteem, I've managed to strip all of that away and uncover my true self; I'm confident, strong, and happy to be myself wherever I go. So should I risk that by changing everything again? Why do I always get bored when things are going along nicely, and want to stir things up? And why move towns, when new people are all terrifying and/or a potential bell end? I'm confident now, but I'm still wary of people. 'Bring it on! Give those fuckers a (metaphorical) taste of Teh Gemseh,' says my confidence. My shy, self-deprecating side, on the other hand - which still occasionally lurks beneath the confidence - is going, 'Oh but everyone will think you're weeeird, you won't be accepted, you can't just expect to make more friends by moving to another town, you won't like it, you're going to have to put yourself out there to have a good time and you're too lame...'

Doubting doubts, plz to be off. I love my new house. I still can't bring myself to tell you guys about it though, or show anyone the pictures of it. But I will! My application's at the referencing stage, and should find out this week if it's successful. I was told that it should all be fine, and the estate agent asked me if I wanted to meet the landlady on Wednesday, which is awesome. So they obviously don't foresee a problem. Still pooing bricks though.

Yer old.

Sep. 1st, 2011 07:00 pm
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Got more pills. Hopefully now my eyes will STFU! I'm going to go out again and buy more silly things for my birthday party tomorrow. So much awesome is going to happen this weekend! I just received my first 30th birthday card. OMG. Seeing it in writing - shit.


Aug. 31st, 2011 10:40 pm
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During the 5–8-day period when sertraline was temporarily replaced by placebo, the most frequent symptoms (reported by more than a quarter of patients) were irritability, agitation, dizziness, headache, nervousness, crying, emotional lability, bad dreams and anger

or all of the above?

I can hear my eyes moving. :/
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So, as you may have gathered from previous posts, I frickin' love sertraline. I feel great, thank you very much. Before they fixed mah brainz, I dragged myself around, grudgingly went about my life, tried to fit in with all the wankers and did what was expected of me. Now, I'm zipping around enjoying every minute of every day, always doing things, laughing at the wankers and doing what the hell I want, all the damn time. Oh my gawd, I fucken love it!

So yeah. My brain is rockin' like a Machine Fuckin' Head gig. I'm all like, LET'S GO! Always working, cleaning, ironing, hanging up washing, washing up, walkin' dawgs, planning adventures, taking the car to the garage, taking dogs to vets, picking up post, going shopping... I've just come in from my busy day (2 houses, 2 dogs) and I'm sitting down on the sofa with a cuppa, typing this and thinking, 'Oh man I didn't get bread. I should get bread.' Nobody's going to care whether I got bread or not, but I feel like I HAVE to get bread, or I would've failed to complete today's schedule. Which is silly.

Baaah. I got veg and cheese and bog roll and yoghurt and MILK. I got loads of Angel Delight to put in it. WOOHOO. Why, if I'm so active, am I still such a fat bastard? Excuse moi while I roll my eyes and eat another cookie, and then go and get some damn bread.

Ummm, what else? Oh yeah: I do cleaning in Salisbury on Wednesdays now, so I be gettin' moar moneys which is good because I totally maxed my credit card last night on some flights to LA, where I will hang with [ profile] rhymeswithbooze and see Soundgarden.



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